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So I was gonna be nice and polite but I need to scream because I've read all your fics and thEY ALL MADE ME SO EMOTIONAL I EVEN CRIED HOW DARE YOU PLEASE NEVER STOP WRITING YOU'RE THE BEST AND ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I’ve actually had smth of a breakthrough the other day and I got an idea that is actually making me want to write omfg…the only downside is that it isn’t omgcp whoops (blame @bahoreal for encouraging me to actually write sterek fic lmao)…and thanks for the bday wishes 😊😘

 Out of the Box:  Selling the Future

The great advantage of working with pulps in the Hevelin Collection is that I get to go through each mag page-by-page.  The web contains all sorts of indices that give us the contents of almost every pulp, cover photos for many, and, in some cases access to individual stories, editorial comment, and reader letters, but what these separate indices cannot give is the “seat-of-the-pants” phenomenology of the overall experience of a single issue.  I’ve been fascinated by the order in which stories appear in an issue, in the interior artwork for each story, the editorial headnotes for each story, other editorial apparatus, the response of readers to earlier issues and the response of the editor to reader comments, etc.  And I’ve been particularly interested in the advertising in each issue, finding many ads targeting new technologies and technological job opportunities, many ads promising various self-help programs, some ads that seem totally incongruous, and, increasingly in the 1940s and 50s, ads that  emphasize sex.  Here is a brief sample of the ads I’ve come across: