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i like to think venom was injured greatly in the explosion, but was still able to keep some of himself in eddie. so, he was still there even though eddie thought he was dead, and like eddie, a week later, is thinking “man im so fucking hungry it’s like venom is still here”.

i am

“oh great, now im hallucin-”


look dude my funny posts are all i have, i get a little frazzled when people take em from me and get more popular without crediting me.

it aint the same as stealing a piece of art but its like grabbing a child’s macaroni portrait out of the trash where plenty of rodents were enjoying it and selling it to the louvre where NO rodents can enjoy it

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Hi, I saw your reply to a previous anon was to look up why people tame/adopt domestic foxes. I was curious myself and am only finding negative results, but would like to hear your thoughts/opinion if that's okay. I like keeping an open mind + hearing all sides and you seem pretty knowledgeable about it. Thanks in advance :) And sorry if this has been asked before or anything!

Foxes bred in captivity (like fur farms) and have been rescued do not have the instinct to survive in the wild as they were born in an unnatural environment, the same goes for foxes bred for domestic purposes. It’s like saying “don’t adopt a dog, let them be free in the wild.” neither a dog or domestic fox have the knowledge or instinct to survive on their own and would ultimately die without human care. While difficult, it is possible to own a fox like any other pet as long as you have a lot of space for them, the knowledge of looking after one, and the time and patience it takes to raise them. They are illegal in many states/provinces, and if not, would usually require a permit to own one