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Master Post of Calming Things

Things to make you feel better:

Make it feel like you are outside also turn on your volume

Talk you threw a stressful time

Automatic flatter 

Quick Distractions:

Draw Silk

Music Squares

jigsaw puzzles 


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Befrienders - Find crisis hotline information for the country you live in

Suicide Hotlines - A list of crisis hotlines by country

International Rape Crisis Hotlines - A list of international crisis hotline directories

Lifeline Crisis Chat - Online chat help for people in a crisis

IMAlive - online crisis chat

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Panic attacks


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advice for freshmen going into high school (not sugar coated)

•don’t YELL, STAND, CROWD AROUND, or MAKE OUT WITH UR DATE BUDDY, in the middle of the hallway
•be friends with ur teachers
•don’t be rude to anyone. ur not cool, being rude isn’t cool, don’t be stupid.
•don’t scream and hug ur friend after every class
•talk to new ppl and meet the ppl in your classes
•don’t sit in the back and never participate
•do NOT create pointless drama bc there is always something more important to worry about and usually the thing will sort out itself
•it’s okay to take a couple mental health days
•always make up your work
•always dress out for gym bc you don’t want to be the person who had to re-take GYM
•if you really hate a certain class, make at least one friend in it so it’s not so bad
•you CAN ask upperclassman for help or directions, we’re really not that scary
•if you’re going to experiment with drugs/alcohol, ALWAYS be very careful and make sure no one drives
•if you’re part of the party scene, make sure it’s not all you talk about
•if u don’t want to drink or smoke, no one will care or pressure you, just don’t do it
•you’re not going to stay friends with everyone you were friends with in middle school and that is ok
•if you’re going through a hard time there is ALWAYS someone for you to talk to, if not a friend you can always go to a school counselor
•freshman year sucks because it’s so hard to adjust to everything but just stay true to yourself and you’ll be okay. (especially if u follow this advice)

self help tips
  • make your bed - even if you don’t think you can get out of bed you can still feel productive + clean
  • have a bottle of water by you - work on sipping it throughout the day and eventually you’ll get better at drinking the right amount and staying hydrated! if you’re still having troubles you could always have fruit squash rather than water
  • eat yoghurt - yoghurt is a great snack that requires no effort! its tasty and usually pretty healthy
  • baby wipes - these are a life saver for when showering isn’t an option, just wipe down your pits + bits (as my mum says) and around your face to feel refreshed
  • sticky notes - placing little reminders around your space is a good way to stay organised and positive. put them somewhere you’ll see them, or create a small place specifically for reminders and kind words. plus, it gives you a great excuse to go stationery shopping!
  • have a chilled drink - cold drinks are great for waking up and preparing yourself for the day, or rejuvenating yourself after a tough day
  • have a hot drink -  hot drinks like tea or hot chocolate are really good at relaxing you after feeling anxious or if you’re trying to get to sleep; they also make you feel warm + fuzzy when in the colder months. its also fun to try lots of different types of tea and pick a favourite too!! i wouldn’t recommend drinking coffee as it has lots of caffeine and can be bad for you if you drink a lot
  • make playlists - playlists are fun to make and fun to listen to. make playlists for every season, make playlists that remind you of a certain person or make playlists of songs you want a friend to listen to. make playlists for when falling asleep is too difficult, for when everything is too loud, or for when you’re excited. the possibilities are endless
  • try bullet journaling - a bullet journal is a quick and easy way to organise your thoughts and stuff you have to do. just google it!
  • write lists - lists are a great way to stop stressing about something coming up. if youre going shopping write a list of what to buy, alternatively if youre going to an event write a list of what you want to do and times

these are a few of the things that help me, if you have any more tips let me know!!

Ways to become motivated again

-clean your room/reorganize your room
-discover new music that reenergizes you
-write down a list of your goals
-write down small goals that you can accomplish today
-write down simple every day things you can do each day to bring you closer to achieving your bigger goals
-whenever you see quotes that spark something inside of you, write them down so that in the future, when you’re feeling unmotivated, you can read through them to reawaken that spark
-close your eyes and picture yourself achieving all of your goals, living your dream life, feeling as happy as you always wished you would feel, and then open your eyes and start working towards it

Simple Self-Help for the Signs
  • Aries:You take pride in learning new things, and love to tinker with objects. Find a new hobby to concentrate on, like building model cars, or take something apart and put it back together.
  • Taurus:Sometimes you just need a little distraction. Some time where you can sit and not think about daily problems. Get lost in a favorite tv show, or find a new book to read!
  • Gemini:Recharging your batteries always puts you in a better mood. So, go ahead and take a nap! Adversely, if you can't sleep, finish up some things around the house that you've been meaning to do!
  • Cancer:You like knowing that there are people you can talk to. So get involved! Join a local sports team, club, or maybe just organize a night out with friends that are sure to lift your spirits.
  • Leo:Do something new. A little space between you and things that are too familiar will give you some breathing room. If you're a little apprehensive, take a friend with you. It can be as simple as having a picnic for the first time, or riding a city bus.
  • Virgo:Everything seems a little too complex and tedious at times. Ease your nerves by doing things that you can fully immerse yourself in. Writing to a friend or digging a garden are two simple things that can give you physical/mental outlets.
  • Libra:Many Libras benefit from having alone time. You shouldn't feel bad for putting everyone on hold until you can pull yourself together. Put on some of your favorite records, or play a video game for some engaging oneness.
  • Scorpio:Take some time to really vent. Tell people how you feel verbally, or even just write out a letter. Even if you don't give them the letter, it'll help you straighten out how your feeling to get it on the outside.
  • Sagittarius:Go dancing! Surfing! Take pictures. The best way for you to relieve stress is to put yourself in your happy place. Making good memories in public places, doing things that involve movement, is the way to dispel all of those bad vibes.
  • Capricorn:Do some planning ahead. Being stuck in a rough patch makes you feel really low. But do know that it won't stay like this forever. Plan a vacation, a family outing, or some time for yourself or friends at a later date. It will not only get your mind off your troubles, but you'll have something to look forward to!
  • Aquarius:Phone a friend! You feel disconnected when you're at your worst. So the best thing for you to do, is to plug yourself back in. Whether by going out and meeting new people, shooting an email, or having tea with a loved one, communication is a good way to relieve tension in your life.
  • Pisces:Creative outlets like painting work wonders for the Pisces mind. Color and subtle sounds will relieve anxiety. Surround yourself with items that bring you comfort, and remind you that things will be okay.
  • All signs:Get some sunlight, Drink some water, and get some rest if you haven't yet!

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HERE and HERE are where you can read more about it and find out some more info.

Unfortunately, the extensions only last for about two to three weeks. But, for people with Trich, if they are able to refrain from plucking, your natural hair should grow back in. And then you wouldn’t have to worry about the three week long period. (If you ever need any tips for picking around the eyes and eyebrows, don’t hesitate to pm me.)


Recovery and Self Help

Recovery, true recovery, is much, much more than just gaining the weight. Recovery includes recovering a true sense of self and learning to love yourself for who you are. Recovery is a change of mind set which shifts around your ideals and values so that the eating disorder is no longer your top priority.

What is recovery?

Recovery is much more than the abandonment of eating disorder behaviors. At minimum it includes the following:

  • Maintenance of normal or near-normal weight
  • In women, regular menstrual periods (not triggered by medication)
  • A varied diet of normal foods (not just low-cal, non-fat, non-sugar items)
  • Elimination or major reduction of irrational food fears
  • Age appropriate relationships with family members
  • Awareness of cultural demands for unrealistic thinness and effective ways of repudiating those demands
  • One or more mutually satisfying friendships with healthy, normal people. Such friendships involve mutual give-and-take and a minimum of care taking
  • Age-appropriate interest and participation in romantic relationships
  • Strong repertoire of problem-solving skills
  • Fun activities that have nothing to do with food, weight, or appearance
  • Understanding of the process of choices and consequences
  • Person has a sense of self, plus goals and a realistic plan for achieving them. Is moving towards building a meaningful, fulfilling, and satisfying life
  • Person has also learned to be kind to self and others, forsaking perfectionism and confronting flaws and disorder with grace and understanding. Person refuses to drive her/himself with criticism and demands for unrealistic performance

Self Help Tips

  • Acknowledge that your behavior is unhealthy and you need to make changes. Change is YOUR choice. Take responsibility for your recovery.
  • It is very important to seek help and support though throughout your recovery. It is okay to ask for help and to talk and open up to people. There is no shame in having an eating disorder and there is help available. You need someone to help you deal with and come to terms with the underlying issues that are causing you to do this to yourself, even though it isn’t easy.
  • Learn to listen to your “self.” Recognize and honor your needs and wants. Spend some quiet time so you can hear your “self.”
  • Recognize your personal rights. You have the right to say no. You have the right to express your feelings or your opinion. You have the right to ask to have your needs met.
  • Set small goals that you can accomplish easily, and congratulate yourself for every success.
  • Identify goals and activities you have been putting off, make a list and start doing them now. Appreciate who you are now and start living your life today.
  • Focus on the present and positive aspects of your life. Let go of the past and the future.
  • Focus on feelings before, during and after negative behaviors. Whatever you are feeling is valid. Find alternative ways to resolve these feelings.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. You are a unique and valuable person just as you are. Value your individuality.
  • Become aware of your negative self-talk. Challenge and dispute that talk. Replace the negative statements with positive statements and encouragement.
  • Take time to nurture yourself in ways other than with food, such as a walk, a movie, a hot bath.
  • Enjoy your body. Do activities you like, such as dancing, yoga, swimming, biking.
  • Start trying to appreciate different achievements in yourself and others. Work toward the point where weight and appearance are no longer something by which you rate your success.
  • Think about your accomplishments, positive personal qualities, and valued relationships.
  • Think of what you value in life and how the eating disorder affects that. For some good lists/explanation of values click here and here.
  • Keep a journal of your experiences, feelings, thoughts and insights. This is a safe place to be honest with yourself. The journal can also help you identify your “triggers” so you may prepare yourself to choose alternate strategies.
  • Develop a creative outlet. Take up painting, drawing, writing, dancing, singing. No one will judge it, and it is a great outlet for expressing feelings.
  • Relax. Be kind to yourself. Trust yourself. You can make changes.
  • Don’t let the scale run your life. Remember the numbers on a scale are not a value judgment on your self-worth. Give the scale away.
  • Get rid of (or turn off) anything that may be triggering/negative to your recovery.
  • Don’t diet. Instead design a meal plan that gives your body all the nutrition it needs for health and growth. Try the method of intuitive eating if having a set meal plan doesn’t work for you.
  • When you start to get overwhelmed by “feeling fat,” push beyond the anxiety and ask yourself what you are really afraid of. Then take steps to deal with the threat, if it is real, or dismiss it if it is not real.
  • Don’t let yourself get too hungry, too angry, too frustrated, too lonely, too tired, or too bored. Don’t let yourself get pulled in too many directions by too many people, too many demands, and too many responsibilities. All these states are powerful triggers. Watch for them, and when they first appear, deal with them in a healthy manner instead of letting the tension build.
  • Make choices thoughtfully and deliberately. Make your living situation safe and comfortable. Choose every day to bring pleasure into your life, at least for a few minutes.

My List of Things To Remember In Recovery

  • Recovery is a priority. It does not come second to anything in my life.
  • Recovery is a choice that I have to make every day & to take one day/meal at a time.
  • As long as I learn from slip-ups, they aren’t “failures”
  • Even at my lowest weight I was not satisfied & know that I’ll never be happy going on that way.
  • Being recovered and healthy does not mean you are perfectly happy all the time.
  • It is going to be uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable. The discomfort is a sign that I am working at getting better.
  • I must do what feels unnatural until it becomes natural.
  • I am getting stronger every day.
  • Don’t expect immediate results, just keep working toward it.
  • I don’t want to still be like this when I am thirty, forty, etc. The longer I have an eating disorder, the harder it will be for me to recover. I want to beat this now.
  • It takes more to overcome an ed than to remain with one.
  • Recovery is not perfect.
  • Recovery is about making a small series of positive choices over time.
  • Even when I can’t see the steps, they are there. Remember how far I have come.
  • Acceptance and patience are key; nothing is automatic and everything requires work.
  • I can’t control triggers, but I can control how I react to them.
  • Unhealthy behaviors don’t accomplish anything - they make far more problems than they solve.
  • I can’t get rid of any feelings by ed behaviors, instead I am ruining my health.
  • Life happens; it’s not something to be controlled, quantified, planned, or established.
  • Eating does not make me greedy or needy or undisciplined; it makes me live.
  • The connection between my thoughts, feelings, and actions. My thinking needs to change before my actions can.
  • There is a reason for the pain. I may not understand what the universe is trying to teach me, but there is a lesson that I needed to learn behind everything that happens. 
  • If I have a bad morning, I can improve the same day. I don’t have to wait until the next day.
  • Everyone falls down, only the strongest pick themselves up and keep trying.
  • Whether or not I feel like recovering, I need to, and I need to keep the faith that I will be happier years from now, I will one day be grateful to myself for having recovered
  • This disorder has ruined some experiences and times of my life that could have been good times. I don’t want it to anymore.
  • I have to be prepared to give up anorexia completely if I want to be recovered - there is no halfway, there is no negotiation.
  • If I feel the feeling, I’ll feel more “cleansed” than any ed behavior could ever bring me.
  • I am more in control by doing what is right for me rather than following the ed.
  • Life without anorexia may be a scary prospect…but if I don’t try it, I won’t know - I may prefer it.
  • This is a fight for my life…I am not invincible and my body is not as resilient as it once was.
  • Anorexia leads to nowhere I want to go.
  • I cannot have a full-blown eating disorder and have anything else in my life. 
  • I want to live every day to the fullest. There’s a lot I can do, even when I don’t believe it.
  • I have an incredible gift to give back to this world. It is not a sum, it cannot be quantified. My gift to the world can be given each and every day.
  • I know there is more in my future and God has a plan for my life.