self fullfilling prophecy

so i was thinking about how taako thinks he’s a bad person. and to some extent, he kind of is. but only because he’s convinced himself of that. he’s being a self fullfilling prophecy. he’s self destructive cuz he doesnt believe he deserves better and all he can do is put up a performative facade of havin his shit together.

but with lup around, she doesnt let him believe that. he has that self destructive tendency and she is always there to tell him no, you are a good person, don’t let yourself believe you’re a bad person.

without her around, he doesnt have someone to remind him that he’s capable of more than what he thinks he is.

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Hey, I just listened to the Russian version of "Belle" and MAN that seems like such a self-fullfilling prophecy! Like roughly "I'm a man cursed to never be loved. I'm fated to forever suffer hellish suffering"(no joke, they used three different words for suffering in this line SO EXTRA). And of COURSE the chorus:"I'd sell my soul to the devil for a single night with you"...I know you said that this song for Viktor is just about Desire, but I cannot help but wonder and theorise XD Love your fic!

The Russian version of Belle is so good, I love it so much! 

It's all about perspective

he funniest thing just happened. While riding through the park on my bike I passed a large group of teenagers who preceded to shout things like: “666”, hail satan and things of that nature to provoke a reaction. If only they knew. Lol
You’re probably asking “why is this funny?” It’s kind of funny because that stuff no longer offends me. In fact being called “satanist” is now a compliment because its not a bad thing to be. They perceive the adjective “satanist” as an insult because they don’t understand what it truly means to be one. 
When they say that damning word they think they’re talking about animal sacrifice, kidnapping unbaptized babies and all the shit they saw in a Hollywood horror flick. At least that’s how they perceive it.
But as someone who identifies as a LaVeyan being called satanist is absolutely wonderful now! When they say “satanist” they also say that I’m a humanist, someone who values existence regardless of chronic pain. Someone who is kind but not so kind that they are trampled upon. Someone who is mighty minded and driven. Someone who seeks to reap life down to the marrow in its bones. Someone who even in defeat is is still mighty. Someone who walks as a lion among lambs. Someone who is like a wild horse, untamed by convention and delusion. Someone who acknowledges finite existence and is strong enough to accept that reality. Someone who commands respect because they have self respect. Someone who conquers no matter what is thrown in their way. Someone who uses society’s ultimate scapegoat (the devil) as a symbol of rebelling against a tyrant. A destroyer of false ideas and a liberator. A rabid individualist. A fully alive person who runs free even if it means social suicide. Someone with enough intelligence to indulge in life’s pleasures without “compulsion”. Death defiant. Someone who takes responsibility and acts as the god of their own existence.
That is what they’re really calling me, yet they don’t really know it. In fact, the fact they mean it as an insult proves how stupid they really are.
I guess it really is all about perspective.

Okay so I just read through the tags on “how to make an INFJ jealous” post and just...

what the hell. You guys talking about “doorslamming” and “walking out?” Being nasty about this? What the fuck. This makes me not even want to date any of you. 

I cannot fathom the level of arrogance it takes to be someone who gets jealous over someone connecting with another person on a deep level. 

In retrospect, the INFJ I pissed off was probably upset because I was hella vibing with an ISTP at a bar (the INFJ and I weren’t dating) and he proceeded to be a total douche to me afterwards. Like no chill, at all. He got so bad I fucking doorslammed him. You want a doorslam, look at an ESTP 8w7 you’ve pissed off. I was his good friend for four years and I peaced the fuck out because of his jealousy. 

Jfc I cannot handle those tags. You would break up with your SO or hurt your friend because of a deep connection? Are we supposed to stay inside and be hermits?? WHAT IS THE INFJ OBSESSION WITH BEING THE CENTER OF SOMEONE’S EMOTIONAL UNIVERSE? Apparently it is more than an obsession based on the comments on that post - it’s a necessity. It’s disgusting. 

Like at the level where you’re getting mad even thinking about it? Don’t you have other better things to get upset over? I don’t think you realize how you can conjure up a self fullfilling prophecy by being so controlling and demanding. I hate this. I hate it so much. I’m probably going to end up ranting more later because I literally cannot even. I can’t. What the fuck is wrong with you people. 

Well, that’s exactly how I expected the episode to go.

Greg was terrified that Rebecca would walk away from him at any second and go back to pursue Josh. And that fear turned into a self-fullfiled prophecy, because by trying to protect himself from another heartbreak, he ended boycotting his relationship with Rebecca. I can’t blame him for being afraid, tbh, given previous experiences. But if he’s ever going to make it with Rebecca he needs to overcome those fears, and for that I think 1st he needs to learn to love himself a little, and believe he deserves something good and that he CAN have it if he really tries (”I could if I wanted to”). Only then he’ll be ready to fight for Rebecca for real.

On the other hand, Rebecca is still naively looking for a fairytale. She’s so caught up in that dream, that it feels in a way right now it doesn’t exactly matter much with who she gets it. That’s why she went with Josh. She’s in love with the fantasy, more than with a specific person. I don’t doubt she has real feelings for Greg. She tried to make it work with him, but I feel her efforts were rooted in the wrong reasons (and of course Greg’s behavior didn’t help at all, as I said above). Among other things, Rebecca needs to learn that real relationships aren’t fairytales, and that a romantic story isn’t the “solution to all her problems”. And when she understands that, when she doesn’t ‘need’ a relationship to be happy, what will stay with her are her feelings for Greg, which are imo much more real than her feelings for Josh.

I realize what I’m saying here is nothing but exactly what the episode showed us, but I guess I wanted to put it in words.

Both are hot messes in progress, and they need to grow and learn a lot before being able to make it work together. Good thing is, we have a 2nd season, and I feel confident the show is invested not only in Rebecca’s growth, but also Greg’s, and they will find their way back to eachother.