self imposed immaturity

fic: she makes dirty words sound pretty.

the one where maggie sends alex a dirty text meant for someone else.

rated m. alex/maggie. read on ao3.

Maggie having Alex’s phone number has proven to be….a distraction.

Apparently, the NCPD has an incredibly relaxed cell phone policy because Alex has found herself getting texts from Maggie at all hours of the day. Some are the basic ‘this meeting is boring, any aliens you need help catching?’ and others have been, well, a little less professional. And by that, Alex means that they’re pictures of her dog. It’s nice, especially when she’s stuck in the office long past normal hours. And maybe Alex has found herself sneaking a few responses in while she should be paying attention to J’onn’s orders on a few occasions. But that can be neither confirmed nor denied at this time.

She’s in a briefing when her phone vibrates in her pocket. She feels her heart leap into her throat because there’s only one person who would be texting her in the middle of the work day. Maggie.

The message preview has Alex’s eyes widening and her cheeks flushing.

That….well. Oh.

“Danvers, pay attention,” J’onn calls from the front, forcing her to look away from the screen. He glowers at her and right now, Alex is grateful that he doesn’t use his telepathy on his agents.

It doesn’t get rid of the blush in her cheeks though. Not by a long shot.

Alex’s knees bounce in anticipation of the end of the meeting. She had to know what the rest of that message said.

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