self shot images

This is very out of character for me, but for me, in a good way. I’ve been asked many, many times why I only post “neck up” selfies. Well, as you can see, I am a gal with curves, and for quite some time, I have been self conscious about it. I think a lot of it has to do with where I live, and have most of my life. The ridiculous “standards of beauty” are quite high in Southern California. “You’re too heavy, too thick, too old, not pretty enough”. It’s terribly sad. I have tried to instill in my own daughters (I have three) that beauty is indeed from within…your heart, your mind, your character, how you treat others and how you live your life to the fullest potential no matter how much someone else…or society…tries to steer you otherwise. And with them, I feel I have succeeded. They are confident, strong and indeed beautiful young women from within. It hasn’t been until recently that I have taken a long look at my own life and how I see myself.  A “you know what…fuck it!” kind of thing. Practice what I preach, right?  Guard down…You know what, this is ME….curves, flaws, imperfections and all. 

Ladies (and you fellas), embrace who you are, for you are ALL beautiful.

Thank you all for letting me share “me”. (Just please excuse the goofy bathroom mirror shot). :-)