self destructive

Self harm is :

•making yourself sleep deprived
•making yourself cold (not wearing warm clothes in the winter, sleeping without a blanket etc)
•not eating
•not drinking
•eating too much
•not looking before crossing the street
•letting your skin be dry & break easily
•picking at skin
•substance abuse
•over-working yourself
•making yourself go out and do things even though you’re exhausted
•putting yourself in anxiety-inducing situations (even if you have a choice to stay out of them)
•triggering yourself
•purposefully angering someone who you know will yell at you
•entering relationships you don’t want to be in/being around people you don’t want to be around
•having sex when you don’t want to
•setting yourself punishments
•not giving yourself time
•not letting yourself spend time with the people you love & know will be good to you
•yelling at yourself inside your head
•pinching or bruising yourself instead of cutting
•holding everything in even when you have the option of venting
•over stressing
•over thinking
•staying in abusive relationships (friend wise or romantically)

STOP assuming that self-harm is visible and easy to notice. It’s NOT. Self harm isn’t always physical, it can be emotional, and mental as well

Longs term effects of emotional abuse:

• a distrust in your perceptions

• a tendency to be fearful or on guard

• self-consciousness or fear of how you are coming across

• an inability to be spontaneous

• a distrust of people and in future relationships

• anger that bursts out unexpectedly

• sensitivity to anyone trying to control you

• the feeling of anxiety when someone lets you decide

• withdrawal from social interactions

• unexplainable feelings of shame/guilt

• unusual weight gain/loss

• changes in appetite

• unexplained anxiety or depression states

• self destructive behavior

• isolation from friends/family

• substance abuse

I think a part of her always thought she wasn’t destined for a happy ending, so the rest of her made sure she would never get one
—  (Via - Solana R. )