the flaws of the signs
  • Capricorn: too proud to ask for help
  • Aquarius: doesn't trust enough to show their true self
  • Pisces: gets obsessed way too easily
  • Aries: can't commit to anything
  • Taurus: overthinks WAY too much
  • Gemini: fucks up first impressions
  • Cancer: puts more into friendships than they get back
  • Leo: always overshares to people at weird times
  • Virgo: feels bad in every piece of clothing they own
  • Libra: can't stop loving people who left
  • Scorpio: does literally anything other than the stuff they're supposed to
  • Sagittarius: gossips about their friends even though it makes them feel guilty


I mostly use tarot as a tool for personal introspection. Even people who don’t believe in divination of any kind can use tarot as an aid to explore different perspectives to a situation or even their own psyche. These are some things which I believe I need to confront about myself before achieving any real personal growth.


What are the parts of yourself or your life that you tend to get hung up about. Confronting yourself can be good, but overly obsessing on a particular problem or aspect of yourself can inhibit growth. 


Conversely, what do you tend to push to the side. This can go both ways: some are unable to see the good things in themselves or their lives, while others gloss over their faults and avoid addressing their problems. 


What are the things we think to be true about ourselves, or our lives that are not. These are often negative qualities, a lot of people think they are less capable, less deserving or less worthy than they really are. 


What about ourselves have we yet to understand. Everyone has some things about themselves which they don’t yet fully grasp or cannot quite put to words.


What do we most want from ourselves and our lives. The things we wish were more true about ourselves or that we aspire to be. This is a long process to achieve, and part of that is learning that we can’t just skip to this step, we need to deal with the other parts of ourselves too, including the undesirable parts, before we can achieve true personal growth.

Note: Tarot is not a substitute for professional counselling and other forms of licensed therapy! Feel free to use it as a complimentary practice (unless otherwise advised), but do not rely on it as your sole means of treatment if you believe you need professional counselling.             

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You and your body are not meant to work against one another, but to work together in harmony. You’re both a team. A single unit.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

I came across these amazing prompts the other day and I immediately thought of how helpful all of these concepts have been along my journey, getting where I am now and where I’m going, and the overall mindset I’ve been in along the way.
Guys and gals, this is powerful stuff to ponder. To journal. To make goals. To reflect. To take ownership. Be accountable. To find that will power, that determination to reach your full potential.
So often we find ourselves “wanting”. Wanting to lose weight, wanting to be fit, wanting that six pack, to fit into that outfit, to feel good, to have more energy…
guys and gals, it starts in your head. It starts with knowing who you really are and loving that person enough to let that person shine through all the garbage we deal with in the world on a daily basis, to put your best out there with confidence knowing that you can and will still be standing with all your awareness, not letting the world take your courage and strength and unique amazing qualities away from you.
Because those qualities are what will drive you. It’s different for everyone. Beyond looking good, and feeling good about the person you see on the outside. It’s about finding yourself, and loving who you are on the inside. Taking pride of that person, taking care of that person.
And when you do, that positive energy will raise from you to others and spread like crazy.
I strongly encourage you to look inside yourself and find that thing that gives you energy and joy and determination.
And then go kick some booty and rock life.
You got this. As always, I’m here to be a friend and a cheerleader whenever you need. Stay awesome! 😘

It’s not an artist’s job to understand humanity. Not to like it.
We are here to portray it.
I don’t want to be transcended and understand everything. It’s just…do you ever want to be ignorant? Not stupid, but so blissful that everything melts away for a lifetime, a day, an hour, a few minutes?
The feeling of knowing is overpowering. I can’t smile and move on. I look into the eyes of a stranger on the street and suddenly it feels like the entire illusion of time is stopping and I’m thinking, “He’s human. I’m human. We’re both mortal, is there some point to these seemingly meaningless lives of ours?”
My art derives from a sick existential standpoint. I don’t want it to.
But I know it must.
Forgive yourself. Forgive your friends. Forgive your family. Just, forgive. Life is too precious to hold onto negative energy for any longer than it’s needed.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Not everything in your life has to make sense right now. It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what your purpose is. It’s cool to take your time, try new things, make mistakes, and laugh them off. Just enjoy the process. You’ll figure it out one piece at a time; just be patient with yourself, and keep going at the right pace.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin