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Hey Aoi! I came here hoping you'd give this to your brother *shows her a neatly wrapped package* I know I couldn't spend a lot of time with him so I created this for him! It's just a book of jokes and the fake wedding ring so he doesn't get bombarded by ladies outside. I even wrote a letter explaining the reason for the ring and my thank you for being so nice to everyone. I heard he loves jokes and puns so being a person who loves the same I needed to give him something humor related!

Taichi: Oh, whoops… Sorry ‘bout that. I was about to go to bed.

Taichi Event Bonus

Wedding Dress Reveal

Here’s Plucky’s dress!!!

I wanted to go for something with royal undertones, and I remembered that the color purple is often used in royalty, so I rolled with this concept! Her gloves are a bit transparent and on the side is a cute little ponytail~.

…I think I’m gonna draw more wedding concepts lmao—

This is my BNHA sona!! I don’t have a hero name for her (me), yet! But!! Her quirk is warping! She can warp a limited distance away, or she can shoot portals from her hands! She can only have two active portals at a time, and can go through one and come out the other. But, she can only shoot them a limited distance away from each other.