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There is so much to unpack here, you guys. I know I’m supposed to sleep since it’s now been more than 48 hours and also my fever has spiked, but listen, there is SO MUCH TO UNPACK. I live for this stuff. I can’t just NOT.

I at least need to present a version of this idea while I’m still half-lucid. I had a few bullet points on the list that I was working on last night, and this one was my favorite by far:

The concept is that Mark has been killed numerous times over the course of the years, but somehow manages to come back, despite the fact that we witness his death. That’s because he’s being brought back to life when his death doesn’t achieve what it was designed to.

How can we prove this? Well, we witness it clearly in A Date With Markiplier. Mark dies multiple times, but we are able to “save” him by stopping his death from occurring, in a sense– that is, we can “go back in time” to prevent it. At the end of each route, we’re presented with the option to “try again”.

That’s not just a storytelling tool for the sake of having a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style narrative. We are put in a time loop. 

This isn’t a strange concept, especially for this particular series of videos. Why? Because we actually see it happen.

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At the end of the Exit video, when we try to escape, Dark physically pushes us back in time to a previous decision. (Maybe that’s why he’s so “tired of giving people a choice”– we always choose so very poorly in his eyes.) It’s not just Dark that has these abilities, either. After you decide to stay together instead of splitting up while searching for an escape, you are presented with two options: the aforementioned “Exit”, which traps you in Dark’s time loop, or a cryptic option simply labeled, “More?” 

If you choose “more”, Wilford appears to you in a literal vortex of clocks and warps your reality. No matter which option you choose, you come face to face with the fact that both of these men can manipulate time.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily prove that Mark is actively dying and being saved on numerous occasions, but a piece of information revealed today leads me to believe that this is indeed the case.

In Who Killed Markiplier?- Chapter 2, the Colonel mentions Mark dying “again”. When questioned by the detective, he states that he has “plenty of experience on the matter”. 

The chef then adds, “So do I.”

For the chef to have experience with killing Mark, or even watching Mark dying, we would have to be living in this reality:

But if that was the case, then this murder mystery never would have happened in the first place, because Mark would have already been dead. In order for both of these things to be true, both time and reality would have to be warped. He died, and he didn’t.

So, if Mark has been dying on the regular, the question of who the murderer is isn’t actually all that important. For all we know, all of them have murdered Mark at some point. Here’s what we should actually be worried about:

As far as we know, Mark has never been dead this long before. What makes this time different from all the others? And what do we have to do to get him back?

Writing Characters that Slowly Descend Into Madness

Okay y'all this is one of my absolute favorite tropes / character arcs / whatever you want to call it. I’ve written at least two characters that end up twisted and deranged… While it’s fun to do, it can be a little difficult to nail down, so I thought I’d share some tips! 

From Avatar the Last Airbender’s Azula to Gollum, characters often think that they can handle the Ultimate Power™ when they really can’t. These corrupted characters and their character arcs can be tricky to write, so here’s some pointers! 

  • The character to be corrupted should have a one track mind. Your character needs to have a goal in mind, one that (at least in their eyes) requires the Ultimate Power™. This goal can be as simple as world domination, or as complex as “I need to get revenge on this specific person in this specific manner, or else I won’t be satisfied.” It’s up to you, but you need to make sure that your character’s every action revolves around this central goal.
    Or, if your character has two motivations, like reconciling themselves to their family while simultaneously saving the world, make sure they can only do one of them! This will cause lots of conflict and it will be great..
  • Get used to writing internal conflict. In one of my novels, the main character has the power to clean the world’s water supplies, but her friends disapprove for…complicated reasons. She has something of a mental breakdown, wondering if she should be doing what she is. Internal conflict is a great way to show your character being pulled in two different directions; after all, tearing our characters apart is the name of the game. 
  • Make sure your character thinks that they are using their Ultimate Power for good. Even if they’re not. Especially if they’re not. When you can follow a villain’s logic and understand why they are doing the horrific things they are, they become that much creepier.
  • The Ultimate Power must be so attractive that your character can’t help but use it. The only way your character can be corrupted by power is if they use this power. Therefore, they must use it often. Whether this be a superpower, power that comes from the crown on their head, or dark magic, make sure your reader gets plentiful helpings of seeing the character use it.
  • Don’t be afraid to take it slow. Characters descend into madness, they don’t plummet into it. Let your character spiral slowly downwards, let them saunter casually into their twisted ways of thinking.
  • If they can’t be redeemed, they should probably die. Characters that have gone power mad really only have two options: redemption or death. Sometimes your character can pull out of their downward spiral and recognize their mistakes. This may lead to them siding with the very people they had been against, like Magneto teaming up with Prof X to fight a Bigger Baddie. Or they could just admit their mistakes and go on their way, like Mystique occasionally does.
    But if you can’t find a way to redeem your character (or don’t want to), then you should probably consider killing them off. Characters mad with Ultimate Power™ are usually unsustainable, and will usually self destruct at some point.

A character who descends into their madness and power-craziness and has a descent that is really well written can be super engaging. They are, at least, my personal favorite to write and read about. Have fun, and happy writing!

If there’s a writing thing you want to see me post about or you just wanna say hi, go ahead! I’d love to hear from you.

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Can I ask for a fic about 9S and his legs pretty please? :3c Like I always imagined that, in the most ironic twist, 2B gets more distracted by 9S and his (ahem) booty shorts than 9S does with 2B's leotard+ass after a self-destruct sequence lol (forgive me for bein' forward, the world needs more of 9S' legs)


({Distraction; inspired by @digiandromeda })

She’s insisted on not returning to the Bunker and completing several tasks they promised the Resistance that they would complete. It’s mostly random fetch quests, pick up this from someone, go give this to someone, go loot some machines for minuscule parts that need to be in pristine condition, and something involving meat for some reason. It’s beneficial to their relationship with the Resistance, she says. They need to do it in a timely manner, she says.

That’s…not the only reason.

He does most of the talking, far more charming and comfortable with matching the conversational pace of the Resistance androids than she is, so he has to stand in front of her.

He’s shorter than she is — due to her heels, they’re actually the same height — but she stands a little behind him, eyes angled down behind her blindfold so no one can tell that she’s dallying.

He has




They’ve definitely put a lot of detail into his model type, and it shows in this one work of art known as his legs. They’re smooth and taut, poking out from skin-tight shorts that hide underneath his coat.

He’s self destructed and his usual shorts have been blown to shreds, and it’s a distraction to her when he flips around or bends over or trips over landscapes.

It’s…ah…it’s a very nice view when his coat flies up.

She’s been staring for quite some time and has to hold back laughter when he’s clearly oblivious to the reason why her head is aimed down and over to the right a little bit.

He thinks it’s a kink in her neck.

“You wanna go back to the Bunker and rest, 2B?” He asks when they finish yet another mad dash for the Resistance. He seems concerned for her. “You’ve been doing that thing with your neck all day.”

“Not yet,” she replies, flicking her head back up innocently. “We still have a list of tasks to complete.”

“We’ve been at it for hours though…”

“Don’t complain, 9S. These are important.”

He raises his hands defensively. “Hey, hey, not complaining. You just look tired.”



“That looks like the machine we’re supposed to be hunting.” She points down from the rooftop they’re currently standing on.

“Oh, yeah, I think that’s it. What should we do?”

“You jump down and distract it from behind. I’ll go around and take it from the front.”

He obliges, not noticing that she takes an extra second to watch him flip off of the roof.

I’m going to do naughty things...

#SanversWeek Day Three: “You’re drunk.”

More smut. Still not sorry.

@404artnotfound beta’s my bullshit for free. She is therefore better than all of us.

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It was Alex’s idea to switch out game night for a night at the bar together. Everyone had been in a good mood. Cadmus had been underground for a while, and all thoughts and worries about some further apocalypse were buried in the backs of their minds. Lucy was back in town, immediately taking Alex’s side about ‘c’mon guys, let’s go out and have some fun!’

So that’s where they find themselves, at one in the morning. Feeling free enough, with the assurance of their designated flyer, to get a little loose, and drink a little more than usual.

A lot more than usual.

And it’s the best feeling ever.

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The Ten Types of Friends We’ve All Had, As Told By Supernatural:

1.  The Sam:

This person is the definition of “Mom friend.”  They’re always looking out for the well being everyone else in their squad, trying to get them to eat healthy, giving out relationship advice, and generally being a shoulder to cry on.

Sadly, they probably don’t love themselves half as much as they love everyone else.

2.  The Crowley:

This person is a stereotypical frenemy.  Are they actually looking out for your well-being? Or just waiting patiently for an opportunity to ruin your life?  Who knows, but they give great fashion advice, are deviously intelligent, and are definitely the type of person you’d want on your side when things go South.  

3.  The Balthazar:

That one friend who simply cannot get their shit together, and at this point, you’re not sure they even want to.

Gets wasted almost every night, has a casual hookup at least once a week, and is a walking library of hoe stories that they have no qualms about sharing with you (and that you may or may not secretly love to hear).  Also, if they say they’ll “be there in five,” you can bet your ass they’re at least an hour away.

Is generally a hot mess who needs to find Jesus.

4.  The Charlie:

This person brightens up your day whenever you see them.  Is incredibly easy to talk to, probably super nerdy, and perfect for staying at home and binge-watching TV shows with.

5.  The Benny:

The black sheep of your friend group.  This person can come off as a little rough around the edges or “sketchy” to other people, but you know they’re as loyal as come.

Might not get along too well with your other friends, but is definitely someone you’re glad to have in your corner.

6.  The Naomi:

Thinks they’re looking out for your best interest, but is actually just controlling and judgey.  Not to be confused with the Sam, this person is prone to long-winded lectures on your life choices and uncalled for critiques on your physical appearance, and might literally brainwash you if they don’t happen to like the guy you’re dating (just ask Castiel).

Generally, is sort of toxic and should usually be avoided.

7.  The Bobby:

The rare but much-coveted “Dad friend.”  Is a Yoda when it comes to advice, will always be there for you (no matter how much they complain about it), and would quite literally die for you. 

You would trust this person with your life, and with good reason.

8.  The Castiel:

This person is loyal to a fault, and will protect their friends without complaint or regard for their own well-being.  

You told a lie?  They’ll cover for you.  You killed someone?  They’ll take the fall for it.  You’re feeling sort of chilly?  They will literally set themselves on fire to keep you warm.  

Basically, this person is selfless to the point of self-destruction, and sadly, usually taken for granted.

9.  The Dean:

This person will tease you, prank you, and call you a bitch, but if anyone else so much as hurts your feelings, they’ll murder them and skip rope with their entrails.  

Is probably your best friend. 

10.  The Adam:

The person everyone forgets to invite to social gatherings.  Oh well, they’re probably having a perfectly fun time doing other things. 


The Musketeers characters as MTG colours. (Insp.)

D’Artagnan: Red-Green - Hot-Headedness. Pragmatism. Passion.

Porthos: Red-White - Justice. Temper. Protectiveness.

Athos: White-Black - Authority. Patience. Self-Destruction.

Aramis: Red-Green - Compassion. Freedom. Short-Sightedness.

Milady: Blue-Black - Secrets. Self-Fulfillment. Distrust.

Richelieu: White-Blue - Oppression. Order. Advancement.

Constance: Blue-Red - Intuition. Impulsiveness. Wilfulness.

Treville: Red-White - Zeal. Loyalty. Lack of Sublety.

Anne: Green-Blue - Altruism. Instinct. Recklessness.

Rochefort: Black-Red - Freedom from Conscience. Unpredictability. Lack of Self-Control.

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What placements like to destroy themselves,

Self destructive placements are usually Pisces/Scorpio/Aries sun/moon/Mercury or Pluto in 1st/8th/12th house

Mkay! So, to put this bluntly, I want to try to do a Sheith comic/doujin just to get accustomed drawing Keith and Shiro (and solidifying my style on drawing them). The problem is.. well.. I had too much plot ideas and don’t know which one I should take. (I’ll put them under a Read More to not clog anyone’s dash)

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Happy headcanon for TJ? (I'm on mobile, so I can't do the symbol)

I love TJ to pieces and I’m so happy you sent me this, anon! <3
Happy ficlet, TJ Hammond:

The new apartment is smaller than his previous one, older… but in a good way. Homey. Like each wall and corner has a story to tell. It’s got narrow stairwells and just two rooms and the windows are wide enough to give his security personnel a permanent headache, but TJ loves it.

Definitely an improvement from the aseptic, cold, bad memory-ridden place he used to live at. A shiver runs down his spine; he doesn’t want to think about that now. Not here, with the floors smiling at him and the sun sneaking in through the window to become friends with his cheek. Shaking off those gloomy thoughts he turns one last time, decides the walls welcome him here, and goes to tell the men that they can start bringing his things upstairs.


The people here are welcoming, too.

There’s a lovely old lady living 2 floors below that every other day bakes cookies for her grandchildren. The smell climbs up the stairs and fills TJ’s apartment, makes him crave sweet things. Makes him hungry even, so he starts to keep a stash of candy and assorted sweets on the kitchen counter, easily accessible.

Then TJ helps her carry her groceries upstairs one day, and that’s all it takes to unlock the endless supply of freshly baked cookies option.

The guy living across the hall plays the guitar. TJ hasn’t seen him yet, but he knows he’s getting cookies too, so he must be a nice enough person. He plays rock classics and love songs and has a beautiful voice, and TJ often finds himself singing along.


He wasn’t planning on getting a cat.

If he had actually stopped to think about it he probably would’ve concluded that he’s not ready to take care of another living thing, not when he’s still trying to remember to eat and struggling to stay healthy.

But it keeps showing up on his fire escape, looking at him through sad, hungry eyes, and TJ isn’t heartless.

He’s been feeding it for 4 days when the little furrball dares to step inside, seeking shelter from the rain. A week after that it—he—stops leaving altogether. TJ bathes him and takes him to the vet and then asks his sponsor if he wants to keep him. Because he’s not ready to own a cat. He’s not.

Only Mike apparently thinks he is, tells him it’s probably a good thing, that it might even help with his recovery. And TJ isn’t sure how much of it is simply him not being a cat person, but he looks up at the kitten, rubbing himself against a piano leg, and decides that maybe it isn’t such a bad idea.

It’s grey, save for a small white patch on its nose, and likes to nap on his lap when he plays. TJ names him Schubert.


He knows his family isn’t thrilled about the new place. Or maybe it’s not so much the new place, but the fact that he now lives 6 hours away. But then Douglas comes to visit, and TJ can just see it in his face: the surprise, the relief. Maybe a hint of pride, even.

TJ can’t blame him for being skeptical, doesn’t. Doug’s been judging from past experience, plenty of it at that, but he finds food in his fridge, finds him healthy and happy amidst piano notes and friendly neighbors, taking care of a kitten and various plants and enjoying his work at the youth center, and smiles.

And it makes TJ smile, too. Proud of himself. Which is a new and exhilarating feeling and it leaves TJ breathless, in a good way. Wonder, bubbling in his chest. He really does love it here.


His name is Colin.

TJ finally runs into him after 3 weeks of living there. He offers him his hand to shake and greets him with an “Ah! The pianist!” and a wide smile. Honest, warm. Like sunshine, TJ thinks.

He starts getting song requests after that, yelled from across the hall in a happy, undemanding tone, whenever Colin hears him play. TJ is more than eager to comply, laughs and blushes every single time at all the cheering and clapping that follows, and then starts asking him for songs in return.

He puts Star Wars on one night. Colin hears the music and comes over and they end up sprawled on the couch reciting their favorite lines. They do the same with The Lord of The Rings after that. And then with Harry Potter. And then with Marvel.

When TJ has to leave for a weekend to go to one of his mother’s events, Colin offers to look after Schubert.

When he comes back, tired after two days of fake smiles and expensive clothing and maintaining appearances, Colin puts on a movie and orders pizza without even having to ask if that’s what TJ needs, just knowing.

TJ tells him about his family, then. About his life and past mistakes, because he can’t help feeling a bit more self-destructive than usual after these things, and he still hasn’t figured out if Colin knows, if he cares. Hasn’t figured out what it is that he wants from him.

“You’re TJ,” Colin says. “You’re my neighbor. You play the piano like someone out of a movie and have an adorable cat and the most striking pair of eyes I’ve ever seen. You love reading and sweets, and listen to my rambling when I get excited. You have a beautiful voice, when you sing. You should sing more.”

And that’s all he says.

He smiles at him and tells him good night and pets Schubert before leaving. TJ is still struggling to keep his heartbeat under control.

And then he realizes that maybe, maybe, he doesn’t have to.

He rushes out of the door so fast that Colin has barely had time to open his. Staring at him with worry in his eyes, he asks: “Everything alright?”

TJ nods. Yes, he thinks so. Yes.

“Do you… It’s ok if you don’t, but—Do you wanna go out for coffee? Sometime?”

Colin blinks at him once, twice. And just as TJ’s hands are starting to feel cold, he beams at him.

“Like a date?” he asks.

TJ smiles too, can’t help it. Doesn’t want to. “Yes.”

“Yeah,” Colin says. “Yes, I’d like that.”

Send me a symbol and a ship and I’ll write you a headcanon ficlet.

ps: I’m going to be at my family’s place for a couple weeks starting tomorrow, so all other prompts will have to wait (I will get to them, though!), but you’re still welcome to send me more <3

I suffer from depression. I have my whole life but this time of the year is usually the worst. This year I met someone online and we hit it off. Everything seemed to be going great and I thought I was in love. Then she met someone else someone who she wouldn’t have given a chance if she hadn’t met me. Now my usual self-destructive tendencies and depression is hitting me with the force of a hurricane. I made the mistake of telling her about it and all it did was make her pull further away from me. This is a valuable lesson learned. Don’t let people know about your pain keep it inside until it kills you. Cause in the end they never understand.

The signs as I know them:

Aries: Really bold, and fearless, not afraid to speak their mind. Really great friends. Trustworthy. They are really cute when they´re in love, it´s really fun to witness. They know who their other half truly is, but sometimes can be blinded by the idea of dating, but once they see the shit, they won´t hesitate to confront the other person.

Taurus: They are literally one of the most selfish people. All they do is out of some personal gain or smth. They are ambitious, persistant and won´t stop until they reach their goal. My father is a Taurus, and they make pretty devoted parents. They tend to change their mind a lot, so nothing is truly definite with them.

Gemini: I had a few Gemini friends. They are truly great friends. Yes, they can be double faced and everything, but not to their true friends. They are hard to commit, but once they do, it´s for a long, long time. They don´t really like to talk about the little details in their life, so if you think they are keeping something from you, they probably just don´t think anyone should deal with their problems but them. They are always there to carefully listen to you and give you suitable advice.

Cancer: Moon, yes, changeable as the Moon. One of my best friends is a Cancer, and I love her more than I can express in words. I met a bunch of Cancers, and you can’t really generalize them, but I’ll try. They have really deep thoughts, they are always in some other world of their own, but you can´t ever tell what are they truly feeling, because the feelings just change a lot. Deep inside, they want someone jealous, possessive even, that will make them their own and devote all their time to them. They are not needy or clingy, but they secretly wish for that kind of partner. One of the best friends you can ever have.

Leo: Yes, the confidence of these signs is sky high. My mother´s a Leo, and trust me, there is no other mother like a Leo mother. They will do literally anything for their children, they are devoted to the core. Leos love attention and they tend to naturally grab other people´s attention. They always look youthful, even when they are middle-aged, there is always this aura they have that make them appear young. They are very extroverted and enjoy in other people´s presence.

Virgo: I have a very close friend who is a Virgo. They are very peculiar people. Very organized, they never plan something they aren´t sure it is 100% possible to happen. They do tend to be quite late. Quite confident in themselves. They know who they are and they won´t settle for anything less. They tend to keep their feet firmly on the ground, and are usually atheists or agnostics. A religious Virgo is probably as religious because of being raised in such a family. They are quite sure in their decisions and don´t like being criticised. Although, they love to point out other people´s flaws. And they don´t do it for the sake of being mean, they just like being completely honest. They don´t strive to be likeable, because frankly, they don´t care. They do care about other people´s opinions but not on that level that they will do their hardest to make an impression.

Libra: Very unreliable people. I just don´t like Libras, or I just haven´t met a nice Libra. They are not very good friends tho. They are hopeless romantics that strive for an ideal romance. These are good rising signs for people whose sun sign is an earth sign, because it really brings out the dreaminess and all those nice Libran qualities.

Scorpio: I am a Scorpio! Very mysterious, magnetic people. Tend to make bad choices because of not thinking things through beforehand. Adventureous, highly intelligent and very lazy. Their jealousy is outstanding. They strive to attach, to find someone they will spend every day with, althought they love acting independant and shit. They love deep talks with like minded people. They are self destructive and they will usually find a reason to be sad even when there is no logical reason for one.

Sagittarius: They are one of those people who act very very happy, and optimistic and positive, but they are really prone to depression and such problems. They have great advice and just look for someone who will understand their nature. Otherwise really nice friends.

Capricorn: Emotionless rocks. Literally. They are very devoted to the core, have high moral standards, but will have no problem just walking away from you if need be. They have very grounded advice, they are good as businessmen or CEOs because they are organized and love being in charge.

Aquarius: One of the silliest people I´ve ever met. Every Aquarius I know has a special kind of aura, they just make you laugh by appearing. They always have some crazy, radical ideas, so if you are looking for some fun, find an Aquarius. They are not good in long term commitments, because they just don´t understand relationships on a profound level. If they do find a long term partner, it is someone who really understands their need for crazy doings and freedom.

Pisces: They are truly the soul of the zodiac. They feel deeply, love deeply, but are really prone to depression and sadness because they feel everything on a deep, deep level. Everything can make them sad. They really need a strong rising sign in order to rise above all that makes them weak. They can be two faced in friendships, which can be surprising to some. They make long term commitments and are there for the stay.

Most convincing evidences proving Aria is -A

I have been waiting to gain enough good evidences proving Aria is -A. All these things are proofs that I saw on Tumblr and You Tube.I didnt copy anything from word to word. I just took the theory and added few more details that I found by my own.

1. When Specer found out Toby was part of A team, she went to his loft, but Mona was there.In the background there was playing Aria with 30 variations. Arias theory about being -A are based on that she has spit personalities. Even if she doesnt have spit personalities, she is living double life.

2.Gamma Zeta Die- In this episode is Hanna convinced, that her mother commited murder and tries to find murder weapon. She is talking with Aria throug the phone. Aria tells her, to look for it in the closet. And guess what…the weapon is there. How could Aria know? And then, at the end of episode, Aria talks to Spencer, who tell Aria that Hanna is with college with them and then Aria asks what Hanna is doing there. Aria is pretty smart, so she probably found out, that she came there to hide the gun, btw about which only Aria knew , that Hanna found it. Aria then called the cops, because Emily and Spencer were looking for Hanna.

4. This proof is probably most common in Aria theories but I could not just left it out. Producers said, that -A will be unmasked, but the only people who were unmasked were Aria and Ezra. I used to think Ezra was part of -A team, but now I dont think he is. Marlene King also said, that –A will be wearing Black Swan dress. Even tho Spencer found another sketch of Black Swan dresses, the dresses which Aria wore were from the originals movie and I also think, that if they would have shown the original BS dresses, which Aria had, it would be too obvious. In the movie, the girl, who plays Black Swan has split personality. Emily once said, that –A has probably split personality.

5.Pi- This symbol was shown in this show too many times, so writers wanted to point something out. There is fil Pi, which was written by same director who wrote Black Swan. Coincidence? Yeah sure. So, basically, this film is about a guy, really smart guy (Aria is smart too, maybe more than we know) who suffers to cluster headaches,paranoia, hallucinations and social anxiety disorder. Like most of Aronofsky’s films, Pi centers on a protagonist whose obsessive pursuit of ideals leads to severely self-destructive behavior. Self destruction is usually defined as “The voluntary destruction of something by itself.” If Aria hs multiple personalities and she is –A, she is basicaly destroing herself. The film is about main character,Max, who wants to find pattern. If he can find the patterns, if he can find the key to the chaos, then he can predict and control anything. This is actually really important, because –A is always trying to find more and more evidences against girls, so s/he can make chaos and control everyone. Plus, Max and another character in the movie played game named Go.. Game is played with stones- black and white ones. Black may signify –A team and white can signify the girls. Game is started with black ones. –A started it all. The object of go is to control more territory than your opponent. At the end of the game, the player who controls the more territory wins the game.I think it speaks for itself.


5. Halloween episode-season 3- I am not gonna talk about Aria writing her name on that window, because that is too obvious. Arias costume was Daisy, from The great Gatsby. Daisy had 2 different personalities, if you seen the movie or read the book you know that.

6.Pie- I am more than sure, that there is something behind this, because there were like several scenes that were about pie. I could not find images so:

Ezra: Why pie?

Aria: Why not?…I mean-why would they make such of big deeal because of pie? Plus, in 5x12, there was another PIE scene. If you know something more about it, please let me now. Also, there were atleast 2 posts on facebook about pie and Marlene tweeted this picture:

Plus, in the last picture is Aria yet again wearing Black Swan pattern, she is wearing these T-shirts a lot.

There are lots of signs that Aria is -A but I wanted to pint out these few. Please let me know what you think and follow me if you are interested in PLL theories, because I will start posting them :) 

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Most to least likely to self harm?

Both Scorpio and Pisces are associated with self-harm. Pisces more through being addicted to something like alcohol and Scorpio with more direct ways and they are associated with self-destruction which usually happens on a more emotional level than physical but can still turn to physical. There are no signs that are associated with not self-harm but if I had to guess I would say a Sagittarius because they tend to stay optimistic even during hard times and Aries because they are known to get over issues and emotional problems quickly.