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Legends of Tomorrow | 2.11

We’ve been all over time.

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Ladies and gentlemen, won’t you please give your applause to the one and only Jerome Valeska?

OneRepublic - Everybody Loves Me
Halsey - Castle
Melanie Martinez - Milk and Cookies
The Pierces - Secret
My Chemical Romance - Teenagers
Set It Off - Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (feat. William Beckett)
Panic! At The Disco - Emperor’s New Clothes
Mindless Self Indulgence - Lights Out
Imagine Dragons - I’m So Sorry
Melanie Martinez - Dead To Me
My Chemical Romance - Blood
Panic! At The Disco - Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time
Tally Hall - Turn The Lights Off


Luminaries & Personal Planets

Examples of synthesis.

  • The luminaries are the “lights” of the chart. Known as the two most important planets, the conscious identity (sun) and the subconscious spirit (moon)

Sun: design and desires of the conscious being, vitality and stamina of the spirit (life force), declaration of the identity through self-expression, one’s character, sense of individualism (how/where one ‘shines’ and seeks validation of the ego) Example Used: Sun in Cancer

Basic Cancer Keywords: The home, mother/family past, soul, emotions, empathy, sleepy, moodiness, Moon-ruled, indulgent, privacy, sensitive, creative/imaginative, safety, comfort, protective, retreating, nurturing, needy

Example - The desire and design of Cancer’s conscious being is to seek emotional belonging, tranquility and safety of the soul through their home, family and past. Cancer declares her identity, self-expression and individualism through lunar notions such as empathy, nurtured protection, imagination & creativity but also moodiness, sensitivity, neediness of an abandoned inner child & clinginess. Her vitality and stamina are softened and generally low due to her search for comfort through sleepiness and indulgence. Cancer seeks validation only from those she lets into her private life; she is especially affected by the treatment, validation or lack of thereof from the mother. In other instances, she validates herself through the comfort of private retreat and introspection. 

Moon: the emotive needs, instincts & reactions, subconscious trends of the past, dual “home” concept (external home = one’s dwelling, inner home = one’s soul), essence of the personality, privacy demands. Example Used: Moon in Leo

Basic Leo Keywords: father/masculine principle, proud, vibrant, loyal, creative, determined, arrogant, selfish, warm-hearted, dignified/has self-respect, attention & praise-seeking, sun-ruled (ego, importance of identity, rules the heart) youthful or childish/immature, self-expressive

Example - The emotional needs of a Lunar Leo require praise, appreciation and warm-hearted, loving support, especially so from the father figure. Instinctual reactions are set off theatrically when the ego is punctured and the feelings are dismissed, bringing feelings of insecurity & invalidation. A Lunar Leo requires a home that offers validation of the ego and creative outlets. At the core of his being his soul is vibrant with solar rays, youthful, determined, emanates an aura of self-respect and creative expression, but his personality can be consumed with arrogance, faulty pride, selfishness and immature behavior. He demands privacy when his heart or ego are wounded by those he thought loyal to him.

  • The personal planets are Mercury (Messenger), Venus (Lover) and Mars (Warrior), known as the building blocks of the personality. 

Mercury: perception of & ability to reason with reality, the conscious mind, the mental facilities and communicative abilities, the ability to receive, translate and convey messages. Example Used: Mercury in Pisces

Basic Pisces Keywords: [hyper]sensitive, dreamy, emotional, vague, distracted, imaginative, sorrowful, empathetic, self-pitying, vulnerable, escapist, adaptable

Example - The perception of reality for mercurial Pisces resembles lens blinded by dew drops; the world appears blurry, making her distracted and vulnerable. Her ability to reason with reality may get lost through wakeful dreams of escape and clouded by a mind occupied by unexplained emotional pains caused by her empathy tuning into the vibrations of others. The mental facilities are driven by hypersensitive receptors rather than calculated logic and she is sensitive to the opinion and criticism of others. The communicative abilities reveal sorrowful, vague, dreamy, adaptable and imaginative thoughts&messages. 

Venus: The loving spirit & personal affection, social urges & behavior, physical comforts that bring pleasure in life, harmonious attraction, aesthetic perception, self-perception, values; what the heart appreciates. Example Used: Venus in Virgo

Basic Virgo Keywords: helpful, mercury-ruled, subtle, service-orientated, caring, anxious, worrisome, refined/sophisticated, intelligent/mind-orientated, humble, critical, reliable/self-reliant, mercurial, judgmental

Example - Venus under Virgo has a loving spirit that is shown through physical affection and subtle and helpful acts of service as seen through her earthy temperament, as well as affection from the mind as shown through her mercurial origins. She finds comfort in the simple pleasures of life that bring ease to her anxious qualms, and her aesthetic principles surround mental stimulation such as through journaling inside a serene cafe or burying herself in books during solitude. The perception of herself is distorted through her worrisome, judgmental and critical nature, where she feels undeserving of affection and yet other times she stands modestly dignified and satisfied with her sophisticated mind and self-reliance. Harmonious attraction occurs when another access her mind and sensual needs. She values humbleness, sincerity, and intelligence in others as she presents these qualities in herself. 

Mars: The fighting spirit, aggressive urges and if so inclined, sexual urges. Inner strife “war with the self,” instinctual reactions set off by adrenaline and anger, passionate desires and ambitions, personal energy and stamina. Example Used: Libra Mars

Basic Libra Keywords: tactful, diplomatic, love/relationship, fair yet bias (scales), mind-orientated, equal/balance, static, argumentative, polite, lazy/passive, peaceful, gossipy, superficial, aesthetic-sense, interpersonally/socially/publicly inclined

Example - The fighting spirit of a martial Libra shows a warrior advocating for equilibrium and fairness. He is passionate about connection and the well-being of the public, desires fairness in his interpersonal and social relations, and finds peacefulness in his aesthetic interests. His ambitions reflect what he is passionate about. If sexually interested, he favors romance and mental stimulation and he is accommodating to his partner’s pleasures. He is inclined to favor healthy debates as to ease anger and tensions, yet his airy-intellect may become argumentative, gossipy and he could linger on superficial details as well as his own bias concerning his passions and opinions. Libra mars is attracted to those who are peaceful, diplomatic, polite, stimulate the mind through charm, posses social grace, and prove to share awareness of societal matters like himself. His stamina and energy is lacking as he is inclined to laziness and static, yet during other times the fluctuation of scales can show exercises and habits to “balance” themselves.

Notice the use of keywords integrated together. Try doing so with your placements; take the meaning of planets and the keywords of signs, then bring them together. Note: Be creative with the way you synthesis your writing. It’s robotic and bland for instance, to take one key phrase of mars (e.g fighting spirit) and one from Libra (e.g fair) and to simply say “Libra’s fighting spirit is fair.” 

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tumblr just really really REALLY wants me to know about a fic you are apparently going to be posting in the very near future. it must have shown it to me 7+ times now - each time I refresh, it is suddenly taking up my whole screen with the (timezone confused) timestamp countdown advanced - "in an hour", "in 54 minutes", "in 33 minutes". this is the certainest tumblr has been about anything

Oh geez tumblr sit down you’re drunk. 

Sorry to have been spamming you dash in a backwards-like fashion :p

How To Do A Reboot Justice (What The New Ducktales Can Teach Everyone)

I’ve been quiet for a bit just enjoying what life had to offer and not worry about what our maniacal president could do to us at any moment. 

Until I realized that This past Saturday saw the 24 Hour Long Premiere of Disney’s Ducktales Reboot. 

So I watched at, and given my somewhat historical background with Scrooge, his great-nephews and thier thirst for treasure and adventure. And wondered if 2017 would still be as amazing as 1987 was in terms of quality. 

and it was a sight to behold.

This takes a look at how Disney Manged to ground the show in a new reality while keeping the spirit of what came before fresh and exciting to all. 

We get Introduced to Donald and Family living on a houseboat in the bay of Duckberg. Donald is fresh out of the Navy and ready to move into the working world, while he has to be ward of his sister Della’s 3 Boys, oldest Huey in Red and wearing a hat. Dewey in Blue and adventurous, and Louie in a Green Hoodie while being acknowledged as the most evil of the trio.

But all is not well as he arrives in Duckberg to drop off the boys in the care of his Uncle and former Adventuring Partner Scrooge McDuck, avid Trillionaire and Genius with Luck. A decade long feud has left his relationship with Scrooge in tatters and only Mrs. Breakley the Housekeeper and Loyal confidant seems willing to help med the rift.

Here is where the story begins to diverge from its original source as the drama outweighs the animation, this was a difference that worked almost flawlessly, gritty is a reboot term that sees its overuse but when applied where it could benefit, like say mending a relationship you figured wasn’t broken in the original you see where this excels.

Now as Donald goes for his interview Scrooge quarters the Nephews with nothing more than marbles, but their thirst for danger pans out and they explore the mansion while coming into contact with McDuck family fan girl and the 3rd resident of the huge estate. Webegail VanderQuack.

Another smart move was aging up Webby who like before is Mrs. Beakleys own Grandaughter and was a source of hate among the fans in the original. Here she’s smarter, more resourceful and can easilly hold her own with both the Ducks and Scrooge. 

But the trouble begins as they unleash a gold eating dragon setting its sights on the fabled Moneybin. 

With the Help of Lauchpad McQuack, Scrooge’s own chauffeur who pilots anything in his spare time the 4 manage to get Scrooge to regain his former glory self and sets off on a journey to recover the jewel of Atlantis.

Donald gets his job, but as a twist its revealed to a be a crew member of Scrooges rival in money making Flintheart Glumgold.

and as we reach the halfway point of the hour, this reboot clinches it status as wonderful by invoking the iconic theme song. Now updated and showing how much this journey will be different but still has the same heart.

To Sum things up anyone in the entertainment field who wants to bring back something old, shouldn’t just do it as a way to fill out a schedule for the seasons. They must know how to do right by before, while giving us, the viewer a reason to stay with the show going forward.

Ducktales, was iconic nearly 30 years before, and now in today’s Trump filled world this can show everyone that a journey can be taken and that adventure can be had by anyone no matter what society says.

and hopefully ill be back before November 27th to begin the year end countdowns.

The Ballet - Anastasia AU with Jason Todd

Prologue | Journey to the Past | Once Upon A December | In the Dark of the Night | Trainwreck | If I Can Learn To Do It | The Nightmare | The Interview | The Ballet | The Reunion | The Reward | At the Beginning

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Jason paced the marble steps of the theatre. He had spent the entire afternoon watching Y/N get made over by Kori, but all he could think of was that he was going to lose her soon. He made up his mind that he had come this far and it wouldn’t be right for him to hold her back, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to. He didn’t know when he had fallen for her, but seeing her trying on elegant dresses was doing nothing for the turmoil in his heart and mind.

“Are you trying to make a groove in the steps, Jaybird?” Roy teased as Jason walked passed him again.

Jason didn’t acknowledge him as he continued his movements. How could he be so stupid? Falling in love with his con. And now it turns out to not even be a con. Just his luck that he would pick out a fake grand duchess and fall for her only for her to turn out to be the real thing.

“Seriously, stop it. You are making me dizzy.” Roy said as he got up and blocked Jay’s path. “What’s got you all wound up.”

Jason sighed and raked a hand over his face. “Y/N. She’s really the grand duchess.”

“Of course she is.” Roy snorted, missing Jason’s point entirely.

“No, you don’t understand.” Jason said as he leaned in and grabbed Roy’s arm. “I was the kid who got her and her grandmother out. The one who was in the walls.”

Roy’s face paled as he realized what Jason really meant. “You mean…?” Jason nodded. “And you are in love with her.” Jason’s eyes widened as he looked at Roy. “Did you really think I wouldn’t notice? I would wager I knew before you did.” Roy chuckled.

Jason shook his head as he fiddled with his gloves. “Princesses don’t marry kitchen boys, Roy. It is better if she never knows.”

Roy rolled his eyes. “I still think you should tell her.”

“Tell who what?” Jason and Roy turned to see Y/N standing there.

“Tell you how beautiful you look.” Jason said quickly as he offered her his arm. Y/N knew that wasn’t what they had been discussing, but she let the subject drop.

They went inside and gave their coats to an attendant. Y/N walked up the first flight of steps before turning to wait for Jason. He turned to look up at her and froze. She had chosen a dress that made her feel beautiful. It fit her body perfectly, but didn’t make her feel self-conscious. The color set off her eyes while contrasting her skin tone in a pretty way. She smiled as she saw Jason’s reaction. It was exactly what she had hoped. He shook off his surprise and hurried up the steps to her side.

They found their seats and settled in. Jason handed her a pair of opera glasses and pointed to a box. She looked through them and saw a regal looking older woman sitting with Kori. She looked cold, but Y/N couldn’t help but feel warm as she looked at her. She didn’t realize she was shaking until Jason took her hand in his. “Everything is going to be okay.” He whispered as the music started.

Y/N couldn’t remember a note of the first act. She was far too nervous and excited to hear a thing. The only thing that kept her sane was Jason’s hand on hers. Everytime she started to fidget, he would rub circles into the back of her hand with his thumb.

When intermission came, Jason stood. “It’s time.”

Y/N held tightly to his arm as he led her down the hallway. When the door came into sight, she stopped in her tracks, her hands slipping off his elbow. He turned to her. “I can’t do this.”

Jason gently grasped her shoulders. “Yes, you can.” He took her chin between his thumb and forefinger and tilted her head to look at him. “You are the real Grand Duchess Y/N. As long as you remember that, you will do fine.”

Y/N nodded and let him walk her to the door. When they reached it, he turned to her. “I’m going to go ahead and announce you.”

She nodded, but pulled him back as he reached for the handle. “Wait.” He turned to look at her and her nerve to speak. “I just wanted to say thank you. For everything.” She said quietly, hoping he would understand what she meant.

Jason smiled and walked in. “Madame,” He said as he bowed to Kori. “I have come to tell the Empress that I have found her granddaughter, the Grand Duchess Y/N.”

The Empress didn’t so much as turn to look at him. “Tell this young man to leave me be. I am no longer searching for my granddaughter.”

Kori winced as she closed the curtains. “You should probably leave.”

Jason pushed through the curtains and sat in the chair next to the Empress. “Your highness, my name is Jason Todd and the woman I brought is your granddaughter.”

The Empress raised an eyebrow at him. “Do you know how many men I have met in my days that have told me that? What makes your Grand Duchess more real than theirs?”

“Your highness, please.” Jason begged. “We have come all the way from Russia-”

“Others have come from farther.” The Empress said as she rung the bell that would summon security. “Jason Todd, you said? I have heard of you. You were holding auditions to find a young woman who looked like my grandaughter.”

Jason opened his mouth to speak, but she cut him off. “Men like you, dressing women up and teaching them the royal ways in the hopes they will make you rich. I have had enough of your kind to last me an eternity. Now let me live out the remainder of my lonely life in peace.” She said as guards grabbed Jason. He struggled against their grip, but they threw him out of the room and slammed the door.

Jason groaned as he picked himself up. When he stood, he saw Y/N standing there. One look at her face told him that she had heard it all.

“You… used me.” Y/N said, her eyes filled with pain.

“Y/N, it isn’t like that.” Jason said as he reached for her. She stepped away from him.

“Really? Because it sure as hell looks like it.” Y/N said as the first tears gathered in the corners of her eyes. “You manipulated me. You took my need for a family and used it for your own selfish gain.“ Jason felt his heart break at the look in her eyes.

“Y/N, listen to me-” He reached for her again, but this time she smacked his hand away.

“No.” she ground out. “From the very beginning, all you have done is lie to me. Were you even planning on ever telling me? Or were you just going to disappear into the sunset with your money. All this time, when you and Roy were nice to me and when I had the nightmare…. You were just making sure that I was safe so you could trade me in for your money. To think, I even fell for- Ugh - I don’t want to see you ever again.”

“Y/N, don’t talk like that.” Jason said, panic beginning to color his tone. “Just let me explain-” He was cut off by a quick slap across his face. He watched, stunned as she fled down the hall. He didn’t try to follow her, knowing she wouldn’t want him to catch up to her anyways. He rubbed his eyes, hoping the tears coming would stay in his eyes like they belonged.

He stood there for a moment, letting himself grieve the loss of the budding relationship he had been agonizing over. He smoothed his clothing before setting off down the hall. He may have royally screwed over his chance for a relationship with Y/N, but he would be damned if he wouldn’t keep his promise to reunite her with her family.

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it's so cute seeing you get into bts! ive been following u for years and have been a bts fan for years and i never thought the two of you would ever converge!

;sldkfjas;ldfksf THANKS <3. it’s been a long time coming and i blame my friends but honestly i’ve been SO HAPPY since getting into their music like everything about them is feel good and pure. i adore BTS! ! !

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I love every single next generation kid, but can we get a Bunnyribbit kid that would be great

Of course! I’ve had several asks for Bunnyribbit kids and I’ve been thinking about them for a while so here you go!

Lucio and are married for a little while but the thought of having kids never really crosses their minds. They don’t feel anywhere near ready to have them, but it seems fate had other plans. discovered this after she had been throwing up several mornings in a row and finally take a pregnancy test just to make sure. Needless to say, she and Lucio were blown away that they were going to be parents.

Now fate didn’t want to leave them alone, so when she went in for an ultrasound and Mercy determined that was having triples, she swear she could hear some omnipotence malice laughter echoing from way above. 

Lucio had to sit down for a little bit and he sort of just stared off into space. No one could really hear over’s half screaming that their going to have three babies. Both parents are absolutely terrified. They however prepare for their children as best as they can and actually get a little excited about having their own. 

The first born is a beautiful boy named Vítor Correia dos Santos. He grows to have his mother’s face but has his father’s dark skin. He usually keeps his hair in a buzz cut, and is only 5 ft. 6. He wishes to do something right here and now to make the world better. Very energetic, confident, efficient and strategic thinker. Forgets all else for the sake of his one goal, and can be cold and ruthless but is usually charismatic. He does not handle failure or his emotions very well, and tends to blame others. He takes after his father as by making his own pair of Navy blue skates that use sound waves to actually lift him up in the air and allow effortless movement but provides a challenge in stopping and going. It allows for great mobility and dodging attacks. His own amplifier allows him to heal and speed boast but a special ability of his is a third track that allows him to slow down the enemies movements. His musical effect on others also lasts a few moments longer when he leaves their presence. 

Three minutes later the second kid is a small girl named Yumi Correia dos Santos. She looks just like except for the dark skin and hair. She also stands at 5 ft. 6 but she grows her dark hair out into long dreads that are widely awed for being beautiful. She shares her father’s soul of being insightful, inspiring, decisive, determined, passionate and altruistic. She tends to be sensitive, extremely private, perfectionist, and always needing to have a cause. She also burns out easily if she can’t find a balance with her passion and letting off steam. She loves to fight when she knows it is right in her heart, but if she does not have the right reason, it is difficult for her to keep after it. At times, she gets so consumed with this idea or this fight that she nearly works herself to death over it, and often need to be told to rest and calm down. She has a cooler head then Vítor, but will lose her focus on the bigger picture. 

Nari Correia Dos Santos is the last triple to be born four minutes after Yumi. She looks like her father through and through, but has her mother’s straight hair and cuts it to her shoulders with blunt bangs. She also stand at 5 ft. 6. Devoted and friendly, she is practical, sensitive and warm. Connects really well with others. Her greatest strength with people is also her weakness. She is worried of her social status, hates criticisms and very needy for other’s attention. She’s the younger sister that loves everyone and can talk to them about anything but needs lots of attention. Any person you stick her with will be her friend in under five minutes guaranteed, but if she gets ignored she in turn gets upset. 

Yumi and Nari decide to follow in their mother’s footsteps and get their own MEKA. This time, its nearly double its height and with two pilots and painted pink with splashes of white and black. Since it has more functions to control because of its big size, Yumi is in charge of activating the canons, shields and boosters when needed. Nari easily takes control over the aiming, steering and movement of the machine. The only downfall is neither can control the MEKA without the other, so even though they often have fights, they get over it quickly so they can complete the mission. The sisters are both on good terms with their oldest triple, but often fight between themselves because they’re so different. They always manage to stop their bickering for one moment to show their love for each other.

Their grow up in Overwatch with the rest of the kids and are handfuls for their parents. Vítor was the most difficult as a child because he often ran off but Nari became the most difficult to handle during their teenage years. Usually Yumi was in charge over all of them but she often would get distracted with fighting with Nari or telling Vítor to stay with them. 

Growing up, Vítor completely disagreed with having the U.N. oversee Overwatch’s actions. He believed they should be free to do whatever they needed to whenever they needed to. This often lead to disagreements with his parents and 76 and Ana. At seventeen years old, he runs away to do ‘what Overwatch can’t’ and leaves his panicked parents and worrying sisters behind. He does do good for a little while, being a freedom fighting like his father but Vishkar catches wind of him, and that was all it took. They make him an offer of doing good with unlimited resources and upgraded tech. Vítor is skeptical of first because he knows all the stories of Vishkar but gives in to try it and find that he is helping out and getting whatever he needs in return. He however is completely unaware that Vishkar is feeding him lies and using him for their own personal gain. 

Yumi and Nari celebrate their 18th birthday without their other triple and go on to become Overwatch agents. During one of their first missions, they go against Vishkar trying to control a city, and they run into Vítor with their MEKA. They don’t fight, but Yumi and Nari beg him to come home, Mom and Dad are worried sick, and they miss him too. He refuses, saying, they’re actually doing good and not just standing around waiting for orders from the U.N. They argue back and both, but eventually break apart when other Vishkar agents begin fighting Yumi and Nari. Eventually the girls get overwhelmed and their MEKA crumbles. Upon ejecting from their destroyed MEKA, they battle with their small pistols. Yumi however gets caught by one of the Vishkar agents, and they set to choking her to death and repeatedly slamming her against the wall. 

Nari barely finds her sister before she dies from lack of oxygen to her brain and calls a MEKA. She barely gets it moving by herself and just manages to fight off the Viskhar agent. Getting Yumi away in time, Nari barely wakes her up in time to set off self destruct and launch it into the group of Viskhar agents. Nari did not know Vítor was among them, and she escapes with Yumi before seeing the damage that was done. Vítor was far enough away that the direct blast didn’t get him, but the shrapnel did get his left eye. Vishkar cared for him and offered him a prosthetic eye that he accepted. During his recovery he completely blamed his sisters for this entire mess and vowed to do what he can to never let them hurt anyone else again. 

When Nari miraculously got Yumi back to the airship, and then to the watch point, Mercy took care of her for two days without letting anyone else see her. Upon the green light to finally see her sister, Nari stumbled upon Yumi with a robotic sounding voice, and a still healing throat. Her larynx, the bone that protected ones windpipe in the neck, was completely crushed and therefore destroyed her vocal cords. Now Yumi works with her unnatural sounding voice and must visit Mercy often for it to be fixed or adjusted because it is sensitive technology still surrounded relatively by biological materials in her throat. It disturbs her at first, and she doesn’t often speak, but learns to a live with it after her father makes a song for her that is the same tone as her robotic voice but it absolutely sounds beautiful. 

So, BunnyRibbit triples am I right?

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so the later explanation for why yami was all screwed up in the early manga, was that he had snapped from the isolation of being in the puzzle, and that once he was used to /not/ being in the puzzle he mellowed out. since i agree with you that him being an entirely separate entity from yugi was a retcon, how do you suppose that would have been explained if it just played out more naturally?

Oh ho ho, Nonny.  You dunno what can of worms you just opened.  *cracks fingers*

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Can u talk about the comorbity between avpd and hpd? It may be partly bc of my bpd that I have a bit of hpd along with my other pds. But my problem is I want constant attention I need it but I avoid it or I do really ridiculous shit to draw attention to me and regret it (like I'll start blabbing my mouth making everyone listen when I had nothing to say except embarrassing shit or I'm constantly like posing and looking good but at the same time like, I avoid it all and don't approach anyone

First of all, I feel like everybody would benefit from viewing this chart. The book it’s from is not available online and I don’t own it, unfortunately, but I believe that the numbers are percentages. The lefthand column is primary diagnosis, the top is comorbid conditions. (Comorbid means more than one disorder is present in one person, in case anybody didn’t know.)

So, assuming I’m interpreting it correctly, people whose main PD is HPD also have AvPD 21% of the time, and people whose main PD is AvPD also have HPD 16% of the time.

I love this chart because it gives you a quick impression of how common PD comorbidities are! Very validating for those of us who feel like we fit “too many” PDs!

People who require extra attention, like people with BPD, HPD, NPD and DPD, can all absolutely have AvPD as well. I think you described it quite well, anon.

I think that the negative reaction that people with BPD, HPD, NPD and DPD receive to our “dramatic” behaviour and “attention-seeking” can encourage us to become more avoidant. That’s my experience of this comorbidity - I feel my Cluster B traits (I don’t have DPD) came before my AvPD.

I have often felt so helpless to prevent myself from expressing symptoms outwardly (violence, manipulation, etc) that I could only walk away from the situation, and try to avoid similar ones in future. However, this strategy never taught me how to process and accept those extreme emotions. It only hid my symptoms from others.

“Contradictory” symptoms like wanting attention and fearing attention might both happen at once; or certain situations might trigger one more than the other; or you might experience one sometimes and the other at other times.

For example, sometimes I’m so convinced I’ll ruin our relationship that I can’t even send a text to my best friend. Sometimes I have a panic attack if I don’t get attention very quickly. It’s okay when I only have one of these, but when I have both, I get very distressed, because the solution to one makes the other worse.

People with BPD, HPD, NPD and DPD also tend to rely on others to validate or provide their identity, to various extents. For many of us, isolation causes our identity to crumble. AvPD encourages us to self-isolate, regularly setting off those identity issues and making it very difficult to seek help or support with them. (AvPD has its own identity issues as well.)

Some recommended reading: PD Information MasterpostInternalised symptoms / Trying to impress others / Forming relationships when you have BPD and AvPD

I hope it’s okay that I spoke more generally about PD comorbidity than your question was asking. I thought it would be more helpful. If you needed more about HPD specifically, you could try looking or posting in the #honestlyhistrionic tag!

- Exo

Your Bts BF  when hey find out you love setting off fireworks.


*Doesnt know how to react. Has disgusted face*

‘’Babe they are just fireworks its not like their illegal drugs its just for the fourth of July.’’ You say.

*Looks away but then gives you even more disgusted face*


*Becomes shocked because he didn’t think you are that type of person*

*Whispers something to Jungkook about you being insane.*

‘’Babe Im not insane its fun and its not like anyone I know has gotten hurt.’’ You say

*Ignores you and continues whispering to Jungkook*


*His eyes get wide when the word firework leaves your mouth*

‘’You light them off?’’

*You nod*

‘’Oh’’ He says



‘’You light them off?Can I help light them off?’’

‘’Yes and yes but only the little stuff until I know I can trust you.’’

‘’Score!’’ he says while moving his arm.


*Becomes scared of you his very own girlfriend.*

‘’That’s kinda scary.’’ He says 

‘’Not really.’’ You say

*Avoids you for the rest of the day and makes sure you don’t have a lighter to set off any fireworks.*

Rap Monster 

‘’Wait really you your self set them off?’’ He asks

*You nod*

‘’That’s so cool!’’


*Butchers the sing firework by Katy Perry.*


I Hope you enjoy these! Happy late fourth of July