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its the boys!! happy bitrhday kiddos

when i was little i loved to draw a bunch of pokemon playing together!! so i made something inspired by that <33 also i was bored. here is a bunch of pokemon playing on a rainbow slide??????

(do not interact if youre ddlg!!)

the smaller outdoor patio was easily at the top of ace’s favourite places at the lodge; quiet, serene and still somehow just as chaotic as the rest of the lodge, or maybe that was just ace and his, y’know, general disposition. he also appreciated that he could get away with lighting one up here more than most places- which he was taking liberal advantage of at that moment, joint in one hand, brand new sketchbook in the other. he saw the other person’s shadow before anything and didn’t even bother looking up before he spoke- “ unless you’re here for professional business matters i’d suggest you turn right around, mate. i’m not in much of a social mood, if i’m bein’ honest and i’d hate to take it out on you. as per usual, most of the words that left his mouth were positively dripping with sarcasm. not that anyone expected any less.