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So anyway here’s a doodle comic I started but just… can’t… finish…

I probably have like a year before this variation of Pink and White Diamond are shot to bits so lemme have some fun.

How to Start a Self-Care Bullet Journal

Hello journalers! This post is going to explain how to begin a bullet journal that will help you take care of yourself and manage your mental/physical health. I will go in depth and share various ideas to add to this kind of journal. 

How To Start: 

1. Like all bullet journals, make sure you have a journal that fits your needs. Dot grid, square grid, blank page, or lined are the options for basically all journals. Pick one that you can see yourself using for a while and that will conform to your needs. 

2. Make an outline on a separate piece of paper of the things you want in your self-care journal. Nothing is more cringe-worthy in my bullet journals is when I get lazy on design and layout. Figure out which lists, trackers, challenges, and calendars you will need. 

3. Start like you would with a normal bullet journal with the index. My rule is that I need to have 3 pages for my index, otherwise I run out of room to keep track of my pages and I get overwhelmed. 

Things To Add:

1. Future Plans/Goals

Pump yourself up for the future! You are going to accomplish many incredible feats during your lifetime, but it helps to take the first step and actually write down your goals and plans. I have two resources for you for this section. [Here] is a post about Goal Oriented Pages. Here is a picture of my bucketlist from my last bullet journal:

2. Fitness Log

If you are ready to get in shape or just be healthy, this is something you really need to stay motivated or keep track of your exercising habits. You can add checklists, hydration logs, running countdowns, etc. 

3. Daily Affirmations

When dealing with stress, mental health, and anything else that can get you feeling less than the amazing person you are, it’s good to remind yourself how truly fantastic you are. Here is a [link] to my 30-Day Affirmation Challenge. 

4. Gratitude Log

Being thankful for what you have will give you so much peace in your life. If you’d like some ideas for yours, click [here] for my 30-Day Gratitude Challenge.

5. Things That Make You Happy

List everything that makes you remotely happy and keep adding things as you go through your life. Below is my first journal that had my “Things I Love” page. It got filled so fast. 

6. Meditation Diary

I honestly loved this idea and used it like crazy. [Here] is a link to how I set my diary up. 

7. Habit Trackers

Keeping track of your actions will always help you feel at peace and there are many different kinds of habit trackers out there: medicine, sleep, reading, exercise, etc. If you’d like to be even more motivated for getting things done, [here] is a link to my Habit Tracker Reward System. 

8. Alternatives to Self-Destructive Acts

Many of us have negative habits that can be more extreme than others. But even the smallest self-destructive act will have a huge negative effect on your life. Here is a list of some ideas to do instead of thinking bad things or hurting yourself: do a puzzle, go exercise, take a nap, listen to music, watch funny videos, watch a movie, write, make lists, color a picture, bake something, etc.

9. When I Feel Triggered…

Anything can make us recall traumatic events, toxic people, or just make us feel anxious. Make a short list of maybe 5-10 things you can do to help yourself calm back down. 

10. All About Me

Writing and doodling things that represent yourself can be very therapeutic. I made a post about this recently that can be found [here].  

11. Self-Care Ideas/Me Time

Sometimes we don’t know how to make ourselves feel better. Write a list of things you could try to do to help yourself become a healthier you. Examples: take a warm bath, go for a walk, drink a glass of water, watch a sad movie, etc. You can also make a page to keep track of how long each task you complete and where you completed it. 

12. A Year In Pixels

I did not come up with this idea, but [here] is a post about where I found it and a picture of my page.

I found a few more ideas, but you can check this [link] for 100 more! 

Crystal and Gemstone Correspondence Masterpost


Agate- competition, eloquence

Agate (Bluelace)- composure, calm, balance

Agate (Botswana)- understanding, recuperation

Agate (Dendritic)- balance, energy, steadiness, recuperation

Agate (Moss)- assertiveness, renewal, meditation, self-awareness

Agate (Tree)- organization, management

Alexandrite- investment, growth

Almandine- inspiration, tolerance, affection

Amazonite- self expression, insight, growth, study, clarity, success, stabilizes emotions

Amber- career, accomplishments, uplifting, depression, relieves stress

Amethyst- sleep, calming, relieves stress, inspires happiness, addictions, positive feelings

Ametrine- resolution, teaching

Andalusite- moderation, memory, enlightenment

Angelite- bravery, abundance, balance, communication

Anhydrite- concentration, co-ordination

Antimoany- intellect, progress

Apatite- calms, helps business, will help you speak up

Apophyllite- tranquility, honesty

Aqua Aura- dexterity, the arts

Aquamarine- insight, love, growth, calms nerves, brings peace, promotes truth

Aragonite- energize

Astrophyllite- confidence, insight, intellect

Augelite- contemplation, justice

Aventurine- judgement, relieves tension, prosperity

Azurite- meditation, concentration, spirituality


Barite- writing, decisions

Beryl- determination, calms, stability, reduces stress

Bloodstone- temperance, kindness, courage, wealth, confidence

Blue John- renewal, strength

Blue Coral- balance, protection from negativity

Bowenite- intelligence

Brazillianite- enhances relationships


Calcite- comfort, inspiration, calm, balance

Carnelian- passion, sensuality, sexual energy

Cassiterite- endurance, contentment

Cats Eye- inner vision, security

Celestite- calm, relaxation, meditation, eases worries

Cerrusite- confidence, nerves, insomnia, calms

Chalcedony- stamina, energizes, awakens, stimulates the mind

Chacopyrie- perception, intuition

Charoite- assertiveness, inspiration

Chiastolite- stability

Chrysocolla- self awareness, self-expression

Chrysoprase- passion, beginnings, friendship, sensuality, prosperity, good luck, physical love

Chrysotile- partnerships, generosity

Cinnabar- stability, independence

Citrine- calm, uplift, dreams, intuition, psychic ability

Colemanite- loyalty

Corundum- awareness, confidence

Covellite- communication

Crocoite- action, industry

Crupite- awareness, teaching


Danburite- social grace, dignity, confidence

Desert Rose- perception, intuition

Diamond- abundance, courage, prosperity, business, strength

Diopside- love, partnership, commitment

Dolomite- optimism, hope, belief

Dumortierite- patience, calm


Eilat Stone- spirituality, balance, mediation

Emerald- prosperity, intellect, truth, psychic ability

Eudialite- management


Fluorite- grounding, meditation, spiritual awareness

Franklinite- imagination

Fuchsite- teamwork, productivity


Galena- dedication

Garnet- creativity, charm, charisma, attract love

Geode- growth, psychic ability, inspired dreams

Goethite- perseverance

Goldstone- optimism

Granite- balance, stability, determination

Graphite- achievement


Hematite- calm, serenity

Herkimer Diamond- opens the mind, learning, study, enhances dreams

Hickoryite- adventure, imagination, creativity, removes negativity

Hornblende- wisdom, insight, communication, balance

Howlite- resilience, competition


Iolite- control, management

Irnamite- calm, rational, judgement, inspiration, emotional balance


Jade- longevity, providence, attract friendship, calm the mind, benevolence

Jasper- attract what you desire

Jet- dispels negativity, empathy


Kunzite- balance, stability, communication

Kyanite- energy, strength, finance


Labradorite- charisma, improve relationships, release hidden qualities

Lapis Lazuli- spirituality, protection, truth, wisdom, mysticism, abundance, integrity, attracts wealth

Larimar- meditation

Lavakite- intellect, learning, adaptability, achievement

Lazulite- serenity

Lepidolite- recharge, peace, balance

Leucite- clear thinking, protection

Lodestone- communication, teamwork


Magnetite- composure, learning

Magnesite- enlightenment, emotional balance

Malachite- business prosperity, plant growth, optimism, spells

Marble- renewal, compassions

Marcasite- ambition

Meteorite- intuition, communication, benevolence, adventure

Moldouite- insight, sensitivity

Mookaite- responsibility

Moonstone- attracts love, safe travel, devotion, beauty

Morganite- intellect, commerce

Mtorolite- serenity, capability

Muscouite- inspiration, energy



Obsidian- dispels negativity, creates tranquility

Onyx- spiritual alignment, harmony, tranquility, peace of mind

Opal- creativity, prosperity, power, luck, abundance, attraction

Opalite- invention


Peacock Ore- mind stimulant

Pearl- creativity, certainty

Peridot- invention, wealth, career, protection, abundance

Phenacite- intellect, insight

Pietersite- objectivity, organization

Prehnite- insight, intellect

Purpurite- prosperity, leadership

Pyrites- truth, awareness


Quartz (Clear)- healing, energy

Quartz (Rose)- love, happiness, peace, harmony

Quartz (Rutilated)- passion

Quartz (Smokey)- removes negative energies

Quartz (Snow)- relaxation, serenity, meditation


Rhodochrosite- comfort,love friendship,balance,stability

Rhodonite- communication

Rhodolite- stability

Rhyolite- marketing, stability

Rubellite- prosperity

Ruby- luck, fortune, contentment


Sapphire- love, protection, partnership, power, inspiration

Sardonyx- forgiveness

Satinspar- insight, calms disputes

Scapolite- strength, achievement

Schalenblende- attraction, abundance

Scheelite- awareness, balances relationships

Schorl- balance, practicality

Seftonite- learning, relationships

Serpentine- meditation, enlightenment

Siderite- loyalty, intellect

Silicone- attraction

Silver- perception

Smithsonite- harmony, consideration

Soapstone- loyalty

Sodalite- confidence, meditation, self-assertion

Spessartine- renewal

Sphalerite- career, integrity

Spinel- energy, intellect

Staurolite- focus, awareness, integration, brings all the elements together

Steatite- adventure, communication

Stichtite- loyalty, creativity

Stilbite- creativity, understanding

Sugilite- insperation, co-operation, co-ordination, peace of mind, psychic awareness

Sulphur- protection, intellect

Sunstone- insight, regeneration, sexuality


Tanzanite- vitality, movement

Thulite- meditation, concentration, aligns mind and body

Tiger Iron- endurance, clarity

Tiger’s Eye- insight, integrity

Topaz- legal matters

Tourmaline- success, abundance, luck, confidence

Turquentine- comfort, tranquility, protects the home


Ulexite- contentment

Unakite- strength, stability, enhancement

Uvarouite- joy, vitality


Vanadinite- friendships, socializing

Variscite- writing, meditation

Verdite- friendships, partnerships

Vesuvianite- intuition, partnership

Violan- insight, vitality


Williamsite- truth, tranquility

Wollasonite- meditation, grounding, moderation

Wulfenite- relationship balance, harmony




Zeolite- independence, clear thinking

Zinc- loyelty, joy

Zircon, clarity, rest, sleep

Zoisite- attraction

spock: self care is meditation, organizing your thoughts, and applying logic to your situation in times when your mind is not at peace

kirk: self care is drinking fifteen red bulls and launching yourself into space so you can go get in a fistfight on the astral plane with an alien who says hes god

spock: jim. no

[ image description: A screen shot of a post that reads “Don’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t cross a puddle for you.” Someone has crossed this out with a big grey X and underneath added “No, do it. Do cross oceans for people. Love people, all people. No conditions attached, no wondering whether or not they’re worthy. Cross oceans, climb mountains. Life and love isn’t about what you gain, it’s about what you give.” End of descripton ]

I hate this post, I hate it so much. And let me tell you why.

At first it seems like a pretty good post, right? You should love people and do things for them because you want to or because it’s nice, or just because you love them, not because you expect something in return. Yeah. We learn that as kids. But listen. Listen to me. It is not that simple. Yes you should do nice things for people. Carry in your grandmother’s grocerys even if she forgets to say thank you. Sure. But you should never, never, pour yourself into someone who does not give back to you.

Doing everything for someone who gives you nothing in return is not love.

A friend of mine worded it really well “The point of the original post was to emphasise that your own mental/physical health is more important than someone’s selfish needs.” It’s not romantic to run yourself into the ground for someone who can’t even be bothered to care about you. And not only is it not romantic, it’s unhealthy.

I have, on more than one occasion, “crossed oceans” for people who I do believe loved me, but who didn’t even come close to crossing them for me. And do you know what I got out of that? The first one I lost 10 pounds because I was so miserable I could barely eat and I was throwing up what I did eat. And I was still doing whatever I could to be with them, and make them happy, even though they didn’t seem to be willing to put any work in themself. Why bother, I was always there. The second one I ran my own mental health so thin that that literally could not do anything for him, all I could do is sit in the bathtub and think about how I coudln’t feel anything. But I still refused to turn my phone off and ignore his messages. I still made myself avaible to him because he “needed me.”

There was nothing romantic about either of those situations (note: only one was a romantic relationship but the idea of giving and giving and giving when you’re gettin nothing back is romanticized whether it’s in a romantic or platonic relationship.) There was nothing beautiful or selfless about it. It was miserable. I was miserable. I can remember one of my friends telling me he missed me because all I could talk about was the person I had allowed to become my whole life.

And in the end, both of them stopped talking to me.

Don’t believe anyone when they say the second part of that post. It’s bullshit and I’m really tired of seeing it romanticized. It tells people (especailly young girls) that this is an okay way for a relationship to be, that this is what they should be doing. 

There is nothing selfish about demanding that your emotional labour be reciprocated. That’s what makes a relationship (romantic, platonic, or otherwise) healthy. That’s what love is. Both people giving. Both people supportin each other. Not one person giving until they have nothing left for themself. 

History Chicks

Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913, in Tuskegee, Alabama. On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks boarded the Cleveland Avenue bus for home. She took a seat in the first of several rows designated for “colored” passengers. But Montgomery bus drivers had adopted the custom of requiring black passengers to give up their seats to white passengers, when no other seats were available. When her bus was full, the driver asked four black passengers to give up their seats. Three complied, but Rosa refused and remained seated. Her refusal to surrender her seat spurred on a citywide boycott and helped launch nationwide efforts to end segregation of public facilities. In 1987, Parks founded the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development. The organization runs “Pathways to Freedom” bus tours, introducing young people to important civil rights and Underground Railroad sites throughout the country.
She also published Rosa Parks: My Story, an autobiography recounting her life in the segregated South, and Quiet Strength which includes her memoirs and focuses on the role that religious faith played throughout her life.

Cleaning and organizing is self care for me. No, everything can’t be perfect, and no I can’t plan and control everything. But making sure that I’m aware of everything around me and having a clean organized space helps me to practice mindfulness and minimizes the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Common Animal Associations in Witchcraft

Ants - Patience, stamina, planning, perseverance, organization, self-discipline, teamwork, energy, and patience.

Bats - Rebirth, accessing past lives, new ideas, transition, initiation, changes for the better, moon magic, understanding grief, and the ability to observe unseen.

Bears - Introspection, healing and inner knowledge, wisdom, defense, revenge, change, death and rebirth, communication with spirit, solitude, power, mother cunning, healer, gentle strength, transformation, astral travel, strength, unconscious mind, grounding, inner energy of the soul, earth magic, and facing fears.

Beavers - Building, gathering, persistence, shaping, and structure.

Bees - Female warrior energy, reincarnation, communication with the dead, service, gathering, community, connection to the Goddess Diana, helping earth-bound spirits move on to their proper place, concentration, and prosperity.

Birds - Associated with death and transitions, unity, freedom, and individuality.

Butterflies/Caterpillars - Transformation, reincarnation, balance, grace.

Cats - Wholeness, guardians, independence, seeing the unseen, cleverness, a balancing of energies, moon magic, mystic powers, grace, understanding mystery, cleansing, and purification.

Chickens - Power of voice, language, seeking answers, sunrise magick, Protection of family and community, Hearing your inner voice.

Chipmunks - Gathering, mobility, frugal living, and the ability to see both light and shadow.

Cows - Economy, connection to the earth, wealth and prosperity, and patience.

Deer - Gentleness, body awareness, kindness, gracefulness, sensitivity, peace, unconditional love, alertness, recognition of outside influences, innocence and earth magic.

Dogs - Family, wisdom, loyalty, protection, companionship, faithfulness, warnings, and earth and moon magic.

Donkeys - Stubbornness, ability to make decisions, intuition.

Ducks - Water energy and logic.

Elks - Stamina, strength, pride, power, majesty, agility, freedom, and nobility.

Ferrets - Information, seeing truth behind the facade.

Fish - Abundance, fertility, children, harmony, regeneration, love, and mind/emotion balance.

Foxes - Elusiveness, cleverness, feminine courage, subtlety, discretion, agility, cunning, slyness, fire magic, and intelligence.

Frogs - Healing, transformation, cleansing, understanding emotions, and connection with water element.

Goats - Independence, confidence, tenacity, diligence, flexibility, healing and sun magic, abundance, and agility.

Horses - Power, stability and courage, Astral travel, protection, freedom, power, travel, and earth and moon magic.

Mice - Scrutiny, innocence, faith, trust, shyness, quietness, details, and earth magic.

Owls - Deception, wisdom, truth, patience, insight, darkness, and air magic.

Pigs - Truth, earth magick, past life knowledge, intelligence, and cunning.

Rabbits - Fear, faith, alertness, nurturing, conquering fear, safety, innocence, fertility, movement, sensitivity, luck, and moon magic.

Rats - Abundant reproduction, shrewdness, adaptability, success, social, restlessness, earth magic, stealth, and defense.

Sheep - Balance, confidence, fertility, courage, new beginnings, abundance, and assurance.

Snails - Perseverance and Determination.

Snakes - Transmutation, primitive or elemental energy, power, sexual potency. sensuality, shrewdness, and transformation.

Spiders - Shape-shifting, wisdom, creativity, divine inspiration, fate, illusion, feminine energy, and industry.

Squirrels - Discovery, change, trust, resourcefulness, balance in giving and receiving, awareness, sociability, playfulness, preparation, activity, energy, and earth magic.

Wolves - Wisdom, protection, shadow work, guidance, instinct, intelligence, success, perseverance, stability, loyalty, independence, spirit, freedom, guardianship, and earth and moon magic.

Things to remember this semester:
  1. Don’t bottle your stress up, either vent it all to a close friend or let the tears flow in the shower/bed. Just let go.
  2. Stay organized, either get an app, planner, journal, calendar, use your arm, post it notes, ANYTHING to make sure you remember things.
  3. Always prioritize your needs, that doesn’t mean be a dick about it, but TREAT YO SELF.
  4. Ask for help when you need it: smart friends, tutors, professors, teaching assistants, etc. they’re all there for you.
  5. Take responsibility for your actions, you mess up? Fess up. You do a great job on something? Take credit.
  6. A little procrastination is okay, being mentally exhausted and doing things won’t turn up good work, so take some time but eventually, JUST DO IT!
  7. Quiet, alone time is very important. Whether before bed or in the morning or during the day, have some quiet moments to yourself.
  8. Weed out things you don’t need. Notes from 3 years ago? Throw them. Friends who don’t support you? Throw them. 
  9. Follow blogs that motivate/inspire you. If they make you smile or get an idea going, they’re the blogs to follow! 
  10. Eat fresh fruit and veggies once in a while, they’re good for your body which is under a lot of pressure. 
  11. Hydrate yourself with water! Lot’s and lot’s of water, or at least do tea. 
  13. Doing bad on one exam/paper/quiz/test is okay! Not the end of the world and if you work hard and seek help and extra credit, you will prevail!
  14. Wear confident clothes on test days, whether that’s in high fashion or your favorite hoodie is up to you; feeling good puts you in a better state of mind. 
  15. Don’t let nobody tell you how to live your life, try new things, form your own opinions, and become a better you!
47 Hacks People With ADD/ADHD Use To Stay On Track
Everything from color-coding to bouncing on an exercise ball.
By Grace Spelman

As with all these things, your mileage may vary, but I thought this was better than the lists I’ve seen on ADDitude. (On a side note: Buzzfeed is apparently full of people with ADHD. I’m not surprised).

A few of these I actually do. (Like writing everything down and keeping my keys by the door). Others I’ve never thought of, and would like to try.

Which “hacks” do you do, or want to try?



21/100 days of productivity | quite honestly, i was incredibly stressed yesterday night because of all the things i had to do. or, rather, by the thought of what i had to do. because i was really busy yesterday night, and therefore couldn’t get some of my tasks done as i had planned, i started panicking and thought that by falling behind my schedule i had therefore created 2x the amount of work for myself this upcoming weekend. everything was jumbled up in my mind, and i wasn’t even sure what i needed to complete, except that it seemed like A Lot. 

but then, right before i went to bed, i decided to just dump everything i had to do out onto my bullet journal—no structure, and no logic or coherence to the order that i chose to write down all my tasks. i just wrote down everything and anything that came to my mind that i knew i had to complete this weekend. after i finished doing that, and looked over my list, i realized that although i did have quite a few tasks that i was supposed to do, it wasn’t as bad as i had built it up in my head to be!! it was still manageable, as long as i planned out my time wisely. also, the fact that i had built in buffer time into my pre-planned timeline/schedule (bless my past self……) helped as well hehe

my advice to everyone if you too are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to complete is to just write everything out, split it up into smaller tasks, and just work steadily (even if you have to do it slowly) at it. it’s a lot less stressful once i saw what i needed to do written out and not as a jumbled mess in my mind ^-^

An artistic image is one that ensures its own development, its historical viability. An image is a grain, a self-evolving retroactive organism. It is a symbol of actual life, as opposed to life itself. Life contains death. An image of life, by contrast, excludes it, or else sees in it a unique potential for the affirmation of life. Whatever it expresses—even destruction and ruin—the artistic image is by definition an embodiment of hope, it is inspired by faith. Artistic creation is by definition a denial of death. Therefore it is optimistic, even if in an ultimate sense the artist is tragic.
—  Andrei Tarkovsky, Time Within Time: The Diaries 1970-1986