Self Care for Sensitive People

1. Choose your friends carefully and wisely.

2. Spend time doing things that are meaningful to you, and which replenish your energy.

3. Be careful about being in situations you know will overwhelm you.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others; and don’t let others push you around.

5. Give yourself plenty of alone time.

6. Respect your own needs and boundaries.

Ease Skin Picking Spell

Originally posted by the-ways-of-mother

Made a simple bath/shower soak spell to help those who obsessively pick as I couldn’t find any that quite suited my needs. This can be done to help try to prevent picking, or after picking to soothe your insecurity and help not only to feel better but to keep the fingers off later. Hope this will help you guys as well!

(Note: This spell will work best paired with conventional therapy like CBT to help ease your picking, however if you don’t have access it’ll still help. Remember, witchcraft is never a substitute for medical care!)


  • Pink salt (or any salt if in a pinch) to help cleanse one’s habits and headspace. I only mention pink due to the correspondence with love, in this case self love. It isn’t required.
  • Fresh or dried rosemary to protect your skin from your fingers.
  • Lavender (plant or oil) to act as a calming agent to help cope with nervous picking.
  • Basil to help steady the mind.
  • A small chunk of rose quartz to promote self love and acceptance of how your skin is.
  • The sigil below written on a scrap of paper. It’s the Anglo-Saxon rune Kenaz that helps one to take control of a situation and signals a moment of change. 
  • A bag that water can run through.
  • (Optional) Epsom salt to help relieve physical and mental tension and soften skin. (Works better for baths).
  • (Optional) Music that brings you joy and will help you relax.

The Spell Itself:

Mix together in a bowl/ mortar and pestle the salt, rosemary, lavender and basil. While stirring, focus your intent on recovering from a relapse and preventing future ones. If it’s hard for you to keep mental focus, you can verbally chant:

“May these herbs and salt help me cope, keep my fingers from my skin, and learn to love myself for how I am. I will recover and like my skin, I will thrive.”

Repeat as many times as needed. Once you feel satisfied that your intent is imbued, take the scrap of paper and write Kenaz onto it and drop it into your bag. Then put a cleansed quartz crystal or chips into the bag. Finally pour the rest of your salt mixture into the bag (along with epsom salt if you choose to add it). Once you have everything in the bag, close it up and hang it on your showerhead so water flows through it onto you while you shower, or in your bathtub. The goal is to get the energies onto you via the water, so do whatever works best for you.

After you get the water running you can start playing your music if you choose. When bathing, spend a little while focusing on the intent to stop picking. Once you feel content with the energy you’ve put in, just relax and enjoy yourself.

This spell can be repeated as often as you feel necessary. It’s not realistic to say it will immediately end all of the picking, but I hope it will help over time. To help heal picked spots, make sure to use antibacterial cream like Neosporin to ward off infection. Also, if you pick, be gentle with yourself. You might lose the battle but eventually you will win the war. Most of all though, remember that these sores on your skin don’t define your worth. You are so much more than a mental disorder or bad habit. You can get through this and I hope this helps. Take care you guys. <3

things you can do to make yourself happy (part 1/?)
  • watch ur fave show
  • get liquid eyeliner + some face paint and draw something on yourself! make a smiley face tattoo if you want!
  • buy new pajamas
  • take a bath
  • buying/wearing fuzzy socks
  • talk to your friends
  • look at memes
  • search someones “fave” tag (or your tag!)
  • look at pics of dogs and cats!
  • petting ur dog/cat
  • listen to your fave song(s) (even if its 3 songs played repeatedly)
  • make some icons/gifs
  • draw something! even if its a little doodle
  • think about your ocs
  • have a “self care” tag on your tumblr!
  • make a positivity blog
  • make a moodboard for yourself! you can use pinterest! (or just looking at pinterest helps! make a pinterest account and search for something like “[insert fave colour here] aesthetic tumblr”
  • look at funny videos!
  • dance!
  • redo your tumblr theme (mobile or desktop!)
  • write your good traits on a piece of paper and list examples.
  • “i am funny” ex: i create a lot of inside jokes with my friends and they’re always laughing.
  • watch! ur! fave! youtuber! playing! ur! fave! game!
  • play ur fave game!!
  • watch bloopers of ur most beloved shows
  • read fanfiction!
  • do something goofy that’ll make u smile! dont think abt how others will see u. (wanna slide around the house with ur socks? do it!!)

I hope y’all have a good day!! 

Affirmation of the day.

I need to come up with a plan. Working when I feel like it is good for the moment but it isn’t helping my situation overall. It’s time to build and progress. 

I refuse to be a guys definition of a “strong woman”. That basically entails taking all of his shit while he gives nothing in return. Fuck all that noise. Strong woman don’t stand by while guys cheat,lie, and everything else. That’s not ride or die, you don’t love her. You just love how stupid she is to not catch onto how you’re using her

That Artistic Kind of Love

I had always hoped that someone artistic would love me,
That they would see the beauty in my faults.
Play me songs that would make my heart weep tears of joy,
And paint me so beautifully, how could I hate myself any longer?
It wasn’t until I loved you, your lack of any artistic ability and all, that I realized the only artist who could love me that way,
Was myself.