concept: let’s go to bed at 9pm instead of 3am. let’s drink more water for our bodily health and less coffee for the aesthetic. let’s not skip breakfast because it’s worth running a little behind even if it’s just some fruit or cereal. let’s go socialize even if we’re kinda nervous. let’s love ourselves when we feel down, because flaws are not the end of the world. let’s work hard but take breaks in between instead of procrastinating and then rushing. let’s ignore what people who don’t know us have to say about us behind our backs. let’s be kind to each other because we’re all trying here. let’s hype up being mentally healthy rather than being perfect. let’s live our lives like we want to.

just a thought.

It’s alright to be under construction. To be figuring things out. To be searching for yourself. Often, this is what growth is. It can seem messy, confusing, and wild, but please take a moment to breathe and trust. Really, just trust this madness. It may feel uncomfortable, this feeling of growth. This uncertainty of who you truly are. But know that you will get there, when the time is right.

Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

you are not weak

for needing to rest.

you are not weak

for needing time

to sort through this.

you are not a burden

for having burdens

that you are learning

to lay down.

you are not a failure

for not reaching

the heights you thought

you’d reach by now.

you are who you are:

a living, breathing human being

who has a soul

in need of Truth and Grace

to make it through

these things.

and no matter how

you were made to feel,

feeling does not

make you weak.

you are free

to learn to seek

what your soul

truly needs.

morgan harper nichols

[184 to 158 lbs] or [83.5 to 71.6 kg]  

I put on the leggings from one of my first progress pics this morning and despite still wearing the same size now as I did then there’s a world of difference between these photos in how I look and feel

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Being positive takes a lot of strength and sometimes we don’t have that strength.

And that’s okay! All of us deserve a break, even if it’s from positivity.

Practicing positive thoughts will become easier in due time.