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Last night I started thinking about the very real possibility of a klance hug happening in the future and then. i. couldn’t. stop. thinking. about. it.

Killua needs more hugs!!

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Dear everyone who’s extremely stressed with whatever work you may have right now,
I love you and I feel you. You are strong and you can do this and when you do it will feel so amazing. You have a beautiful brain and the things you can do are absolutely astonishing. I know you can do this, keep going and you’ll get there. I love you so much

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Bethyl Appreciation Week 2017:

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Can we talk about Tony feeling really unwanted? With the "rebuilt" Avengers after CW? They show him he's not wanted and disliked. They throw in mean quips all the time. And they have to act like a team again, so they are sitting at the dinner table and they are all talking and laughing and Tony wants to cry with how unwanted and hated he feels. His stomach turning, he has a lump in his throat, his eyes keep watering. He doesn't remember a time when he felt this unwanted and out of place.

Thank you for breaking my heart and stomping on the shards, anon. (And I’m not saying that sarcastically because I really love this headcanon but also ouch! My poor, poor baby!!)

Because it’s just so easy to imagine, you know? To think that Tony–who’s known from the beginning that he wasn’t wanted, that he’s been on the outside of a group he desperately wanted to belong to, that he’s been the add-on everyone tolerates because there’s just no better alternative–struggles with the reunion of the old team.

What the media called ‘Civil War’ was in mostly an argument between a small, super-powered group of people–but it was a vicious one. It was personal, right from the start, always more about them and their own issues than the fate of the world. And maybe that’s why they can’t just- go back from that. They’ve crossed lines with each other–against each other–that can’t be taken back, no matter how much they like to pretend otherwise.

And some of them don’t even bother pretending all that hard.

There are Clint’s consistent jokes, no longer designed to be anything but cutting and tearing as deep as possible. There are Steve’s constant critiques and questions that wear on Tony in a way they didn’t used to. There are Wanda’s hateful glares that–have not changed much at all. There are Sam’s dark expressions whenever Rhodey’s name is mentioned. The list goes on.

To be fair, it’s not just them who’ve changed. It’s Tony too. Tony who can’t hear anything but insults in every word Clint says. Tony who can barely stand being in the same room with Steve, never mind looking at him. Tony doesn’t dare turning his back on any of them, jumps when someone enters without him noticing, then pretends to brush off the mocking his reaction ears him. It’s not as easy as it used to be though (and it was never easy to begin with).

 He can’t sleep, jerks awake from nightmares with a painfully racing heart whenever he manages to get a few hours of sleep. Pretends he doesn’t notice the mocking his make-up gathers. Stays out of the compound whenever possible, takes long business trips and attends every meeting possible. Doesn’t join team dinners unless Steve bullies him into it–and yes, it’s bullying, there’s nothing nice about it, he thinks in one of his rare, spiteful moments. Spite costs energy though, and that’s something Tony finds himself increasingly lacking.

Out in the field they’re a disaster. Well, not all of them. Steve and Barnes are an amazing team, and Clint and Natasha know each other to well not to be. Sam does a good job and Wanda is getting better and better at working in a team. Tony on the other hand… Well. He still can’t seem to bring himself to turn his back on any of them. Has a panic attack more than once and would’ve undoubtedly died or worse, gotten someone else killed, if FRIDAY didn’t have basic emergency access to the suit. Ducks away from Steve’s shield instead of catching it like he’s supposed to. Knocks away Barnes’ gun once. Pulverises a couple of Clint’s arrows that fly into his direction (he doesn’t check whether they would’ve hit him. He doesn’t want to know).

The team–if you can still call it that with Rhodey, Bruce and Vision all no longer a part of it–is slowly beginning to pick up the pieces and learn how to become the new Avengers they’ve been pretending to be for a while now. Except–Tony can’t. He can’t do that. He can’t get back into what he (never really) had, can’t build something new with the too familiar pieces. Can only watch the team, his team, become stronger, better, without him.

The Avengers don’t need him anymore. They show it, prove it, say it everyday, if not always in quite these words. Maybe they never did, Tony thinks, and refuses to cry for an end he’s always known would come eventually.

The player on center ice

A Check Please Soulmate AU

Yes, another one. This is a one-shot.

Warnings: time-travel. Don’t try to make sense of it, it’s just fluff.

Sometimes, your soulmate came back in time to give you a pep-talk. Not that you remembered who they were and what they said, but the feelings remained. 

This story is set during Bitty’s first year. 

Eric was about to quit hockey. He would quit hockey, then quit Samwell altogether, and go back to Georgia his tail between his legs and prove right every single person that said he wasn’t strong enough for such a manly sport.

Jack had chewed him out again- in front of everyone.

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Bite that tattoo on your shoulder (X)

//breathes in// UNKNOWN ROUTE PLEASE

Self-Care & Helpful Tips for INTP “The Thinker”

Functions: Ti-Ne-Si-Fe


  • Great analyst & abstract thinker
  • Imaginative & original
  • Open-minded
  • Enthusiastic
  • Objective
  • Honest & straightforward


  • Very private & withdrawn
  • Insensitive
  • Absent-minded
  • Condescending
  • Loathe rules & guidelines
  • Second-guess themselves

Turn-on = Understanding

Turn-off = Manipulation

What stresses INTP out

  • Being in an environment where they feel controlled by others.
  • Not being allowed to go with the flow of the moment.
  • Being required to do simple and repetitive tasks.
  • Being surrounded by individuals they see as incompetent.
  • A lack of autonomy.
  • Being in charge of the quality of another person’s work.
  • Not enough alone time. Too much extraverting.
  • Being immersed in emotionally charged environments.
  • Being in a place where their expertise is not appreciated.
  • People “barging in” on their space.
  • Not having their strongly held values validated

How to help an INTP experiencing stress

  • Give them alone time and space
  • Excuse them from some of their responsibilities
  • Let them get away from everything
  • Don’t ask them how they feel or if they’re okay
  • Encourage them to have some alone time exercising
  • Let them know it’s okay to feel unreasonable sometimes
  • Stay out of the way and forgive out-of-characteristic behavior

How INTP handle Grief

  • Bury their feelings
  • Not good at opening in front of others

How INTP handle Guilt

  • Over-analytical
  • Pressure themselves to do better

What INTP are like when Sad

  • Appear apathetic & disinterested
  • Dislike feeling vulnerable

What INTP need after a Bad Day

  • A new project to distract them from self-destructive thoughts

What INTP do when Angry

  • Ignores their anger for years at a time until they eventually snap unexpectedly and spew snarky insults about the opposing party’s intelligence.

What INTP Should do Instead

  • Take note of when and why they’re feeling angry, rather than pushing it down, in order to avoid outbursts.

What INTP Struggle with

  • Giving words of affirmation

What INTP are Hard on themselves for

  • Constantly feel like they should be do better

INTP’s Purpose in Life is

  • Seek that which is unknown

What INTP Need to Know

  • Emotions aren’t scary monsters, and you are not void of them. Being vulnerable is not the worst thing in the world. It is okay to live in the moment, and not feel guilty for it.

What INTP Should never Forget

  • You are capable of true warmth. We value your intelligence and are thankful for your unique views and understanding. You are always someone we can depend on to solve the problem at hand.

Robert Sugden thinks so little of himself. He thinks he deserves to be hit by his husband, kicked out by his mother-in-law, told he is horrible and disturbed, told he can never change, and the only thing that matters to him right now is helping his husband, not helping himself. Someone give him a hug and tell him he is worth everything, and let this man sort himself out.


Am I trying to kill you guys with Dazatsu fluff? Yes.