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“When I was 20 or so I worked at a coffee shop. We worked mostly for tips, a dollar here, a dollar there. One day I realized I needed a root canal. I was in pain and couldn’t afford to get the surgery I needed. No insurance… I left a sign on the tip jar that said “Please help me get a root canal”… A total stranger pulled me aside and gave me $400 to fix my teeth. I will never forget him. It has changed my life forever. Random acts of kindness. Happy holidays.

That’s the thing, I never knew his name and never saw him again. He just wanted to help… I got my tooth fixed and smiled extra big forever.

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You started something terrible and gorgeous and I would like to thank you for making me cry.


i was just gonna shoot this into the void i wasn’t even. expecting it to go anywhere but it… not only went but just..??? SO MUCH?? i am thrust into the stratosphere with how much i’m just… emotionally shook by the response 


Hercules AU

Insp. by that one line and @lemonorangelime’s piece

Bonus: Please listen to this [x]

S: WHAT?? Dude no way!! They wouldn’t even fit me!!! Why would I do that??

W: It’s a shame they wouldn’t fit you… I would have loved to have seen Kyle’s reaction… Not to mention you’d probably look super cute in them.

S: Wait. Do you really think Kyle would get a nose bleed or some shit like that? Cause.. That sounds kind of fun…

W: Is that a yes I hear??

S: Fuck it, let’s try it, I love when we mess with Kyle.

W: Quick, he’ll be back from getting snacks in a few minutes we gotta do this fast.

K: Yo, I ran out of Cheez-its, are goldfish oka-umm….

K: ….