self loved


hello everyone! i tried to keep the advice as original as possible (sometimes failing terribly). hope you can get something out of it! 🌱

You’re entitled to your anger. You’re entitled to your bitterness.
It doesn’t make you as bad as the people who hurt you.
It doesn’t make you abusive to finally lash out and snap at your abusers.
It’s a recognized and common tactic for abusers to accuse their victims of being the perpetrator of the toxicity and abuse.
It’s not your fault though.
You aren’t as bad as them just because they finally pushed you to the breaking point.

You aren’t a bad person or a “bad victim” for your justified anger.
You don’t have to carry any guilt if the final straw ended in you telling someone how they hurt you. 
You aren’t the bad guy for resenting the way you were treated.
You aren’t deserving of it because you raised your voice or said harsh words.

You get to be upset. You get to be human.

Sometimes it’s the subtleties in life that are of the most value. Pay close attention, for you will find them all around you.

No matter what happens, you will always always always live, because you are strong and you will rise above it.

I’m so insecure that if you call me and say “hey I’m off tonight let’s go for a drink? ” I’ll think “wow he wants to see me as soon as he gets free time! ” but a second later a voice in my head will start whispering that you probably called all of the contacts in your phone before calling me, that none of them was free tonight and that you just didn’t want to be on your own.
—  That’s what fucked up past relationships leave you with