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Self care tip~ Face mask

Recipe for honey sugar lemon face mask~ (leave on 15 minutes)

Honey- 1tbs
•Antibacterial, antioxidants, moisturising, soothing
Lemon juice- 1tbs
•Antibacterial, Vitamin C, citric acid
Sugar- 1tbs
•Gentle yet exfoliating

This is a brightening and glowy face mask that is good for acne prone skin thanks to antibacterial properties! The sugar is optional but add it for an exfoliating factor ✨
(leave on 15 minutes)

Starlight Sugar Scrub

A scrub spell to cleanse and promote feeling lovely.

You Will Need:

🌟 1 part Himalayan Pink Salt
🌟 1 part white sugar
🌟 1 part sea salt
🌟 2-3 tablespoons coconut oil (or other oil of your choice)
🌟 1 drop Lavender or Rose Essential Oil
🌟 Optional: White Body Safe Glitter
🌟 Small container
🌟 Popsicle stick or something else to mix with

Use: Use on your skin to cleanse yourself and to feel beautiful. Gently apply to skin and apply in clockwise motions. Let sit for 5-10 minutes then gently wash off with water.

UNEXPECTED scrub for beautiful smooth skin

I been recently  using coffee grounds as a  facial/body scrub and I love it.  I brew my own coffee everyday and use the grounds for my beauty needs. I love how it makes my face feel and look, plus i’m saving money on buying a facial scrub. This is a natural and easy  scrub that I recommend you trying.


  • Makes skin smooth
  • Exfoliates dry skin
  • Improves cellulite
  • Contains a lot of antioxidants
  • Improves puffy eyes
  • Fights wrinkles
  • Improves blood circulation


  1. ¼ cup of coffee
  2. ½ cup of Preferred oil
  3. Optional: 2 tbsp of salt or sugar

Mix these ingredients together and rub the mixture in a circular motion. I recommend changing the proportions of these ingredients depending on your skin type and if you will be using this as a facial or body scrub.

coconut coffee scrub ✨

mix together:
-coconut oil (4 tbsp)
-coffee grounds (2 tbsp)
-honey (2 tsp)
-white granulated sugar (1 tsp)
-scented oil (optional)

to use: if you wanna remove body hair by shaving go ahead and do so. get your skin wet. take a dollop of the scrub and rub it all over your body (don’t rub it near genitalia, not a good idea). rinse off. if you shaved before then shave again, be careful tho – this process removes dead skin.

enjoy your silky smooth, bomb-ass skin!

Gossip Stopping Scrub

This scrub is designed to cleanse and protect its user from harmful gossip and slander. Use it stop gossip surrounding you and to and keep your name out of others’ mouthes.

  • two parts coarse sea salt 
  • two parts granulated white sugar 
  • 1 part ground black lava salt 
  • 1 part oil of your choice
  • essential oil of rose geranium
  • essential oil of dragon’s blood
  • optional: body safe glitter 

Sea salt cleanses you while the black lava salt banishes any harmful energies. The sugar is added to sweeten up those around you to your good side. Rose geranium essential oil stops the gossip and dragon’s blood gives the spell an extra kick of strength. A pinch of glitter reminds you that you’re a queen, no matter what anybody says. 

🌿”Grow from the dirt they left you in” shower/bath spell🌿

I haven’t been posting much on here cos dealing with some real bad stuff™️ as of late. Scrolling through my dash a few weeks ago and I was inspired by this quote from difficult suggestions: “grow from the dirt they left you in

Things you will need:

  • Old coffee grounds (this represents the “dirt”–also it will “speed up” the spell)
  • Eucalyptus essential oil (calming, but most importantly healing)
  • Dried lavender (healing, self love)
  • Dried sage (protection, but also more healing properties)
  • A clean jar/container 


  • A rose quartz stone

First get your old coffee grounds. You can collect grounds from your morning coffee and put them on a cookie sheet and bake them for 10/15 minutes to do this. You want to make sure they are nice and dry. Next mix in your herbs and put a couple of drops of the oil (careful not to put too much cos that stuff is potent) and stir your coffee grounds so everything is incorporated. For extra healing boost, you can charge your jar out in the moonlight with a rose quartz on top.

For the spell, you simply scrub a little bit of your coffee mixture into your skin while you’re showering/bathing and say “I have been hurt. But I will grow from this.” (Or you can replace it with another quote about growth that resonates with you better) Hopefully this little scrub spell will make my fellow witches feel better!

See this weird looking sugary shit right here? It makes your body feel fucking smooth and super delicious smelling, and the best part- you can make this fancy ass shit at home! Why pay 30some dollars for a product you can make with your own damn hands with basic household ingredients? So because I love you and want you all to feel smooth and smell beautiful, here is the recipe!

Mik’s Bomb Ass Sugar Scrub:

-1 cup sugar (brown or white)
-½ cup oil (I used olive oil)
-2 tbsp flavor extract (I used vanilla and almond)
-1 tbsp essential oil (optional)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl until fairly blended. Store that shit. You can use an empty jar, plastic container, even a plastic bag. Get yo naked ass in the shower. Take a small amount in your hands and rub that shit on. Rub rub rub. Then rinse it off. Boom. Super soft ass skin that smells like fucking heaven. Now that your skin is exfoliated, gotta moisturize. Get your favorite lotion and rub that shit on. Boom. Look at your gorgeous skin and smile.

Love yourself. You deserve it!

For other self care tips or variations of this recipe, message me!

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oh yuuri!

inspired by this scene from scrubs (because they’re basically jd and turk except canon)


Scrubs Season 8 episode-ending songs

Herbs for Shadow Work

Last week, there was an anon who inspired me to put together a post about herbs I’ve used alongside shadow work. So here it is. Admittedly, I don’t work with herbs as much as I’d like, but I thought I’d offer the bit of the experience I do have with the handful of herbs I’m familiar with. 



Sage is a go-to for many practices. I consider it a jack-of-all-trades type, though the one thing it definitely masters is cleansing. That being said, I use it predominantly to cleanse both myself and my environment by burning it, usually before and after I engage in “sit-down” shadow work (i.e. journaling, tarot, premeditated rituals). 



Chamomile is soothing and meditative for me. For the relaxation effect, I burn it or make tea with it. 

Dream Induction 

Analyzing dreams is an enlightening exercise to use for shadow work and chamomile tea is a great way to induce them. Steep 2 tbs. of dried chamomile flowers in 1 cup of nearly boiling water for 5 minutes or so, then add some honey and a squeeze of lemon, and voila! You’ve got a delicious bedtime beverage that has the potential to aid you in shadow work. 



Similar to chamomile, lavender is great for relaxation and sleep. Burn it or use some of the dried flowers for tea (it goes well with chamomile).


Where sage cleanses, lavender uplifts and comforts. I burn it during and/or shadow work sessions or just anytime I’m feeling down. The smell of it offers instant encouragement for me. 

Calea Zacatechichi 

Dream Induction

Another herb that serves to induce dreams is calea zacatechichi (aka calea z). This stuff can be a little more abrupt than chamomile, but I’ve found its mild effects interesting. 


Cleansing, Protection, Healing

Rosemary is a promoter of general well-being. I typically use it in baths and body scrubs. I sometimes take ritual baths for shadow work– water is a great element to work with in this arena and I find that it’s refreshing to physically cleanse afterwards using a rosemary-lemon salt scrub. 



Self-heal, scientific name being prunella vulgaris, is a wonderful little herb I discovered growing in my yard this past spring. It is said to cure a myriad of ailments. I’ve only really used it in homemade incense so far, which I found to be very earthy and grounding. I can see it having the potential to facilitate assimilating and healing from past traumas.  

Lemongrass (oil)


Though I’ve only dabbled, I feel confident in saying aromatherapy is a helpful practice to incorporate into shadow work. I’ve found lemongrass oil to be uplifting and revitalizing, great for the recovery process. 

Eucalyptus (oil)

Cleansing, Strengthening

There is something so empowering about the smell of eucalyptus. I use it in my baths or I dab a bit of oil on my forehead while introspecting or meditating. 

Black Tea

Relaxation, Introspection

For me, tea time is introspection time more often than not. Something about sipping on warm tea just makes me want to think. Coffee does this, too actually, but my thoughts are inclined to become a little more exacerbated when I drink coffee, so I recommend tea. 


Relaxation, Introspection, Preservation of Sanity

Now, this is where this post may be a wee bit controversial, but marijuana has been a huge help for me. It’s served as a natural antidepressant and I respect and appreciate it tremendously for that. But there is a downside, you can become dependent, and it can start playing with your shadow– it can cause you to become complacent, agitated, depressed, over-analytical, paranoid, etc. Moderation and discretion are key. 

Overall, I’ve found that marijuana teaches patience, appreciation, and acceptance, all things that are of tremendous value to the process of shadow work. But you must be careful not to let it become a distraction or a crutch, because it can very easily. 

*For the record, I am not recommending the illicit use of marijuana. This information has been provided as a means of sharing my experience, not directing others’.

Other herbs that I believe may be useful for shadow work include mugwort and valerian. Mugwort would do well for dream induction/recall and perhaps even memory recall. Valerian would be useful for relaxation and countering anxiety, as well as for sleep and dreaming. 

anonymous asked:

Hey! Could I request an RFA + V + Saeran react to a Magic!MC, and I'm not taking about card tricks either. Full blown, flick of the wrist and wow the room is spotless- but hides it because hello? Kind of a freak, government would test. Then they find out by walking in on her, or get suspicious of her, or she could have runes on her skin. Or whatever gender you make MC. Thank you if you do!

I’m really sorry about the delay on this one! It was a really fun request, but V and Saeran are taking me a little longer to do. So I decided to just post the main RFA for now and I’ll make another post with the other two when I’m done writing for them. Hope you like what I got so far! :)


- The first time he sees the strange, dark runes tattooing your body he’s shook.

- “Mc, are you…in a gang?!”

- “What?! No! I’m –”

- “A cult?!”

- It takes awhile to calm him down, but when you finally do, you decide you can trust him with the truth.

- You tell him all about how the runes on your body are there to enhance your magical power.

- “Are you teasing me? Did Seven put you up to this?”

- To prove yourself to him, you wave your arm and create a small ball of flame in the palm of your hand.

- His eyes practically bug out of his head.

- “MC….you’re like a real life LOLOL character!!!”

- He’s so excited and wants to tell everyone.

- But you quickly stop him and explain about the trouble you could be in if your secret got out.

- Then he’s afraid for you and vows to help you keep your secret in any way that he can.


- She’s always been so impressed with your ability to clean so efficiently.

- Like, the kitchen will be a mess from a day of trying out new recipes for the cafe. But she’ll leave for 5 minutes and returns to see you standing in a spotless kitchen.

- It should be impossible, really.

- She asks you about it, but you always seem to dodge the question by shrugging it off or distracting her.

- But one day, after the cafe has closed for the night, you start cleaning thinking that Jaehee had gone out to deal with a delayed delivery.

- Brooms are sweeping the floor by themselves, misplaced objects zip through the air to go back to their rightful places and dishes are dipping themselves into soapy water while a self-moving sponge scrubs them clean.

- Jaehee walks in right in the middle of all this.

- She’s so shook by the impossibility of what she’s seeing that she faints.

- She wakes up see your worried face, while you keep apologizing for what happened.

- She’s convinced what she saw was a dream, but you tell her the truth about your magic powers.

- You have to demonstrate numerous times. She just has such a hard time believing this is real.

- Finally she just sighs and gives you a small (but still nerve-wracked) smile.

- “Well…I guess this will save us a lot of time.”

- It takes quite awhile for her to stop getting freaked out when she sees you use your magic.

- But she’s also in complete awe of you! Like, you’re so amazing for being able to do this!

- And she does appreciate the time that gets saved!


- The two of you were in the kitchen preparing dinner.

- You were in the middle of slicing a carrot when your hand slips.

- The sharp knife cuts deep into your hand. The wound is very bad.

- Zen starts to panic and frantically looks for something to stop the bleeding.

- The bleeding is too heavy and you feel bad about how scared Zen is, so you decide to just go ahead and use your power.

- You wave your good hand over your wounded one….

- And the wound heals instantly!

- He stops freaking out, only to go stalk-still, mouth open and he looks from your face, to your hand, to your face again and back to your hand.

- Then he snatches your hand and brings it closer to his face to examine.

- “Babe….What?…How did?….”

- You explain everything. Your magical powers, how you have to hide it, etc.

- “Babe…you’re…amazing!” He picks you up in a hug and spins you around.

- You point out he may have a bit of regeneration magic because he can heal so fast.

- He knew you were a special couple! He’s so proud! Even if he can’t tell anyone else.


- He walks into the penthouse.

- “Darling, I was able to get away from work early today. Would you come down from there so I can –”

- He sees you just…floating in mid-air.

- You slowly float down to the ground, both of you staring at one another.

- Well…guess the secrets out.

- “MC…you’ve never told me you had the ability to float.”

- “Well, I can do other things too…” You explain all about your powers and demonstrate them.

- Since he’s literally seeing it with his own eyes, that’s good enough for him.

- “How intriguing!”

- He asks you so many questions and gets every book on any type of magic he can find.

- Becomes really protective of you using your ability because he’s worried about you getting caught and having people try to take you away.

- Not that he would ever let that happen

- but the thought of you being experimented on really frightens him.


- You’ve finally had it with him ignoring your requests for him to eat better

- So you took matters into your own hands

- You go through his stash of junk food, and just by touching the outside of the package, you change the food into healthier alternatives.

- The first time he opens a fresh can of Dr Pepper and takes a swig, only to get a mouthful of plain water, he is miffed, but ultimately blames it on a manufacturing error. 

- But when he opens a bag of Honey Buddah Chips and finds a bag full of broccoli he’s pretty shook.

- He notices how amused you seem by all of this and decides that you must be behind it somehow.

- So he sets up CCTVs in the kitchen to catch you in the act.

- He sees you going through his stash of snacks. Making sure your fingers touch each can of Dr. Pepper and every bag of chips.

- And through the camera he sees your hands light up every time you touch anything.

- So he calls you in and shows you the footage.

- “Well…looks like you caught me!” you giggle, then explain what you’ve been doing to his snacks and how you’ve been doing it.

- He freaks out (in a good way) and begs you to show him all the cool stuff you can do with your magic.

- He’s like an excited kid and you spend the whole day playing with your magic and Saeyoung wants to know everything about it. Were you born with it, do you know anyone else that has it, can you teach him to do any, etc.

- Having a hacker boyfriend can be super useful when it comes to keeping your magic a secret. He’ll hack in anywhere to delete evidence of your abilities!

- He does ask that you leave his precious HBCs alone though!

DIY Lush Inspired lip scrub
This was based off of the Bubblegum lip scrub by Lush and we all know I can’t afford a $10 lip scrub that you can make for under $5 with supplies you already have at home (and can make multiple batches of)! Not to mention it’s 100% edible


  • 3 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1½ teaspoon of jojoba oil (can be substituted with olive oil or any other light oil)
  • 3 drops of edible flavour (I used mint extract)
  • 2 drops of food colour
  • A container to store it in

How to

  1. Pour your sugar into a bowl
  2. Add in your oil and mix until the sugar gets clumpy
  3. Add your flavouring - remembering that a little goes a long ways!
  4. Mix in the few drops of food colouring (be especially careful with using blue or green. I accidentally added too much and my lips turned slightly blue)
  5. Store in a container such as an empty and cleaned makeup container or Tupperware

To use it, simply spread some on your lips, rub them together, and lick off the excess! 

You know what’s annoying? A person who is 23/24 and acts like a teenager. I need to cool it myself, with trying to date everyone to find BF material because I currently match up with NO ONE. One guy at the moment I think is cool or whatever but his texting skills are wack af. You can tweet/snapchat, follow someone on IG but not text back and leave me on read? Nah man.

Honestly, I wasn’t intentionally trying to find a bf but it’s subconsciously happening and it stops now. Just because your ex already has a gf (which is still ridiculous how fast that happened. They prolly was fucking when we were still together. Asshole..anyways!) doesn’t mean that I need to find someone right now or even this year.

Being single is way more fun. I’m also moving to England in about 4/5 months to further my acting education. I DO NOT have the time or mental capacity for a relationship.

Yes, it can get lonely. That’s why you have friends. God in heaven is all like “AV darling. Please calm down. Your significant other will arrive when the time is right and you are a more established adult.” I’m only 23. Also, I’m still working on that self love, which is going pretty well. :D

So, as of right now I make a promise to stop dating with the intention of having a bf. I will just date and hang out for fun. Also, being celibate this whole year thus far has been super refreshing. Helps me think a lot clearer. I wasn’t lying when I said I’m #Celibate2017.

Breathe in. Breathe out AV, you got this.