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most iconic pitchfork reviews
  1. The experience and emotions tied to listening to Kid A are like witnessing the stillborn birth of a child while simultaneously having the opportunity to see her play in the afterlife on Imax.
  2. jet - shine on
  3. jet - get born
  4. when they rated i get wet 0.6/10 upon release in 2002 but gave the tenth anniversary release an 8.6 and best new reissue 
  5. talib kweli - indie 500; see also talib kweli’s “my review of pitchfork’s ‘indie 500′ album review”
  6. Ours is a generation overwhelmed by frustration, unrest, dread, and tragedy. Fear is wholly pervasive in American society, but we manage nonetheless to build our defenses in subtle ways– we scoff at arbitrary, color-coded "threat” levels; we receive our information from comedians and laugh at politicians. Upon the turn of the 21st century, we have come to know our isolation well. Our self-imposed solitude renders us politically and spiritually inert, but rather than take steps to heal our emotional and existential wounds, we have chosen to revel in them. We consume the affected martyrdom of our purported idols and spit it back in mocking defiance. We forget that “emo” was once derived from emotion, and that in our buying and selling of personal pain, or the cynical approximation of it, we feel nothing.
In recent years much has been written about non-white women and men’s participation in the various revolutions. Even if this literature were to be doubled or tripled, however, without renewed thinking about the concept of revolution, a reconstruction of lost pieces of the puzzle will not shake the idea of regime that has been stabilized out of the existing concept of revolution. Construction of a new regime means demarcating the sphere of sovereignty, declaring the end of revolution and establishing who is entitled to citizenship and who is not. A new conceptualization of revolution must then account for these three factors: space, time and body politic, and for the great power of those oppressive regimes that were constructed out of the eighteenth-century revolutions to render self-evident the identification of revolution with self-determination and liberty.  Regime change is actually limited to the plane of ruling power and its institutions. The differential body politic of the governed people became irrelevant to a conceptualization of regime and revolution. The time has come, then, to think the concept of revolution out of the ongoing distress of flawed civil existence under those democratic regimes that were produced by the great revolutions of the eighteenth century and out of the regime-made disasters they have never ceased to produce while disseminating their mission throughout the world to overcome dark regimes.
—  Ariella Azoulay, Revolution is a Language

The field of dreams // insp

C- Living with hyper-pigmentation has rendered my self-esteem basically non-existent. I haven’t worn a bathing suit in almost 15 years, a tank top in 17 years. I hate summertime the most. My friends all want to go swimming or to the beach and I can’t go. I am constantly wearing long-sleeves and hoodies. I avoid low-cut shirts and short-shorts. I don’t feel at all attractive and will even keep a shirt on during sex. I took it off once and although I was well-received, I felt disgusting and still regret it. I think about that one time I was entirely naked in front of this person and it makes me want to throw up. I make me want to throw up.

I find myself even in public staring at people who are able to show skin and it makes me anxious, jealous. It makes me question whether or not I will have any value to anyone if I can’t look like that. Why would someone choose me when they can choose someone they can actually stand to look at?

I haven’t told anyone about it. Some of my friends know I have hyper-pigmentation but, no one knows that it actually bothers me or that it makes me question myself constantly. I hate it so much. People don’t mean to be hurtful but, when they mistake my spots for “track marks” or ask “what happened to you?” It kills me. Nothing happened to me, I was born this way. I don’t do drugs, I never have.

Sad part is, I am a psychology student, lol. I know this level of self-esteem is not normal and I know my beliefs about myself are dangerously similar to body dysmorphic disorder but, I can’t stop. Whenever I look in the mirror or think about myself, I want to cry and/or vomit. Even writing this now I want to cry. I want to be considered “pretty” so bad but, any compliment I get, I disregard. My beliefs and behaviors, although founded, are not logical. And yet, I can’t stop. I guess a lifetime of sneers and probing questions really wears on you.

Hey there!
This is the era of reflections right?
We’ve killed the rockstars. Just another casualty in the war against popular art - butchered by our postmodern reflective propensities and self awareness.
Our projected rendered identify needs to change not only visually but philosophically - How do you do that?
Firstly we must reclaim our identity and repossess our control of it.
It’s simple. You could say it’s black & white until then there won’t be any pop music or dancing with long hair.
“You can’t do that I hear you say, it’s ours!” Correct!!
The hardest part of any relationship is to say “goodbye”.

As much as we might like things to stay the same, change is an inevitable part of life.
We can’t simply go on forever - always staying the same, never evolving.
So we must leave, with a parting “we love you” - we are already done.
Thank you,
The 1975.

In our globalized culture, we are over saturated by images of women that continually define and redefine beauty. This standard causes many women to feel pressured to fit into this archetype. In my drawing series, My True Self, I repeatedly render my self-portrait in various states of make up. My photorealistic process and the time it takes to attain “perfection” parallels to the process of a woman striving to perfect her face. At the center of this installation is a portrait of my face, unadorned. The larger scale of this portrait provides a hierarchy to what I believe to be a more honest depiction of my true self. 

Video: My True Self 


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For all its bending over backwards to get any and all Japanese people out of the central story, the The Forest’s real coup is how it mines its terror: after all, a vast forest full of the corpses of the hopeless that also happens to scramble compasses and cell signals isn’t nightmare material on its own. What if the suicides of Jukai were in fact not a tragic outcome of a psychological state, but a kind of literal monster? What if it was an entity originating outside its victims, complete with a rotting demon face and claws, that settles upon them and enacts their self-harm for them, rendering it not really a suicide at all?