Emily: I heard people use “party like Corvo Attano” as an idiom back in Karnaca, any idea where this came from?

Corvo, staring blankly, dead as a marble statue and not s single muscle on his face twitching, for a second, before the camera cuts to another scene with extreme abruptness, from deafening silence to the loud cacophony of a busy pub, with his 18-year-old self sitting at the top of a self-assembled chair pyramid, wearing a necklace made entirely of bloodfly husks and a flowery patterned shirt unbuttoned halfway through and chugging on a 2L bottle of imported river crust distilled vodka as the entire crowd yells and whistles, encouraging him: no idea pumpkin

Tomoyo canonically provided kuroganes prosthetic arm which CLEARLY means she produces many many lines and varieties of high quality assitive technology from the most user-friendly wheelchair to the self-assembling rolling walker (bc tbh? why do they come w so many finicky parts when theyre for ppl w… mobility problems…. anyway) to the noise-cancelling earplug/headphone/sound-filter/white noise machine/etc machine of every over stimulated persons dream to the cybernetic bionic arm to the text to speech device to the WHATEVER……. like all based on user input not like, fixing disabilities, bc tomoyo is so GOOD and KIND and fucking GENIUS AS HELL to make it happen. I can believe in a piffle that’s maybe not utopian but certainly under tomoyo provides far far far better tools

5 things you didn’t know about...fog-fighting nanotextures

Credit: Nature Materials

1. Water-repellent nanotextures have now been proven to have anti-fogging capabilities in research conducted by US Department of Energy’s researchers and scientists in France, at the Thales Group, ESPCI Paris Tech and École Polytechnique.

2. The DOE researchers were inspired by the physical mechanisms observed on some insect bodies, which can repel water and oil, reduce reflections and adhere to surfaces.

3. They used self-assembling block copolymers, made up of two distinct molecules forming repeating units, to create nanoscale textures in a range of inorganic materials. Conical nanotextures were found to be most efficient at repelling water and dirt.

4. An optical microscope connected to a high-resolution camera was used to view dew formation on various textures. Water droplets on conical textures were seen to jump off the surface when two drops combined, as they could not adhere strongly to the surface.

5. An understanding of the structure of these anti-fogging materials may be useful in the design and manufacture of aircraft and car windshields and steam turbine condensing equipment. 

To find out more see page 4 of the April issue of Materials World.

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stuckony, Christmas, accident, tent

Roughing It

Steve vaguely remembered, back when he and Tony had first gotten together, Rhodes taking him aside. At first, Steve was worried that Rhodes was going to give him a shovel-talk, which Steve probably deserved, given that Steve and Tony had what one might call a memorable first meeting. (Memorable in that it was terrible and they had almost ended it in a brawl, and if the Helicarrier hadn’t been sabotaged at that very moment, there’d been a good chance that neither of them would have been in any shape for the Battle of New York.)

“First thing you need to do,” Rhodes had said, “is learn to tell Tony no. If you want to hold onto your sanity, tell him no. Do it early, do it often. He won’t listen to you at least half the time, but the other half should go okay. Most of the time. Tony’s like a kid at Christmas, all crazy excitement and big dramatic gestures.”

That had been sort of worrisome, but Steve had remembered Rhodes’s advice, and mostly followed it, and things had been mostly okay. Tony was a truly terrible boyfriend only about thirty percent of the time, and from what Steve had heard from Pepper, that was a radical improvement. And Steve knew he was kinda a pain in the ass himself, so… seventy-percent and working on it. 

The problem, he reflected, the problem wasn’t that Bucky had come back from the dead (well, sort of, and that was an entirely separate problem). And the problem wasn’t that Bucky had taken one look at Tony and fallen head over heels in love (after some serious communication issues, two long-drawn drag out relationship negotiations, and one accidental tumble off the roof – which turned out to be okay because Tony could fly, so there was that.) The problem was that Steve had forgotten to give Bucky the “tell Tony no” advice. 

Either that, or Bucky matched Tony crazy for crazy. 

When had Steve become the responsible one? 

After the latest debacle (a repulsor powered tea-tray and Natasha was still furious) it seemed like a good idea to get them out of the Tower for a while. “Camping,” Steve declared, holding the back of Tony’s shirt like a handle. “We are going camping.” 

Tony actually stopped moving at that point and turned around to face his boyfriend with a horror-struck expression. “Wha… no, no, that does not sound like a vacation,” Tony said. “I’m not sleeping in a tent, I’m not putting my fantastic skin on display as a mobile feast for mosquitoes. They have West Nile, not that you know what that is… I am not eating dinner out of a can that’s been sitting over a campfire. I am –” 

Tony’s voice trailed off as he finished the circle, seeing Bucky’s brilliant grin fading slowly. “Aw,” Bucky complained. “I like camping.” 

Which was how Steve ended up in the woods, with his boyfriends, while Tony set up a new prototype StarkTent. 

Like most of Tony’s inventions, it wasn’t particularly stark, although the lines were clean and elegant. That being said, this damn contraption was more like a miniature Taj Mahal than a tent. And it had taken no effort at all to set it up. (Steve totally wasn’t counting the amount of effort it had taken Tony to design and build the damn thing, because that man designed new jet engines in his sleep, a self-assembling outdoor mobile home was nothing. It was a lark. An afternoon’s worth of designing schematics and a few days worth of fabricating, and Tony had been cackling like a madman almost the entire time. Totally worth it, not that Steve would ever, ever admit it.) 

“This is not roughing it,” Steve declared, standing in the middle of the Taj Ma-tent. There were three distinct “rooms” (and modules to set up additional living spaces, if needed) and a canopied front “porch” as well as an indoor, electric run kitchen, in case of bad weather; a StarkClarity television that projected onto the tent wall like a movie projector, and a bedroom that put most four star hotels to shame. 

Tony’d set up four boxes, none of them weighing more than thirty pounds, and pushed a few buttons on the remote and with a few whirring clicks, the entire thing had assembled itself. The most effort required had been in making up the bed (which was specifically designed to hold one nerdy inventor and two super soldiers with spare room left over for some bedroom gymnastics.) 

“Look at it this way,” Bucky said, clapping a hand on Steve’s shoulder. “We’ll still get to fish an’ go hikin’ an’ cook on a fire. Without all the annoyance of watchin’ your dumb ass try to set up a tent. I remember you settin’ up a tent, th’ first time, back durin’ the war. An’ that bed’s real comfortable. Beats the hell out of a sleepin’ bag on the ground. Surprised you wanted to go campin’, actually.” 

Steve… remembered that, too. His tent had blown away in the first stiff wind and he’d ended up huddling up with Bucky, who’d cussed him out for having cold toes, and had proceeded to mock him for the next two weeks. 

“Okay, okay,” Steve said. “I know when I’m beat.” 

“Come on, you two,” Tony said, gesturing. He had a tote bag under one arm and his sunglasses perched in his ridiculous hair. “I know a great place to swim, up this way.” 

“Why do I get the feeling this was all a long con?” Steve mused. 

“Because our boy can play you like a guitar,” Bucky said. He grinned. “Betcha Tony didn’t pack a swim suit…” 

“Skinny dipping?” Steve said and suddenly he could visualize it. He felt his lips curl up in a smirk. “Race you.” 

“First one in gets dibs on the center-spot tonight,” Bucky retorted, and then they were off. 

Tony watched them go by, laughing until they couldn’t hear him anymore. The path was smooth, easy to follow, and Steve and Bucky were both in the peak of their physical condition. 

And it should not have been a surprise when they got to the pool (complete with scenic waterfall and thick trees to provide some privacy) and Tony was sitting, stretched out on a towel in his all-together. Next to him, the tote drooped over to reveal his boots and gauntlets. 

“Genius,” he said, pointing to himself. “Overly competitive idiots –” pointing at his boyfriends. “So. What did I win?” 

60 seconds on...borophene

Credit: Mark C Hersam

What is it?

A two-dimensional, atomically thin phase of boron.

Who is involved?

A team led by Mark C Hersam, Walter P Murphy Professor of Materials Science and Engineering in Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering.

How is it novel?

Hersam’s team were attempting to integrate borophene, which is synthesised on a sliver sheet, with perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic dianhydride, a self-assembling, organic material. When the organic material was placed on top of the borophene it diffused off and onto the silver sheet, on which the borophene sits. An interface was formed between the borophene and the self-assembled organic material.

How can it be used?

The team expects borophene could be used as an interconnect or electrode in 2D nanoelectronic circuits, and potentially a transparent conductor for flexible electronics because of its flexibility and high mechanical strength. The borophene must first be moved off the silver sheet and onto a chemically inactive substrate.

To read more on this topic see page 3 of the April issue of Materials World.

"hamilton" characters on a camping trip

Alexander Hamilton: tries to physically roast marshmallows by verbally roasting them; eats a random mushroom and starts hallucinating; tries to lead the group in the C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G Song with Laurens but Burr gets annoyed and shuts it down

Aaron Burr: is that one dude who doesn’t put chocolate on his s'mores; brings a self assembling tent that doesn’t work correctly; uses like 3 bottles of mosquito repellent and basically stays in his tent for the whole evening

Eliza Schuyler: used to be a Girl Scout when she was a kid, so shes basically an encyclopedia of camping tips and tricks; tried to warn Alexander about the mushrooms but of course he didn’t listen and now he’s running around singing Nicki Minaj songs

Angelica Schuyler: prepares all the food items for the night; can arrange the perfect s'more with perfectly proportioned ingredients; the mosquitos don’t even go near her, like, she’s so flawless that she doesn’t even need to use bug spray; makes bacon and eggs for breakfast in the morning

Peggy Schuyler: thinks moths are gross af; gets a little whiny because there’s no wifi; has an Anna and Elsa sleeping bag

George Washington: the one hardcore camping extraordinaire dad, complete with hiking boots and crew socks and floppy tan hat; brings a giant backpack filled with camping supplies for like a week; claims to know exactly where he’s going but then realizes he’s been holding the map upside down

Thomas Jefferson: tells the really spooky campfire ghost stories; instead of roasting the normal hot dogs everyone else is having he brings his own applewood smoked bratwurst sausage from Monticello; pokes around at the campfire with his pimp cane

James Madison: gets really scared when Thomas tells his ghost stories but tries not to show it; goes to sleep first but doesn’t actually sleep because he secretly believes that the woods are haunted and that Bigfoot is out to get him

John Laurens: ultimate weenie chef; the only one around the campfire that’s down to sing “kum-ba-yah”; stays up until like 1:30 making shadow puppets with Alexander inside his tent

Marquis de Lafayette: likes his marshmallows cooked until they’re on fire and completely burnt; wanders away from the group and comes back riding on a grizzly bear that he’s tamed at 3 o clock in the morning

Hercules Mulligan: literally bear grylls; leaves the campsite so he can prove to the rest of the group that he can survive the elements; comes back in the morning without pants and holding a raw fish

Phillip Hamilton: runs around catching fireflies and then showing them off to Eliza; decides to climb a tree but gets stuck up there and someone has to help him get down

King George III: brings a fuckin giant RV with air conditioning and a refrigerator; parks it like 5 minutes away from his house

Samuel Seabear-y: plays the clarinet badly; waves his flashlight back and forth really fast; stomps on the ground; eats cubed cheese; wears a sombrero in a goofy fashion; wears clown shoes; wears a hoop skirt; SCREECHES LIKE A CHIMPANZEE

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i love being samoan. i used to despise it; as a young child i was very insecure with myself and especially at that age you’re more susceptible to dominant media images and such so i felt very under-represented. representation is so fucking important. i used to want to be white so bad; id see white kids and wish so badly to have what they had. i used to want to look white, to have white skin, everything. that does something to your self-esteem. at assembly this one time i remember when a teacher asked us “are you proud of being a pacific islander?” and while everyone said YES i was the only one to say no. I guess it struck me then, why did I feel this way? its silly looking back at it now because i wouldnt want to be anyone but me. 

For Ash's Birthday!

A card and a parcel arrive for you in the mail.

It reads:

Hi Ash! I hope this reaches you in a timely manner such that it complements the occasion of your birthday! I hope you are well, and I hope this gift will help alleviate some of the struggles of cooking on the road. For your birthday, I present to you, my latest invention: The All-Purpose Grilling and Self-Assembly Sandwich Creation Unit Mk. 3! It comes with a portable power source that I’m sure Pikachu will easily be able charge for you! I hope this helps propel you to a better year, where you will drive to the future with all the conviction I know you possess! 


The parcel is only slightly singed on the corner and is emitting smoke.

“Aw, that’s awesome! Clemont’s always got something cool for us, huh, buddy?”

“Pika~!” Pikachu cooed. That was, before he noticed the trail of smoke. “Pikapi!”


They braced for impact.

Explorers on a frigid extrasolar world marvel at a bizarre, gargantuan monolith apparently composed of ice. In fact, this strange formation is a virus-like, self-assembling silicon/protein-based pseudo-organism employing ice crystals as a structural building material. These entities “grow” only in mountainous regions where geological veins of specific mineral concentration occur close to the surface, usually iron ore containing significant traces of tungsten and molybdenum. Conductive metallic needles, uniquely compounded from the above elements, sprout from the top of the crystalline formation to collect the substantial radio energy produced by the magnetosphere of the world’s super-Jovian fluid giant host. This radio energy is converted into exploitable electric current and employed in the electrolysis of various gases and organic compounds necessary for the growth and maintenance of the exotic crystalline form.

tldr; organosilicon “trees” made of ice feed on radio energy rather than visible light.

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What would you say would be the most ideal future for humanity, a global communist society, or complete anarchy?

Well anarchy is communism; and communism is anarchy. One doesn’t really happen without the other.

In my opinion (tolbiac) humanity is gonna go through a rough-ass period with trying to assemble effective self-management with getting other countries to rise up and be a part of a global federation, combatting regimes and attempting to heal the earth as best as possible.

Theres going to be a lot of wars (paradoxically) since the beast of profit grows angry when its hungry, a lot of friction between tendencies and sectarianism breaking and reforming revolutions over and over again. We’re humans, we’re pretty fucking dumb.

Basically I think that anarchy and communism will be realized as one when we’ve outnumbered reactionaries globally and got over those inevitable hurdles that we find ourselves in during all historical periods. Plain socialism/anarcho-syndicalism will likely be our reality for quite a while (under 100 years maybe?) before we can safely call our planet communist, and even then I don’t think any contention for a political/social/economic system will be fully realized. We’ll just have a goal in mind and get the closest possible thing to it (a combination of different avenues of exchange and organization.)

We just have to committ to a philosophy of freedom and equality being linked, mutual aid, mutual respect and equitable participation. If we have that, we’re looking in the right direction. Call it anarchy, call it communism: Its what we fucking need to pursue.