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In yesterday’s sleepers video, this graphic of an eye closing was displayed several times. In the center of the eye was the TØP logo in red. Because of this, we thought that it symbolized falling asleep, or more closure for the Blurryface era, because the eye was closing on a red version of the logo.

However, some posts made on twitter today have led us to believe that this is not the case.

For starters, the profile picture on twitter is now this eye with the red logo. This is making us think that whatever this is might be sticking around, so the eye graphic most likely doesn’t mean closure or saying goodbye. Furthermore, their Instagram profile picture has also changed to this red eye logo.

Could this possibly be a new logo design? Could this mean that red will also be a part of this new era?

This new picture was also posted on their twitter, in the same red eye shape. Backwards, the text reads “YØU’LL HAVE TØ CØME AND FIND ME”, which is a lyric from Polarize. This photo is now also their Twitter header, replacing the old black background that said “TWENTY ØNE PILØTS”. Setting this picture as their header means that it is important. At the moment, we believe that this is an invitation to look for clues. We know that they are very cryptic, and when the new album is released, we will most likely see that they have been teasing at it for a while, just like with Blurryface. Saying “YØU’LL HAVE TØ CØME AND FIND ME” implies that something is already hidden that they want us to find.

More updates to follow if new pictures are posted.


Last night at the APMAs, the clique/TOP won the award for most dedicated fanbase. Josh had performed with other drummers earlier that night, and was at the award show without Tyler. Josh then stated that Tyler “wishes he could be here” and that he was “off severing ties with DEMA”. 

So, what exactly is DEMA? (this theory was brought to our attention on twitter by user @jecrules)

Well, when you click on the Wikipedia page for DEMA, you are provided with a list of what DEMA might mean.

The first result is an Iranian word that means “towers of silence”. (this may seem a little extra but stay with us) If Tyler is “severing ties with DEMA” or in this case, silence/towers of silence, then that means that he is creating sound. More specifically, a new album or song. As you all know, this is currently TOP’s twitter.

The word “silence” at the top is indicating their hiatus. Silence=lack of sound/music. If Tyler is severing ties with silence, then he is working on the band’s next album or project. Now, we know this seems a bit far fetched. However, something that gives this theory some credibility also happened last night.

The @blurryface account on twitter (which is generally believed to be run by Tyler) liked the theory put forth by user @jecrules. (NOTE: THE ONLY BLURRYFACE/ECHO ACCOUNT WE TRUST IS @BLURRYFACE ON TWITTER)

The fact that this account liked the theory leads us to believe that there might be a grain of truth in there somewhere. 

This could also be about Tyler severing ties with Blurryface.

Updates to follow if we find more information.