self reliant living


Kylo Ren + locations: Tuanul

One of Jakku’s sacred villages, Tuanul is little more than a few wattle-and-daub huts clustered around a large vaporator cistern. Here, worshippers guided by the Force live simple, self-reliant lives in isolation. That isolation came to an abrupt and brutal end when First Order stormtroopers arrived seeking the retired explorer and spiritual seeker Lor San Tekka.

A cheeky little vegetable box for a friend of mine - containing an onion, beets, a shallot, cherry tomatoes, carrots, three different kinds of potatoes, a giant radish and a blue turnip cabbage.


Someone suggested to try the flavour combination apple-blackberry and I decided to give it a go. I cooked blackberry-applesauce with this years first garden apples and it turned out great - thanks for the suggestion! 

I planted a honeybee-meadow to give our local bees some food and it finally started to bloom! These are buckwheat flowers, the bees love them and I can harvest the kernels later in the year - a win-win situation

A cup of freshly picked blackberries for a friend of mine. I’m not really a fan of them though - they take up a lot of space in the berry orchard and I never know what to cook with them. I think I’m gonna try to make blackberry-wine this year

Carlos only started telling himself “a scientist is self-reliant” after he’d been living in Night Vale for a while, because nobody in town was very nice to him. Even his own teammates weren’t interested in collaborating on any of his research, and rarely accepted his help with theirs. So he tried to convince himself that this was just the natural order of things, not a reason to feel lonely or disconnected.