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1) You know, I really do want to believe-and i sometimes do, because you're right. Everything of this show, subtextual AND textual, point towards endgame. I can SEE that. I UNDERSTAND. The show will be completely inconsistent and frankly bullshit if it isn't endgame/canon. But then I think of other fandoms that I have been in that went through the same shit. Thousands of people believing, working together with meta, screaming over episodes because it's all so BLATANT. -->

–> 2)Cast and crew playing along, liking/retweeting tweets that reference ship stuff and specific queer readings, being inconsistent with answers to questions regarding ships going canon. The relationship being so different, not like other ‘kinky’ ships, in fact to the point that it is the ONLY ship that has the slightest chance of going canon. The show establishing that the characters need a romantic relationship in order to finish their development. –>

–> 3) The show being full of mirrors, callbacks, symbolism. It being so well crafted and AMAZING when you read it the way we do. Everyone rejocing because it makes so much sense, we’re actually getting representation, this is increadible….. and then it turns out to be a pile of shit. The show ends, and it is not endgame, they never get together, no confirmation, still just friends, just a load of queerbait. The show wasn’t going for it- it was just bad. –>

–> 4) Because it IS a bad show when you take away the romantic reading. All those mirrors, intricate plot points, symbolism, double meanings for nothing. The writers have no master plan, they are just writing what they think will raise ratings. And we are furious, yes, because it makes no sense whatsoever, but turns out- nobody cares. The GA is satisfied. I HAVE BEEN THROUGH THIS AND IT TERRIFIES ME. because I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment, not again. –>(the next is last srry)

–> 5)I actually think of unfollowing you a lot because you are so right and you, along with other brilliant meta writers, are so insightful. I can tangibly feel endgame coming after reading your posts, and then I go, wait, but it won’t happen. It won’t happen even thought it’s RIGHT and it SHOULD and it MAKES SENSE because they don’t care. It was just us falling for it. Just us reading into it. So I feel terrible after reading destiel endgame meta, because I know better than to get my hopes up.

Hi nonny, I felt compelled to answer this.

If it is not good for your mental wellbeing and you are finding it too stressful to follow me and people who blog like me then please do unfollow! I do not want to be responsible for you being stressed or worried.

Personally I like to live in the realistic and logical view of things. I am a very logical person. My opinion, personally, is that given the situation we are in I am currently (I wasn’t pre season 12 for example but am now) like, what, 95% sure (?) we are getting canon Destiel. This is my PERSONAL opinion and I do not state that I have any knowledge that any other tumblr fan has, I am not saying YOU should be this sure, it just is MY opinion.

Therefore personally I refuse to live in the 5% negative worry percentage, which I would say would be ambiguous, there’s 0% chance for me that it’ll end on brothers/friends only. I like to live in the 95% positive percentage. I also personally never thought some of the ships that Destiel gets compared to were ever going to be canon so I haven’t been let down before. I’ve never personally felt so strongly that it was pretty inevitably canon as for Destiel.

However if my posts are stressful for you, please do unfollow. I will not begrudge you!

I actually spoke to @bluestar86 and @amwritingmeta about this this morning, that now that it’s getting more and more like it’s ridiculous to think that they won’t go there it IS actually sometimes more stressful for me too, as my hopes are higher due to canon, the STAKES are higher you know?

So you’re not alone, I do understand what you are saying. Personally I like to live in the 95% likelihood probability that I myself perceive.

I’m a positive person and I enjoy the great things we are getting. If this is stressful though please look after yourself first!

I’m proud of myself for these recent small victories, but now isn’t the time to start celebrating and taking it easy. It’s time to double up to accomplish my goals.
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