self mortification

We renounce all religion, all occultism, all humanitarianism, all philosophy, and every form of delusion, being in a complete self-revolt, and we base our aim in the true divine seed of life becoming one with the original source of the Spirit. This objective involves a daily struggle against one’s own earthly nature, which must give up its predominance over the higher nature through self-mortification. Not until this objective is reached can the Gnosis be experienced.

i’m the kind of person who realizes they made a grammatical error in something and thinks about it for the rest of the day in silent shame and self-mortification 

Did you ever realize that Dante’s masterpiece The Divine Comedy develops a true, gnostic way into sanctification? The description Dante gives of hell, purgatory, and paradise is not just a fantastic, poetic dream but the living embodiment of the entire path of transfiguration. In the inferno Dante describes the hell of sublunary life and its consequences. In the purgatorio, the mount of purification, he depicts the manner in which the Spirit-nucleus can be freed, as a basis for the new life, through self-mortification. And in his paradise, Dante shows us the Kingdom of God.