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You can be both angry and kind. You can fight injustice and abuse as well as support and comfort those in need. You do not have to choose between them, both aspects coexist beautifully.
—  Miriam Kamens, January affirmations 18/31
Once, when I was a kid,
my mother bought
me a sweater that
I felt could have been
my favorite. 
But she bought it
a few sizes too big and
told me I’d grow into it.
So I waited and waited.
Desperate to be
big enough to fit.
But before I knew it 
I outgrew it.
And that’s sort of
what it felt like
to try and love you.
—  Big Enough, V.P.
I think I misplaced
the best parts of me.
So every morning
I send out a search party
to scope out
each of the crevices
you carved
when you told me
you were turning me into
your favorite sculpture.
I am re-filling those gaps,
and painting murals
on their walls.
I am becoming
the masterpiece
I was meant to be.
—  Masterpiece, V.P.
you are the ‘c’ of a quadratic function.
yes, that last factor is you.
now, suppose ‘c’ has any numerical value,
positive or negative,
other than zero
(other than zero because you are alive right now)
'ax²’ and 'bx' are the other people;
your parents, your brothers and sisters,
your friends, your lover.
these people disappear when
'x’ is at zero, right?
the function would also equal zero
as i said earlier,
you are the 'c’ of this quadratic function.
in your case, the numerical value of 'c’ is never zero.
you always have a value.
and sometimes,
when 'x’ is at zero,
‘c’ will still have a value and
you will be the only person who is going to be there,
for your own self.
so, take care of yourself.
the art of self care is
very difficult to master at times
and still, you are the 'c’ of this quadratic function.
you will always have a value.
—  did i just write something inspired by maths?
Maybe she doesn’t want to be alone but she’s tired of being lied to, used, and thrown aside when she is no longer convenient. Maybe she has suffered one too many heartbreaks from boyfriends or best friends or parents. Maybe she wants to depend on someone but there’s no one left. No one, except herself.
—  She is her own strength, her own power.
But she will
stand up again,
like a phoenix
flying from its ashes,
like a butterfly
that was once
caged on itself.
—  ma.c.a // And she will live again