self do

I mean honestly only Robert could be dishing out wise, useful, healthy advice while his own life is currently in the direction of literal hell… like his stability is hanging on by a fingernail, he’s falling apart at the seams and seducing the father of the woman who’s carrying his child in the midst of a major meltdown but there’s always time to take his lost lgbt siblings under his wing and guide them to a world where living your best gay life is necessary. 

While I was looking at some gifs of the very first episodes, it made me wonder how everything with Yusuke and Keiko would have happened had he not died.

Because he seemed a little oblivious to how deeply she cared for him, and I feel like his death sort of forced the issue and made them acknowledge that those feelings were there. Especially for her, at least at first, because it really shifted her priorities. And for him, and how life wasn’t going to be worth it if it meant she died in the process.

Of course without all of those events we wouldn’t have the show, but I think if they had grown up without all of that, they would have still gotten together, but a few years later. I feel like maybe someone would ask Keiko on a date and Yusuke would go a little crazy, or something.

There’s no real point to this but it’s interesting to think about. :)

you’re gonna be fine.   you are going to beat this world,   i know you will.   you are smart,   and you are strong,   and you are so brave,   and i love you.   you gotta do what’s right,   baby.   you promise me you will always do what’s right.   it’s so easy to do the wrong thing in this world.   so…   so if it feels wrong don’t do it,   alright?   if it feels easy don’t do it,   don’t let the world spoil you.   you’re so good.  my sweet boy.   best thing i ever did…   i love you,   i love you.   my sweet,   sweet boy,   i love you.   GOODNIGHT LOVE .


It’s okay to fall down and lose your spark.

Just make sure that when you get back up, you rise as the whole damn fire.


that small moment of sadness because even if you miss being Voltron’s leader you are immensely proud of what Keith has become

bonus: Keith not having any of it because he knows Shiro belongs with Black