Leonard Nimoy was a proud champion of women’s rights

“Actor Leonard Nimoy, who died Friday at the age of 83, was best loved by fans for his portrayal of Mr Spock, the half-human, half-Vulcan first officer of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek.

But Nimoy was also a talented poet, photographer, artist – and a lifelong women’s rights champion.

In 2007, the late actor published a The Full Body Project – a collection of nude portraits that challenged mainstream beauty ideals. The book featured black and white images of proud, full-figured women of all shapes and sizes and aimed to fight the collective obsession with policing women’s weight and the what he called "the fantasy ideal”.

“There is a huge industry built up around selling women ways to get their bodies closer to the fantasy ideal. Pills, diets, surgery, workout programs,” wrote Nimoy, “The message is ‘You don’t look right. If you buy our product, you can get there.”

Nimoy was also a staunch campaigner for pay equality. According to Bustle, a 2014 interview revealed Nimoy helped pushed for equal pay for Star Trek co-star Nichelle Nichols.

Star Trek Actior Walter Koenig said:When it came to the attention of the cast that there was a disparity in pay in that George [Takei] and I were getting the same pay but Nichelle was not getting as much, I took it to Leonard and he took it to the front office and they corrected that.”

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You look in the mirror and see yourself, but really, it’s not you at all. I mean, there’s your eyes and your nose and your cute little smile, but that’s not all there is to you. Because you’re not seeing the amount of lives you’ve touched with your presence. You’re not seeing all the people you’ve made smile and laugh. You’re not seeing how strong you are. In fact, all the battles you’ve overcome are completely invisible when you look in the mirror, hidden beneath your outside features. So, my darling, listen to me when I say this: you are not as simple as a reflection. You are complex, wonderful and something brilliant that a mirror simply does not have the capability to show. It’s only showing one tree in the forest, one star in a galaxy, one grain of sand at the beach. And you are so much more than that. Please believe it.
—  there is so much more to you than what meets the eye

I love all the body positivity on tumblr, and that people find strength and self-love in it. But sometimes I feel like it can be a bit one-sided. Sometimes you don’t want to be called beautiful. Sometimes you are actively fighting against being beautiful.

Not being or feeling beautiful, in any sense of the word, does not mean you’re not worthy of love and respect.

Personally I think that being compassionate and kind and generous will make you beautiful in my eyes, because these are things I value, rather than society’s idea of attractiveness.

That doesn’t mean you have any obligation to be beautiful, or to value beauty, or to agree with me. As long as you are not harming anyone, you can do or feel whatever you like.

And you don’t need my permission or approval for any of this, but I thought it would be nice to hear every once in a while.


By Ng'endo Mukli

To all my followers, you are beautiful! 🐱🐨🐻🐵🐧🐼🐴🐢🐬🐙🌺🌹🌷🌸

A moment for all the girls

For all the beautiful light skin black girls
For the funny, frizzy haired freckle faces
For the Asian girls with long silky hair and tiny wrists
For the Italian girls with hour glass bodies
For the tall girls with glasses and no curves
For the girls with Afros and smooth midnight skin
For the girls with spots and shades all over
For the short girls with round faces and pretty smiles
For the Indian girls with copper eyes
For the blonde girls that top pyramids
For the muscular girls with bodies that can crush
For the pregnant women who gained all over
For the pears and the ovals
For the Cosmo cover girls and for the girls who are afraid to turn the pages
For the big tummies, small butts
For the small tummies, big butts
For the big boobs
For the smaller breasts
For the short skirts and for the baggy pants
For the big bones
For the crooked teeth
For the legless, the sightless and the deaf
For the girls who were born into a boy’s nursery
For the multilingual and the multitalented
For the average, the wild and the mellow
For the ones who cry a lot or not at all
For the big noses and thin lips and sparse eyebrows and big feet and rough hands and light lashes

You are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
And they will tell you otherwise,
But it is okay to know that you are.

Things you should never say/do to people suffering from trichotillomania

-”Why don’t you just stop?”

-Swat their hand when they touch their eye/head

-”What’s wrong with you?”

-”You’d be a lot prettier if you’d just let your hair grow back in”

-”Why don’t you have any eyelashes?”

-Stare at their bald spot

Coming from someone who has trich and is already self conscious about my image, having people say/do these things just pisses me the fuck off and makes me more self conscious. DON’T DO THESE THINGS.