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What Happens Behind Closed Doors

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Request: Yeah it’d involve having to write the actual adultery scene. I just imagined like the reader and Mark going through rough times in their own relationships (or the reader could be the single one) and they kiss. And mark is all “i hate cheaters” and the girl is like “me too” and things getting heated. But I get that it’s an uncomfortable scenario so it’s okay, love.

Summary: Mark cheats on his girlfriend with Fem!Reader, much angst and self indulgence :/

A/N: Henlo my precious babs am sorry I was gone for a week, this fic proved to be a bit harder to write than I thought but I’m pretty happy with how i turned out tbh. This is my first ever ‘cheating’ fic so I think I did alright. Anyway, no I dont condone cheaters. It’s a shitty thing to do to someone and I think cheaters ar 100% scumbags. For this reason I couldn’t get myself to imagine Mark cheating on Amy (bc she’s perfect and doesn’t deserve that oh my god), so while writing this I convinced myself that Amy is the reader and not the girlfriend. (Although this isn’t much better because then that means she’s ‘the other woman’ there’s no winning here oh my god rip) Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this! (ps in case y’all haven’t seen Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character cheats on his wife with Margot Robbie, so that’s why I mention her in the fic ok I’m done now bye)

Wordcout: 1315, why are all my fics in the 1300 margin lmao

Warnings: cheating, angst, ‘this is wrong but I won’t stop you because I secretly want this too’ trope

Requests are still closed friends, sorry!

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Lost of Control

part 3 of the ripped series. i can’t believe it’s gotten this far. i don’t know if you guys are still interested. but there is a part 4. don’t worry about that

enjoy :)

Part 1: Ripped

Part 2: Shocked out of his System

Part 3: Lost of Control

Part 4: Confessions

Part 5: I’ll Take Care of You 01

Part 6: I’ll Take Care of You 02

Jack turned into a mess of nerves and instinct. He turned around within the other man’s embrace. His mouth searching, needing a taste. Tongues fought. Lips were bitten. Moans were fed to each other. Hands were all over each other. Jack’s hands in Mark’s thick dark hair and Mark’s along the other man’s sides

At that moment nothing mattered more to him than getting a taste of the other man; Tasting that mouth that said so much filth to him, those hands that touched him like no one else before, and his… Jack never thought he’d want that, but right now thinking properly was the last of his concerns.

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I can tell you now
I will never hurt you.
No, I will never hurt you
Because I am self destructive.
You will never know I punch
Until you see the bruises
That lace my knuckles
Like venom that doesn’t have a cure.
You will never know how much self hatred
Runs through my veins
Because of the love I will show you.
You will never know that I am a ticking time bomb
Because the numbers count down
Never being heard,
In fear you will find out.
So don’t be surprised when I push you away.
Don’t take it personal
I just don’t want you to be destroyed
By me.
—  Self Destruction