self indulgent picspam

@slothssassin replied to your photo “When you round the corner in the Life Support room and, for the first…”

Ah yes the feels! I’m always sad when I play ME3, visit Life Support and he’s not there :(

Same! I was so used to the dark, empty room in ME3 that when I entered the room in ME2 I almost didn’t recognize it. 

@erubadhriell replied to your photoset “self-indulgent picspam of the spacekid, now featuring bonus side-eye.”

She looks awesome and so adorable! :)

Aww thank you! <3

@labucheronne replied to your photo “They’re judging you, Zaeed. ”

i love this scene *0*

Me too!! And it would have been really interesting if Thane had spoken during that mission… 

Picspam of my cosplay (UuU)

Please allow me to indulge myself in some picspam while I am still in the honeymoon stage of “omg I have finally started to cosplay just like I always dreamed I would!!”

On Saturday I attended GenCon Indy 2012 as ROXY LALONDE. Here is me in the car trying to hold back all my EXCITEMENTS:

Being the cool kid.

Fast forward to that night! The final thing I wanted to do was get a real live martini in my Roxy costume:

Or two consecutive martinis whatever.

Other views:

I love how easy this was to make. I didn’t even have to sew! Just paint.

So happy after two martinis and a beer JUST LIKE REAL ROXY

I think I spoiler-ed Homestuck for a few people when I corrected them after they called me Rose. Woops :x


I went as DogTier Jade on Sunday.

At some point got called over by a lady behind one of the artist booths for picture time.

I recognized her from Saturday as the person who greeted me with something like “Well hello Ms. Lalonde” instead of “HEY ROXY!” which is what every one else did. (Not that I mind that!)

Naturally I was like “I remember you! I was Roxy yesterday and you said ‘Well hello Ms. Lalonde’ to me!!” and then she was like “I’m the person who designed Jade’s outfit” then I was like >:O

It didn’t go exACTLY like that but I forget the details.

Internally I was like “I KNOW YOU FROM THE INTERNET” Do you know her too?

And then I got all giddy and omg-y and got a picture with her!!!!

Sooo happy. It was even better than when I met Stone Cold Steve Austin at MOA when I was eleven or something.

I didn’t get any really good pictures of my JadeCostume, so here are the two best of the bunch:

What am I even

I wish the material didn’t wrinkle so readily (TxT) I swear I ironed it!

This costume is the first outfit I’ve ever sewed! I’m really happy with how it turned out. I made the hood pattern from scratch, and this final version is the product of about four practice-hoods.

The hood buttons are strictly ornamental, but the flaps DO come off with little snappy clips. That makes it way easier to get the hood off and on without disrupting the ears, which are kind of “plugged in” to the wig with also snappy clips.

And although you can’t tell from the pictures, I am wearing green contacts!

And although you can’t tell from the pictures, I put waaaay too many layers of mod podge and glitter on those shoes, and they are cracking a little in areas where they bend (TuT)

Other than that yay cosplay let’s quit our dayjobs and only cosplay <3

Thanks for listening!