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[S]eeking wilderness there is always that against which to remeasure and deepen the breath. I was lonely in a way one can be lonely around a lot of people, and ready for release into the solitude of more-wild, less-peopled spaces.
—  Linda Russo, from “Revisiting a Journal Taken to Mount Tabol/Pooskaus/Tahoma/Tacobeh/Tacoma/Rainer,” ecotone (Spring/Summers 2017)

Getting Started

There’s a lot of differing opinion about what to call each hand. The left is sometimes called the hand of your past or the hand of your potential, while the right is sometimes called the hand of your future or the hand of your actualization. Generally speaking, think of your left hand as where you’ve been and your right hand as where you’re going.

Each hand differs in the way its mounts, special zones, and lines look, one hand may even have something the other doesn’t have! So it’s important to exam each hand on their own, and for a deeper reading put the information together. (In order to make the above diagram easier to read, I’ve separated the information across two hands, but all points are mirrored across the hands.)

This guide is a starter guide, however, and won’t be getting into advanced structure palmistry such as knuckles, nails, palm/finger shape, or special markers, so keep that in mind.

I suggest making sure your hands are clean, well moisturized, and rested before you read them so that you can get the most clear and accurate read possible.

Note: * I did my best to include as even number of pros and cons as I could for everything but the literature is very biased… Don’t be discouraged if you have many “bad” traits, as they are all strengths, tools, or things to learn from (in their own way).


  • Full: a large amount of skin/muscle
  • Flat: a small amount of skin/muscle
  • Weak: difficult to see
  • Strong: easy to see
  • Start, of a line: shortest distance to, or touching, the outer edge of the hand
  • End, of a line: shortest distance to, or within, the center of the palm
  • Short: line ends at the center of the palm or sooner
  • Long: line ends after the center of the palm
  • Fork: a line split into two or more parts
  • Break: a line is completely separated, but the two halves are close enough to reasonably be assumed a continuation
  • Branch: a “V”, line, or curve that the primary line passes through
  • Doubled: a second, smaller line that follows closely to a primary line without crossing it

* Note: Sometimes the meaning of start and end are flipped in other literature, but these are the definitions that make sense to me personally. Once you get familiar with palmistry you can decide for yourself where the start and end are.


  • Venus ( ♀ ): [Love, friendship, self-care, intuition, vitality, success.] A full mount indicates someone who has many friends or romantic/sexual relationships, takes care of themselves but may over indulge, is frivilous and impulsive, enjoys the arts and “the finer things”, seeks instant gratification, and is influential or well respected. A flat mount indicates someone who is critical, more selective with friendships/romantic partners, is not close with their family, is a deep thinker and not superficial, independent, and may face many hardships.
  • Mars, positive ( ♂ ): [Courage, adventure, health, interpersonal, temperament.] A full mount indicates someone who enjoys “getting out there” and is unafraid to be in the spotlight, this person may be stubborn, aggressive, or may have a thick skull, they may have good health, and they communicate effectively but are very defiant. A flat mount indicates someone who has trouble expressing their feelings, is avoidant and anxious, easily over-stimulated, cautious, introspective, and reflective.
  • Jupiter ( ♃ ): [Willpower, personal philosophies, self-image.] A full mount indicates someone who cares about how they are perceived by others and therefore works hard to achieve their goals and be on top. This person is hard working, ambitious, responsible, cocky, spiritual, domineering, and may be self-centered but is willing to help others. A flat mount indicates someone who is clumsy, dishonest, self-conscious, has a lack of ambition, is frugal, goes with the flow, is spontaneous, and seems to be socially and spiritually disconnected.
  • Saturn ( ♄ ): [Intelligence, independence, patience, duty.] A full mount indicates someone who is in control of their life, responsible and trustworthy, sentimental, cautious, a bit of a show off, and can be depressive, shy, or withdrawn although they are friendly. A flat mount indicates someone who is superstitious, has strong religious or spiritual views, is superficial, disorganized, lacks introspection, this person may have a “go with the flow” attitude, and be more relaxed and carefree.
  • Apollo/Solar ( ☉ ): [Wealth, outlook, imagination, compassion.] A full mount indicates someone who is quiet or mild tempered, has many artistic interests or passions, is a modest philanthropist, a perfectionist, quick-tempered and sometimes prideful, and can be envious but is outgoing and flexible. A flat mount indicates someone who over-indulges beyond their means, is disinterested in art, they do not make decisions easily, they have little imagination, are rational and level headed, and may be drawn more to history and hard science.
  • Mercury ( ☿ ): [Wisdom, travel, communication, business.] A full mount indicates someone who is financially successful and shrewd in business, they are quick-witted and inventive but may have little follow-through, they may lie easily, and are flexible and adaptive. A flat mount indicates someone who is easy going although may be lazy, shy, and have difficulty communicating.
  • Mars, negative: [Self-control, endurance, enthusiasm.] A full mount indicates someone who is steady and stable, endures many hardships, and may not be too courageous. A flat mount indicates someone who is indecisive, has bad luck, has difficulty motivating, but is calm, tactful, and resilient.
  • Lunar ( ☾ ): [Imagination, intuition, creativity, emotion.] A full mount indicates someone who is very creative, spiritual, sentimental, and may be depressive or have their head in the clouds. A flat mount indicates someone who is steady, conservative, logical, and may be imaginative but doesn’t express it.
  • Neptune ( ♆ ): [Emotions, health, success.] A full mount indicates someone who is very emotional, sentimental, enjoys good health, is charming and charismatic, this person may be cruel, may face many challenges, and may be a talented musician, poet, or writer. A flat mount indicates someone who is unreliable, asocial, without drive, and may have trouble expressing their feelings.

Special Zones

  1. Will, tip to first knuckle: If longer than #2 Logic, it’s indicated that this person is very reliable and hard working, but acts without thinking. If this portion is full, this person is egotistical; if flat, this person is irresponsible.
  2. Logic, first to second knuckle: If longer than #1 Will, it’s indicated that this person comes up with ideas easily but has poor follow through and execution. If this portion is full, this person is bossy; if flat, this person is indecisive.
  3. Love, second knuckle to wrist: Look at the thumb with the nail facing you. If this portion of the thumb widens as you move towards the wrist, it’s indicated that this person has a great capacity to love. If this portion remains the same width the entire length, then they are more reserved and closed off. (This change may be difficult to see, so really examine it.)
  4. Relationships: The number of lines indicates the number of significant romantic or non-romantic-committed relationships in your life. This does not imply marriage and the relationship itself did not have to be serious for the person’s impact on your life (or your impact on theirs) to have been in a serious way. A fork or break at the end signifies a divorce. Strong lines indicate someone who is open with their feelings and is able to be vulnerable with others. Weak lines indicate someone who is more critical regarding who they get close to but commits more seriously.
  5. Children: The number of lines indicates the number of children in your life. This does not necessarily imply children you may birth, adopt, or foster but instead reflects the number of lives you had a serious impact on. If a child line crosses a relationship line, you and a partner were both involved with that child. Strong lines indicate healthy children or children you were greatly involved with; weak lines indicate sickly children or children who were only in your life briefly.

Major Lines

  • If the line ends at the index finger then this person has a lot of love to share, is a dreamer, but may be let down by their high expectations. If the line ends at the middle finger then this person is more reserved and level-headed when it comes to building relationships. If the line ends between the index and middle fingers this person is very genuine, honest, is free with their relationships, and makes friends/falls in love easily.
  • A short line indicates someone who doesn’t think of relationships as being very important to them, they’re independent and some would call them loners, they’re more introspective and self-reliant although selfish and bad with communication. A long line indicates someone who is open and honest but may be harsh or blunt, they may have too high of standards, and be co-dependent.
  • Breaks indicate instances when you’ve made a major sacrifice for someone or the end of a relationship. Branches indicate this person is consistent and considerate. A fork indicates a major dispute, separation, or divorce.
  • If the line crosses the Heart Line it shows this person invests a lot of time in art and leisure, is very sensitive and sympathetic, but may have a lot of life troubles. If the line is very close to the Heart Line without touching it, relationships are a major part of their life, this person is comforting and supportive. If the line is joined with the Life Line at the start and branches quickly, then they are flexible and resilient. If the line is joined with the Life Line at the start and follows along, then they are introverted, indecisive, and cautious.
  • A short line indicates someone who is rash and bold, cares more about material or physical accomplishments than intellectual or spiritual ones, is easily distracted, but achieves goals quickly. A long line indicates someone who is focused, stubborn, and may procrastinate.
  • If this person has a doubled line, educational and intellectual pursuits are of highest priority, they have a high mental ability, and they like to look at issues from multiple perspectives. A palm-facing fork indicates someone who is imaginative, creative, and has a strong social bond. An outer hand-facing fork indicates someone who is clever and ambitious, but domineering and may not meet their high expectations. Breaks indicate poor health and career shifts, people with many breaks are strong-minded and need many relationships.
  • A short line indicates someone who is easily manipulated, deceived, and taken advantage of, this person may be sick often, is able to easily overcome obstacles, and must take special care to understand their own limits. A long line indicates someone who is very in tune with their intuition, is resilient, enjoys sports and physical activity, has a lot of stamina and vitality, has good health, and draws strength from pushing their limits.
  • Breaks indicate a serious illness or injury and unexpected changes in life. Outer hand-facing forks indicate someone who is diligent, ambitious, optimistic, and successful. Palm-facing forks indicate someone who focuses and work/school, is able to keep their personal and professional relationships separate, and will do a lot of traveling. Branches pointing to the fingers indicate success and achievement, branches pointing to the wrist indicate illness, worries, or life stresses as well as achievements
  • If the line stops at the Heart Line, then this person is ruled by their emotions and make many impulsive decisions. If the line stops at the Head Line, then this person will have a major career change, of their own choice, and break out into their dreams. A line that ends at Apollo indicates success in the arts. A line that ends at Jupiter indicates great power. A line that ends at Saturn indicates someone who will achieve great success with little effort.
  • A line that starts in Venus is destined to be wealthy or notable. A line that starts on the Life Line indicates someone who co-dependent, very emotional, and may have trouble with relationships. A line that starts in +Mars indicates someone who is very successful in business. A line that starts in Luna indicates someone who is very helpful and will network easily. A line that starts on the Heart Line indicates someone who will achieve success later in life.
  • Breaks indicate difficulties in school and work. Branches indicate someone who will have great success and affluence. Forks indicate someone who has many dreams and goals and may be involved in multiple business ventures.
  • No fate line indicates someone who is go with the flow and is happy to walk any path in life.

Minor Lines

  • Fortune/Sun: If this line is present, it indicates someone who will have major success. They are extremely capable and have great communication skills and follow through. People with this line are very creative, sensitive, and popular. The longer the line, the greater the success and the longer you will have success. A very short line indicates someone who is ordinary but doing well. No line indicates someone who will struggle to achieve their goals, consult the Fate and/or Life lines.
  • Health/Intuition: If this line is present, it indicates someone who stretches themselves to the limit. Generally this is the line of psychics, empaths, and healers. People with this line should take extra precautions when spending a lot of time around people in order to preserve their health. Consult the Life and Heart lines.
  • Rascette/Bracelets: Most people have 3-4 of these lines. A strong first bracelet indicates good health and few obstacles in life. A strong second bracelet indicates a stable career and financial situation. A strong third bracelet indicates someone who is well respected in the community, popular, and/or influential. The presence of a fourth bracelet indicates an extremely long life. Having only one line indicates serious health upsets or depression.

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omg PLEASE make an OC list out of all of your new cryptid/self care posts because I feel like if you compile them you can make a welcome to night vale spinoff

Cryptid FuckHands McMike

me, standing in the kitchen at 3:34am, wearing nothing but socks and a pair of pants tied around my waist. I am eating tortilla chips with cold shredded cheese and pepper. my hair is a mess and i haven’t slept in 3 days. i realize i am out of bowls so i put a bunch of cinnamon toast crunch into a plastic cup and fill it with milk. i chug it. nightcall by kavinsky is playing quietly in the distance from my slightly cracked bedroom door. i microwave some mozzarella sticks and then disappear into the night

Bonnie and Einnob

self care is going to a gas station at 3am and fighting your mirror self in the bathroom and then befriending them instead and eating slim jims and drinking gatorade with them in the back parking lot until a serial killer trucker comes to kill you and then you team up to kill the trucker and then you take his semi and tour the southwest united states with your mirror self robbing banks along the way and retiring happily to mexico

Liminal Jess

i love liminal spaces its like a location that’s dissociating and i feel like if i go there while also dissociating i’ll just ascend to the astral plane

kaijuno: HEY i did it i went to a scruby walmart at like 10pm while dissociating and i felt like i was a cryptid in like ghost walmart or something and it was the weirdest thing i’ve ever done

kaijuno: careless whisper was playing on a loop. there were 3 other people. none of the checkouts were open so you had to use self checkout. i didn’t see a single worker there. multiple lights were flickering.

zero-redeeming-qualities: Here’s the big question though: Are you the same person who went in?

kaijuno: i dont

i dont know

zero-redeeming-qualities: Well, there’s only one way to find out. Go back again, and see if you meet yourself in the bathroom mirror.

kaijuno: self care is fighting your good doppelganger in a walmart bathroom at midnight

Night Rider

Now that I have a car I 1000% am going to do night drives to just eat in restaurants in strange places and watch the sunrise over foreign towns and sleep in strange motels and experience the country but only in its liminal hours when no one else is awake

Big Gay

self care is eating 37 bathbombs and vomiting rainbow foam on your homophobic brother


Self care is climbing Mount Olympus and jerking off on Zeus’ DVD collection


self care is drinking 5 gatorades and supercharging your electrolytes to fight god in a walmart bathroom

Big Boi

Self care is getting high in a dumpster behind a Big Boy and astral projecting into the nth dimension to fight the dumpster raccoons you accidentally hotboxed


Self care is drinking vodka and 6 cans of Red Bull in an IHOP parking lot and ascending to the astral plane and fighting neo-Jesus

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Just for Now

Just for Now

Fandom: Overwatch

Pairing: Jesse McCree/Tekhartha Zenyatta

Rating: T (swearing)

Word Count: 2,036

Summary: Jesse has a hard time falling asleep. Zenyatta is here to help.

For all intents and purposes, Jesse McCree should have been exhausted.

Should have been exhausted, because in the chaos of the recall, he had spent all day with the other former members clearing out the Watchpoint from its previous life. Jesse had spent his second day in Gibraltar hauling boxes of trash–outdated equipment, leftover debris, broken furniture–out to the loading bay for disposal. He must have made a hundred of those trips through the maze of corridors, trips that his muscles would definitely be reminding him of tomorrow morning.

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[holistic health] sadhana tea house

Since moving to NYC i’ve been hitting up my local health food store and supporting black businesses where possible! Anyone in the Mount Vernon area should definitely visit the Sadhana Tea House on Gramathan Avenue.

It carries teas, tonics, vitamins, supplements, natural self care products and a range of smoothies made by the loving hands of Mother (see below) who is a proud vegan since the age of 14 who is 64 years old looking like she’s 40+.

Summary: A broken Alec shows up on Magnus’ doorstep—well, more like on his fire escape. Healing—physical and otherwise—ensues.

(First kiss after the wedding. Inspired by the Malec sneak peek for 2x05.)



There was blood in Alec’s nostrils. The smell was all-consuming. It travelled all the way up to his brain until he couldn’t think straight. He supposed that’s why he did it—to get Jocelyn’s blood out of his nostrils. There was no way he could ever get it out of his hands, but maybe he could do something about the smell that was slowly but surely bringing him to the brink of insanity.

Blood calls to blood, and Alec figured that maybe, just maybe, a different kind of blood, the right kind of blood, would overpower the one he had spilled. He hadn’t counted on it to be his blood, but he supposed it was fitting.

He also hadn’t counted on ending up at Magnus’, but the smell and the blood and the pain were driving him crazy, and his body had sort of gravitated towards the warlock’s home on its own accord. Alec had no idea why he hadn’t used the door like any sane person, nor did he know where on earth he had found the strength to climb all the way up the fire escape. All he knew was the relief that swept over him when his feet finally hit the ground, quickly followed by the rest of his body.

He found himself slumped against the railing, his whole body on fire and his soul screaming. He blinked dazedly at the window in front of him, and he watched almost with detachment as Magnus walked by and did a double take, dark eyes widening as he took in the sight.


Next thing he knew, the most beautiful man he had ever encountered was kneeling next to him, touching him—and in that moment, Alec knew exactly why he had come here. Magnus touched his face, his chest, his hair. He did his best to let Magnus’ touch anchor him, give him back at least one piece of himself.

Magnus’ eyes scanned Alec’s body quickly, assessing his injuries. He grabbed Alec’s nape and found his wandering gaze and held it firmly. “Alec, what have you done?”

Alec had no idea how Magnus knew this hadn’t quite been an accident, but he let out a little snort. “What haven’t I done?”

Magnus didn’t need any further explanation. “Oh, Alec…”

Alec licked his dry lips. He could taste blood on them. He didn’t even know whose blood it was anymore. “I had to…get rid of the smell…”

Magnus frowned. “What smell?”

Alec leaned his head back against the railing. The world was swimming in and out of focus. “The blood…Jocelyn’s blood…”

Pain flooded Magnus’ features so quick and sudden that for a terrifying moment, Alec thought he might be injured, too.

“Alec—” Magnus trailed off. Whatever he was going to say, he must have decided to save it for later. He sighed deeply and slung Alec’s arm across his shoulders instead. “Let’s get you inside.”

“’m sorry I came here,” Alec felt obligated to mumble as Magnus hauled him to his feet. “I didn’t know—” It was now his turn to trail off. He may be a murderer, but he was no liar. And what he had been about to say would have been a lie. He did have other places to go. He could’ve gone back to the Institute, or to Idris, or even to the Silent Brothers if he was really desperate. He forced himself to look Magnus straight in the eye. “You’re the only one I could’ve come to. I…” He took a shuddering breath. “You’re the only one I trust with this.”

Magnus was so shocked he actually froze halfway through the French doors of the window. He gave Alec a smile that could have lit up the sun. It sure as hell lit up Alec’s world, and the Angel knew his world could use some light.

“You can always come to me, Alexander. Always. You hear me?”

Alec did. Loud and clear.  

“Come on now,” Magnus said quietly, soothingly. “Let me take care of you.”

Alec wanted to tell him that he should save his magic, that he hadn’t come here to be fixed. He wanted to tell him that he just needed a safe place to rest his head, just for one night. But pain flared up anew in his body, and he didn’t get the chance to say anything at all.


There was panic in Magnus’ voice. And love, underneath. It sent an electric jolt down the whole length of Alec’s spine even as darkness came. And he thought that if the last thing he ever heard in this lifetime was Magnus Bane saying his name like that, he could count himself a lucky man.

* * *

“You need to stop doing this to me, Alexander. I may be immortal, but at this rate you are going to kill me.”

It would have been a lie to say that Magnus was waiting patiently for Alec to wake up. He was simply waiting; his patience had been washed away with all the blood he had cleaned off Alec’s unconscious form. He sat on the armchair by the sofa in his living room, and he stared at Alec so intently that it was a wonder the shadowhunter wasn’t being roused by the scrutiny alone.

But Alec didn’t wake. He lay pale and still, and Magnus hated the fact that in the short time they had known each other, this wasn’t the first time he was getting to see Alec like this. What he hadn’t seen was this coming. He should have. He should have sensed the urge to self-destruct mounting within Alec. God knew he had experienced it enough himself to recognize the signs.

But he hadn’t, and now Alec was broken. He may not have stood on the ledge of a bridge ready to jump, but Magnus couldn’t see much difference between that and going demon-hunting on one’s own.

He sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair. “I almost couldn’t heal you,” he said quietly. “What are you doing to yourself, Alexander?”

Alec stirred then, and Magnus all but jumped out of the chair to perch himself by his side on the sofa. He lay a hand on Alec’s chest and idly noticed the wave of warmth that swept over him as Alec’s heartbeat echoed against his palm.

“It’s okay, Alec,” he said urgently. “You’re safe.”

Alec grunted. He blinked his eyes open and looked up at Magnus with an unfocused look and a dazed smile, as if he were just waking up from a restful sleep.

Magnus’ heart picked up the pace. “I’m not sure if you noticed, but my brother is not exactly warm and fuzzy,” Isabelle had told him once.

Magnus disagreed. There was a softness to Alec, a kind of unexplored grace of being that couldn’t help but shine through. It killed him that no one else seemed to notice it.

“Magnus?” Alec’s voice was croaky and he still looked like he had no idea where he was, but still he attempted to push himself up. “What happened?”

Magnus grabbed him and helped him sit back against the cushions. “You passed out on my fire escape. It was quite the startle.”

Alec looked away guiltily. “I’m sorry.”

Magnus rolled his eyes fondly. He placed a finger underneath Alec’s chin and gently turned his face back towards him. “I’m just teasing you, Alexander.” He ran his fingertip lightly along the strong line of Alec’s jaw.  

All he wanted to do was to lean in and kiss him, but he didn’t dare push his boundaries, not when Alec clearly felt so lost already. He cleared his throat and grabbed a steaming mug from the coffee table.

“Here, drink this.” He took Alec’s hand and wrapped it around the mug, and he only let go, reluctantly, when he was sure Alec had a firm hold on it.

Alec took an experimental sip and then looked at him in surprise. “It’s good.”

Magnus smiled. “Not all parts of the healing process have to be unpleasant.”

He let the unsaid hang in the air between them and watched as his message sank in. He saw the exact moment it did, the flicker of emotion across Alec’s eyes. He wanted to reach out to him and touch him, but he knew better.

Alec continued to drink in silence, his amber-colored eyes watching Magnus intently from over the brim of his mug. The warlock felt the intensity of that gaze go right under his skin, and not for the first time he wondered what it was about Alec Lightwood that grabbed him heart and soul.

When he was finished, Alec set the mug aside. He kept on staring at Magnus and he kept on saying nothing, and it was starting to freak Magnus out.

“What are you thinking, Alexander?”

He was not expecting the reaction he got just a moment later.

* * *

Alec was thinking that he was in way over his head. He was thinking that all resistance was futile, and he was asking himself why he had put up a fight in the first place. He was thinking that Magnus’ eyes were very bright, and that all about Magnus called out to him like a Siren’s lure.

And finally, Alec was thinking that he did not want to think anymore. So he didn’t. He surged forward instead. He grabbed the front of Magnus’ T-shirt with one hand and Magnus’ nape with the other, and he pulled Magnus to him and pressed his lips over the warlock’s, because enough was enough and he was falling in love, and he wanted Magnus to know.

Magnus’ gasp of surprise became one of want, and Alec kissed him like it was the only thing keeping him alive.

* * *

Magnus could count on the fingertips of one hand the times in his long life when his breath had been taken away. This was one of them.

He had been dreaming of Alec’s lips ever since he met him, and even more so after Alec had kissed him on that fateful day of his wedding. But this…this went beyond all of Magnus’ expectations, all of his fantasies, all of his desires. This kiss filled him, in a way that his being had not been filled in a very long time.

Alec didn’t talk about feelings. In fact, in Magnus’ experience, unless it was about Shadowhunters business, Alec didn’t talk. But the way he kissed was a language on its own. Alec kissed like a man who was only allowed to breathe in that one moment when lips locked and tongues touched. And Magnus was determined to make it his immortal life’s mission to keep Alexander breathing. Because, he was just starting to realize, that was the only way to keep himself alive too.

* * *

When they finally pulled apart, Alec’s brain kicked back into motion. He could actually feel the gears turning in a well-oiled mechanism of self-doubt.

“Well, Alexander,” Magnus said, sounding breathless and happy, “you’re full of surprises.”

Alec stared at him. He thought about all the times he had not been enough, and all the times he would not be enough. He thought about how larger than life Magnus was, how terrible and eternal like sea storms. And he suddenly remembered that he didn’t know how to swim.

Magnus smiled at him and the mechanism jammed. Because maybe, just maybe, Alec would let Magnus teach him.


Bellamy's character growth

I really, really liked that episode 2x11 showed a full emotional range for Bellamy as a character. 

We saw him brutal and primitive with blood in his mouth and his hands killing another person (the most starkly violent his character has been so far on the show). Then, a moment later, he softly asked Maya about *her* safety. He reached out to comfort her with the same hands that just killed a man.  Not 20 minutes after that, we saw him talking guiltily to a child, recognizing the ethical dilemma of his mission, and campaigning for a merciful invasion.  He made a connection to both his fellow prisoners and to the circumstances of his captors.

That’s quite a spectrum to fit into one character in one episode: the epitome of violence and compassion. I think fandom was a bit too ready to soften Bellamy in recent episodes, but I like that he’s walking the line now. He has learned to make the right choices (and he’s always protected children) yet he is still capable of intense, calculated aggression.

I also quite liked that his fight with Lovejoy does for his character what Clarke’s own kidnapping in season 1 did for her. When they needed to, both Clarke and Bellamy made the cold, rational decision to kill their enemy on the spot. They lured the enemy in with false weakness, pounced, and carried out the kill. Clarke’s murder was more elegant, but the methodology was exactly the same.