self motivation quotes

do it for the look on their faces when you prove them wrong.
do it for the feeling of finally reaching your goal.
do it for those who love you and will always be proud of you.
do it for your future.
do it for those you’ll be able to help.
do it for your eternal thirst for knowledge.
do it for your past self, who never stopped believing in you.
do it for the new opportunities and possibilities.
do it for yourself.

So please,
if your heart
ever gets tired
of understanding
the people you love—
when they keep
on taking you
for granted—
it’s time for you
to close your eyes
and take a deep breath,
make them realize
that a kind heart
also needs a rest,
when they already
felt exhausted.
—  ma.c.a // I feel something, and it’s okay
Please take care
of yourself,
not because
no one else will,
but for the reason
that love should
start from deep
that somewhere
inside you
it must begin.
—  ma.c.a // Let it bloom

And I am sorry,
for I was so busy
holding myself
that I can’t use
my hands
to reach you.

I was so
focus on
trying to
stand firmly
that I can’t
take a run
to chase you.

I am sorry
for I refused
to give up
on myself

—  ma.c.a // I Realized Something You Never Do