This 5th Grader Was Bullied in School for Her Weight So She Started a Plus Size Fashion Line
10-year-old Egypt "Ify" Ufele was constantly bullied for her size. Instead of internalizing the taunts, she turned the teasing into passion.

“I was bullied, and they called me all kinds of names,” she told NBC. So she began to design clothes and sew them with the help of her grandmother. Ify’s Chubiiline features inclusive fashions that represent the types of bodies you don’t often see on runways.

This season she made her debut at New York Fashion Week with plus size styles in Ankara prints.

“I turned from negative attention into positive attention,” she says. Keep up with Ify on Instagram.

Watch the video here


It’s Okay To Say...
  • NO, if you don’t want to do it.
  • NO, if you don’t like the people.
  • NO, if you’d rather relax.
  • NO, if you’re already over scheduled.
  • NO, if you don’t have the time.
  • NO, if it doesn’t fit your values.
  • NO, if you feel forced to say “yes”.
  • NO, if it makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • NO, if it doesn’t make you happy.

“Have some self respect” literally has nothing to do with me. It’s about you rating and weighing my behaviour against a 2 dimensional caricature of a women that you think deserves basic decency. I respect myself.

What you mean is “please conform to my personal, rigid beliefs of what I deem acceptable for a woman because it’s up to me to decide who deserves to be treated like a human being or not based entirely on meaningless socialized and sexist values”

if you find you are surrounded by toxic people… 

  • CUT. 
  • THEM. 
  • OUT.
I deserve someone better.
I deserve someone better.
I deserve someone better.
—  Repeat until you accept that there is no going back no matter how much you still love them. Tolerate NO mistreatments. Respect yourself.

If you ever feel like you aren’t being treated right, you can walk away. 

  • No.
  • Questions. 
  • Asked.

“Behind the glamour, behind the make up, behind all those flashy clothes, there’s an ordinary girl who just happens to have an extra ordinary job. I have seen young girls follow celebrities and try to be one of them. They try to attain perfection, have the perfect body, perfect skin tone. They aren’t fully aware of the fact that behind the looks there are a lot of designers, make up artists, and photoshop/video editing. Their whole sense of beauty is flawed. There is no good to looking good if you are conscious all the time about how you look. You should be care free. Love the real you. The way you are so that even if you are without makeup, you can look into the mirror and with a big smile embrace your imperfections. Just imagine if you don’t even love yourself how do you expect anyone to love you. So first and foremost learn to love yourself by being who you are and not what the world wants you to be. All you need to do is have a great heart and be compassionate towards others. I hope you spread the message and let the world know that you value inner beauty more than the outer appearance.” 

Scarlett Johansson on her Facebook page