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Got any imaginings for your various Izukus meeting one another? How would villain Deku react to BYGGUALOM Deku? To MSU Deku? (Assume villain!Deku figures out something is up with MSU!Deku so he doesn't just treat him as a regular civilian). Would BYGGUALOM!Deku and MSU!Deku end up commiserating over their mutual dislike of publicity if they met?

god… i do have some imaginings. i actually had this conversation with @salvainterra just like last week and it is probably the single most self indulgent and simultaneously gut busting conversation i’ve ever had. sorry everyone i’m like this, here’s the best parts of the conversations with all the keysmashes taken out

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…so yeah I’m gonna be the weirdo who brings a Kingdom Hearts crossover into the Hamilton fandom.

The Schuyler Sisters would be pretty badass Keyblade Masters though, lets be real.

and I love how I tried to keep some elements of Angelica and Eliza’s normal clothes in their KH outfits, but Peggy’s just like “nah”

the gym I’ve been going to for like the past four years has closed and I’m super bummed about that so here’s another self-indulgent TPoH/Duckverse crossover doodle because drawing is better than moping >:T

Dads & Daughters: A Pynch/Andreil Story

[Combining some of my favorite characters from my fave series is a struggle! Basically, for this story, the guys are around the same age, mid-30s. The girls are both seven (does Opal age??? I need to know! for this fic she does not). Please suspend your disbelief and join me…]

Adam has been at a conference in Atlanta for the past week and it has been hell. Not so much that Atlanta is hell (though it’s definitely hot enough) but because being away from Ronan and Opal is a Struggle. The big city is also a bit of a shock from quiet mornings at the Barns where he can work from his home office.

The good news is that Ronan agreed to drive down with Opal for the weekend. They’ve been visiting different tourist spots in the city but today, for Father’s Day, they’re going to take Opal to the aquarium. She’s been looking forward to it ever since Ronan told her about it a week ago. Whale sharks? Jellyfish? Dolphins? Penguins? Otters? She wants to see it all!

Going to Atlanta wasn’t really a planned event for Andrew and Neil. Earlier in the week the Maserati had started having issues and the closest dealership was in Atlanta and the soonest Andrew could make the trip was Sunday so… here they are. Neil wouldn’t hear of Andrew going by himself because it’s Father’s Day and he wants to spend the day with Andrew and Miki, their adopted daughter.

According to the dealership the repairs will take some time. Neil had figured that might be the case so he pre-purchased tickets to the aquarium for the three of them. Andrew grumbles about being trapped in building full of screaming children but really he doesn’t mind. He might even be looking forward to seeing the whale sharks, not that he’ll tell Neil. Miki is ecstatic. She jabbers the whole drive to Atlanta and will only eat Goldfish crackers. Neil smiles fondly and tells her about the different animals they’ll see.

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My Mum: Is this Animal Crossing?