self taught designer


I made some The last of us character design. You can see the line version and the color version. I think i have a preference for the line version, what about you ?

Next i’m gonna try to do David, Marlene, Sam, Tommy and Bill !

Started a new Schoolism class this week! The self-taught ‘Designing with Colour and Light’ with Nathan Fowkes. 

Same first assignment as for his Enviro Design class. I’d say this is one of my favourite exercises and it’s also one that has helped me so much with my understanding of colour. Every study took about 20-30 minutes, except for the third one on the second column, that one took me close to an hour I believe. But the colours were so hard to see and understand, because like half the image is reflections and translucency. So happy I did it tho! Brought me way out of the comfort zone. 

anonymous asked:

Danny Fenton, Danny Phantom, Jack :D

Danny Fenton: What do you aspire to be?

In all seriousness, a self-taught, multi-tooled designer.

Danny Phantom: What do you hope to inspire?

…Good question. Trans and in general positivity probably. I’m probably not the best or even a good example but I’m trying my best.

Jack: Have you ever made something you’re still proud of?

Still proud of Role Reversal, my body swap M!A from darnitalltoheck, Farmer’s Misfortune which is a story about a young boy being trapped on an island and overcoming his fear of his neighbor who is trapped with him, and Caught in Crisis if I ever finish it!


Prominent Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreessen recently wrote that “software coding is quite possibly the most inviting, inclusive profession ever” and linked to a study reporting that many coders are self taught. 

What he didn’t notice: the study also says the profession is 92.8% men.

Helena Price, a photographer and former startup worker, has launched the largest oral history of discrimination in Silicon Valley – a series of 100 portraits of “techies” who fall into those forgotten categories. Hear their stories.