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Listen. This entire episode had spock allowing himself to be happy and obtain a love he believes he couldn’t have anywhere else like. Spock comparing being with Jim on the Enterprise as a self-made purgatory is just so….revealing. Like whether he means it’s hell because he believes Jim would never love him back or, he’d never allow himself to be in love with Jim because of duty or seomthing….moral of the story: spirk is so fucked up, it fucks me up

here’s a list of things i personally want to see in the next AOS movie

and, because “if you want something done, do it yourself”, 90% of these things are going to be included in ST:M

  • chapel and rand and m’benga
  • chapel as a doctor
  • jaylah coming back as an intern on the enterprise (during summer break?)
  • uhura and scotty should pair up for a fight scene
  • continuity!!!! make the events of the previous movies be acknowledged and affect the characters in the next movies!
  • like, i don’t know. remembering that kirk died in STID?? and spock had to watch? sure, STID is far from a masterpiece, but it still exists, it’s still a part of the storyline and therefore at least the most dramatic plot point should be acknowledged
  • seriously, death is not some sort of weird personality trait
  • less action and more heartfelt conversations
  • more scenes where characters just sit down and chat because they’re friends - basically, allow them to be people
  • zero gravity. guys, you’re in SPACE, show me at least one scene where there’s no gravity on the enterprise. bonus points for using it for both comedy and action
  • female antagonists
  • someone saying spock’s full name
  • winona’s return
  • sarek’s return
  • winona meeting sarek. preferably with kirk and spock present
  • spock calls kirk his t’hy’la!!
  • so many TOS quotes i want to hear. “let me help”, “you almost make me believe in miracles”, “if there are self-made purgatories, then we all have to live in them”… and many many more
  • a storyline that’s both a stand-alone and a to-be-continued. make people want to see the sequel with continuing story - this will make the plot bigger, allow it to be detailed. plus i love when i’m watching a sequel and it’s obvious that it was planned from the very beginning, not just squeezed out to make money - and the continuation is clever, not forced, and some details get new meaning, etc, etc. it’s just a good feeling of visible effort and planning. well, it’s a request for all the sequels out there, not just star trek
  • media, outside world, and their reactions exist
  • the enterprise crew has got to have fans! maybe someone wants to make a movie about them and it’s horribly incorrect! maybe companies produce weird merchandise! articles are written, both praising and hateful!

a lot of this stuff applies to movies in general, yeah…

College work for illustration class - Purgatory

Our assignment was to draw in any way Paradise, Purgatory and Hell. We could adopt any religion or go with our own concepts. I decided upon a mix of Christian and Egyptian. I didn’t focus on life after death concepts, rather “living to achieve something”.
The Purgatory illustration depicts the constant search of one’s heart for justice, even at the cost of self-sacrifice.

Fallout New Vegas: The melancholic struggles of a courier in a hostile, post-apocalyptic land where the real danger is not the deadly flora or fauna, it’s the other survivors. What starts as mere survival becomes a conquest of domination.

Fallout New Vegas Dead Money: Greed laid calamity and waste to this self-contained purgatory once, and it will do so again. Will the stitched lives of this ragtag band of misfits hold together, or will blood be spilled like wine once again in the halls of this temple of hedonism held together by the sins of its past inhabitants?

Fallout New Vegas Honest Hearts: These are signs, not just scars, on my shoulder. Calamity is not a hunter that prowls only its turf, it pursues, it hunts, it dominates, and it subdues. The pure children have already turned to war. Will your actions push them further down the path of stripped flesh and salted wounds, or will you silence the voices of their wrath, and lead them out of the River Styx?

Fallout New Vegas Old World Blues: WACKY SPACE ADVENTURES

Fallout New Vegas Lonesome Road: Become involved in the lives of so many others, and you come to forget your own struggles. This is not about the land. This is not about the factions. This, this is all about what your decision will be, and what you do when the moment comes, once you are done walking this lonesome road.

anonymous asked:

''But there was something about being there... it felt pure.'' what's your take on that quote?


Imagine, if you will, existing in a realm where “living” is defined under the basic tenets of survival. A realm where the every day concerns of modern humanity mean absolutely nothing to beasts that mirror the darkest parts of your soul which seek to slaughter you. A realm where you are not defined by or judged for your skin color, or your sexuality, or your gender. A realm where who you are has absolutely no meaning to any beast. A realm where your purpose is served by fighting, by surviving, by brutality, and you wear the shades of your enemies stained across your outermost being as trophies to your small victories. 

There is purity in the absence of being as we know it on our plane of existence. It’s pure because the chains that bind us - the judgments, the differences, the expectations, the roles, the demands of the society, the propriety of interpersonal connectivity - mean nothing in this place. It’s pure because the beasts of Purgatory are the personifications of the ghosts and the demons of the mortal realm that exist within us all. It’s pure because here, you can run from them, or you can stand and fight. It’s pure because here, you can choose to allow yourself to be destroyed at the hands of your demons. It’s pure because here, you can choose to desolate every ghost of yourself and of your past and to brandish the flag of bloodshed as you conquer the landscape that mirrors your own mind. 

Purgatory was pure because it was a reflection of the human mind and the chains of modern society that could be confronted and vanquished. 

I came to realised that one thing pretty early on, it has brought those around me to a rage that I had never felt before.
They tried, and they tried, and they’re trying to hinder my happiness.
So I reaffirm when I feel like I should no longer exist in this purgatory;
It may seem like the greatest of betrayals that has ever breached your mind- your ever waking thought- that those of few, who have and had loved you could bind your feet to the heaviest of boulders, and watch you drown in endless sentences of condemnation.
But when you feel, you’re at bedrock, you’re lying comatose amongst the reeds- just remember, you will find yourself again. And if this is the price to pay for eventual, everlasting happiness, known only to you- truly on your deathbed, then I’ll be damned if you give up now.
—  @littleletterss // The winter of 2016/17, The winter of my life
The World Spins Madly On: The Canaries Arrow 3x13 Review

I’m sorry for the delay you guys.  Real life interfered with fandom life. I know…what the hell right?  Also, I didn’t pull an all nighter which invariably leads to delays. But…upside? I slept!!!

I had to watch this episode twice. TWICE. That never happens. Why? Something felt off during my initial viewing.  I needed to watch a second time to realize what that was and why I had such a difficult time with the episode.  But more on that later…let’s talk about the good stuff first.

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