self taught

what artist’s mean when they claim they’re self-taught: i’ve gathered resources and taught myself through what is available to me publicly without the aid of having gone to some type of expensive/private class or lesson and while engaging in those types of things is not a bad thing to do and it absolutely can help improve artistic ability, i have gained my skill through searching for references and public teachings/tutorials and proud of where I have gotten myself without official professional aid so far 

not what artist’s mean when they claim they’re self-taught: I didn’t learn from ANYBODY, my art is 100% ME MYSELF AND I, MY FIRST WORDS WERE LINE OF ACTION AND NOT USING BLACK TO SHADE 


Street Vendors in Hanoi from Above by Loes Heerink

Loes Heerink is a talented self-taught photographer and communication officer based in Enschede, Netherlands. For her photo series “Vendors from Above”, Loes has spent days on bridges to capture the diversity in colors and the beauty of street vendors in Hanoi.

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It has recently occurred to me how aggressively self taught I am in the field of knitting. The knitting tag on this site has inspired me so much and yet I can’t figure out half of the patterns I find. Most of what I do is simple patterns but I’m slowly teaching myself lace and cables. I just did a drop stitch cowl and I’m so proud. But like damn go me for figuring it out as I go.

lulluluvskullz  asked:

do you have any tips for palettes? i tried twice and they turned out like absolute shit :///

I usually just eyeball the colors when I draw but this site is very helpful when it comes to choosing colors!!

I just sorta summarized it into pictures so you don’t have to go back and forth but i didn’t put the in depth meaning behind it so i still recommend checking the site out!!:

I’m only a self taught artist, no school or professional background so a huge disclaimer

I’m pretty sure most people knows the basics like neutral, primary, secondary and tertiary as well as subtractive primary colors (CMK) so I’ll skip through that along with the cold and warm colors:

Volume and Saturation plays a big role on making palettes. It plays the part of the appeal and what colors to choose, palettes that are too saturated or high on contrast are quite painful to look at (some artist make it work by balancing it out so they still maintain the bright colors) and unsaturated, low on contrast palettes are dull to look at and not very a appealing.

Tints, Shades, and Tones are sub terms you can use, this chart is to help you differentiate them

Now the fun part!!

Color harmonies are basically techniques for choosing colors. Since SAI’s color wheel is kinda a disaster I recommend just looking up a color wheel on google or you can use this one here.

You can pick any of the techniques there (heres a more in depth explanation of each technique) and just start experimenting with them! Here’s some tips to get you started:

  • Don’t take the techniques literally!! You can toggle your colors all around, just use it as a base
  • Saturated colors =/= good color scheme balance it out!
  • Contrast is your pal remember that but too much of it can hurt your eyes :(
  • I usually use a maximum of 5 [or 6] colors and a minimum of 3 for making palettes. 4 is usually the most common one used
  • I pick 1-2 very saturated colors and the rest are up to the mixing
  • HAVE FUN!!

Here are some palettes I made using each techniques:

Hope this helps!!


NEW VIDEO: “Stonewall: The Story of Resistance- today marks 48 years since the Stonewall riots, a resistance that many consider to be the start of the LGBTQ+ rights movement. i never learned our history in school, & for most queer kids, our history is still self-taught. that’s why i made today’s video.

to commemorate today’s anniversary, i’d love if you reblogged & spread the story of what happened 48 years ago & how it sparked a revolution.


I’ve been away because …makeup haha. I started accepting clients the past month and it’s been an amazing experience. People are wonderful, makeup is wonderful. Pursue your passions, you won’t regret it!!