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I’ve seen like a lot of the same imagines for the Joker lately and I thought it would be nice if I gave some “prompts”, I guess? I think that’s what they’re called. Feel free to use, and you don’t have to worry about giving credit or whatever unless you want too. They’re just ideas. AND THIS GOES FOR ALL THE JOKERS I KNOW I SWITCHED BETWEEN NAMES BUT IF I SAY “MISTAH J” IT DOES NOT MEAN IM REFERRING TO ONLY JARED LETO’S JOKER

If the reader is more on the Innocent/Pure/Sweet side:

An Imagine where:

1) The Joker teaching the reader how to use guns and knives

2) The Joker getting the reader the best self defence classes

3) The reader absolutely hating blood and gore, so they freak out when Mistah J brings them along on his trip to deal with some “business” and he kills someone right in front of them.

4) Him telling them all of his most wild stories and them being so fascinated because you’ve never heard anything like them.

5) Actually, when they can’t sleep at night they make him tell them either one of them (probably their favourite) or all of them, until they fall asleep.

6) Being the complete opposite of him and nobody, including himself, understanding how you guys work so well. 

 7) The Joker coming home and into bed late at night and waking the reader up so he can rant to them about how annoying Batman is and how stupid he feels, while they run their fingers through his hair, calmly laying there and listening. 

8) The reader actually being really nice and kind to his men, and always having to apologize on his behalf to his men and the men end up falling in love with you (platonic) and caring for you just like how they do for Mistah J. 

9) The reader only letting the Joker spoil them so much, until they have to tell him that they can go places and buy stuff on their own, but they really appreciate it. 

10) The Joker hating his scars and, because he can’t control his emotions well, he always has very bad outbursts and they always result in the reader having to calm him down and tell him that they love him very much and no matter how scars he has that’s never going to change and how wonderful and beautiful he really is. 

11) The Joker not being to keen on dating the reader in the beginning because he’s nervous that one of his enemies will try and hurt her. But then he becomes obsessed with her and of course that all changes 

12) The Reader always staying home and never coming into Mistah J’s business meetings, because just because they’re dating a criminal doesn’t mean they want to be apart of all that stuff too. 

13) The Joker not understanding how someone can be so sweet and pure, and you not understanding why it’s so much fun to kill, but both of you are perfectly fine not understanding each other. (This one is shit, I’m so sorry) 

14) (This is kinda more a personal opinion, but I think it could still work.) The Joker sometimes getting really angry at you and at himself, just because he doesn’t understand why he cares so much about you and how you’re feeling and why he wants to talk to you so much. And he just freaks out, but then he sees the reader probably looking nervous or trying to ask him what’s wrong and he would just stop and hug them very tightly, and say nothing.  

15) This doesn’t really have to do with what the reader is, it’ll work for anything. I just thought this would be cute/funny, imagine the reader being like catholic/christian and they pray for the first time in front of him super casually bc they don’t think anything of it. It’s normal for them. And him being like: “What the fuck? Babe, what are you doing? Are you okay? Babe!” And them stopping and being “Babe, I’m praying!” and him being like “What? Pr- What?” and just ofbsjannavs that would be so cute!

If the reader is on the Independent/Bold/Mature side:

 An imagine where: 

1) The reader working a really good job and refusing to take a day off just to help the Joker rob a bank or blow something up. 

2) The reader being probably the only one able to tell the Joker what to do. 

3) The reader being not really into Mistah J’s type of “business”, but sometimes if they’ve had a very stressful week they’ll come along on a trip. The Joker lives for those days. 

4) The reader having no problem speaking their mind. This usually leads to very bad fights, because you won’t take shit from him even if you love him. (I think he would secretly adore this) 

5) The Joker being just a bit more “nice” to people whenever the reader is around, because he some small part of him wants to impress them. 

6) Both of you taking really nice bubble baths together after really stressful days. 

7) The Joker is able to bring out the readers needy and silly side. He loves this side of her. 

8) The reader actually gets scared really easily and when the Joker finds out, he teases her. 

9) The Joker not being that protective of the reader. Until they go out. Then it’s full PDA. 

10) The reader gets really needy when they’re tired and they’re always all over the Joker. He lives for those nights. 

So this is all I can think of right now, but I read it over and I realized it sounds more like a “Dating the Joker would include”, but it’s not. Um, these are to help anyone that write Joker imagines. They’re ideas for you to create an imagine about. So like, you’d read it and then based off of the idea, you’d create a full imagine about it. Or they can help you write something entirely different! It’s completely up to you, but I just noticed that a lot of Joker Imagines are the same idea/plotline and I was just trying to help expand that abit more. Over the next few days, I’ll be adding more, because a lot of this was complete shit and I know that nobody is gonna use those ones. I hope this helped someone.

speedmagick-moved  asked:


I love Kate so much, thank youuuuuu <3

1. Kate still visits her therapist, not on a tight basis but every few weeks just to cheek in. Both after season one and season two, Kate took a timeout to cope better with the situations.

2. Kate’s mother’s name was Elizabeth, she was named after her and is very proud of her second name.

3. When she knows Tommy is in hearing range, she randomly yells trust fall and lets herself fall backwards. In 9/10 cases, Tommy catches her.

4. Most of the time, she’s sure that dating does not last forever, that eventually things go wrong. She saw that with Eli, she saw that with Noh, but, whenever she looks at Teddy and Billy loving each other and working their differences out, she hopes, that at least these two never split up.

5. If she wasn’t Hawkeye, Kate would teach self-defence classes for free, open to everyone.

6. She hates showing fear, more than she hates showing anger or other emotions. She does not want to be scared, as she hates feeling helpless more than anything else.

7. She’s got a small bracelet she loves to wear, bought it after the end of Young Avengers season one. It’s silver, with small keychains each symbolizing one of her teammates.

8. Kate plans to introduce Cassie and America to one another soon, probably with Lisa, over some drinks, just a simple girls’ night out with the ones she loves.

9. She sleeps best when Lucky is in the room which is why she often allows Clint to crash on his own couch while she takes the bed.

10. It’s hard to get her talking about her feelings, even harder now than it was when she started in the superhero business. Back then, talking with Billy was the easiest. They both did not ask a lot of questions, managed to like just the right amount of silence.

11. Sometimes however, she needs just the opposite, noise, music, laughter to share. It’s what draws Kate to confident men, drew her to Eli and Noh and still draws her to Tommy. Then again, after dating and breaking up with team mates twice now, she’s not sure if listening to her gut feeling would be a good idea. Thank goodness, looking is still okay.

Let me tell you how to cry (like a girl).

You need to cry out of fury, because this world that you want to grip and hold on tight to has left your hands bleeding and bruised as it steps on your fingers one after the other. Cry in frustration and determination because no matter how many bones you break (there are 54 bones in your hands and you know you’ll break them all before this is over) you’re not going to fall off the edge.

Learn how to cry with the pain of exhaustion as you rush from a job that doesn’t pay you nearly enough (ask the man working two steps down on the hierarchy how much he makes. cry.) to another self-defence class because you’re not about to become another statistic (not without a fight).

Teach yourself to fight back tears of fear as you walk home alone in the middle of the night, reciting “I am not another statistic” in your mind. (not another statisticnot another statisticnot another statistic as though that makes it true) Teach yourself to fight back tears that want to escape because you bleed the blood of proud warriors even Hercules couldn’t defeat, you bleed the blood of the women who fought before you, unbowed and bloody and hurt, you bleed ichor not blood, you are immortal, you refuse to let yourself be another hashtag. (as if you have a choice)

Close your eyes and sob your heart out at every little thing because you overflow with emotions. Put the book down, cry in a movie hall and and ignore anyone who tells you you’re hysteric because your emotions, oh, your emotions are what make you who you are and they’re the reason you cry out is joy and laughter and sadness and anguish and any damn thing that you want to cry at.

Crying like a girl? It means reaching home and falling face down on your bed and crying ugly tears because you, you’re not like them. Because you’re the girl with blood red lipstick and foundation that hides all your flaws, you’re the girl with the dyed black hair who couldn’t care less, you’re the perfect one they all love the girl next door. It means crying all alone, and it means wiping those tears away and walking into school the next day with your head held high because you’re going to make it, you who are not everyone else. It means knowing you’ll make it and you won’t care who’s in your way, knowing you’ll make while you keep yourself the person you are.

It means not crying at all, even though you know they talk about you everywhere. In school and uni and work, you can hear them whispering behind raised hands, and. You. Will. Not. Cry. It means not crying, and it means walking in with a smile on your face and a phone full of numbers that prove just how much you don’t care. It means not crying, because you were always meant to climb over their whispering bones and laugh your heart out from the top.

It means not crying as you ignore the looks and the stares and the gazes as you pull up the strap of your top and grab another drink from the bar. It means not crying because you know you know that you don’t belong to them with their reaching hands and their ugly smiles, you know you are yours. It means not crying because they mean nothing, those people who want you to break, and you have friends waiting for you at your table ready to pull out their knives.

It means not crying as you drip toxins from your lips. Poison ivy you leave your venom everywhere you go and ignore the curses (the death threats, the promises of violence, the wishes to tear and strip and destroy) you leave behind you. They are not worth your tears, your tears are yours and yours alone to give, and you know that you still don’t know anyone who deserves them.

It means not crying as you walk out of the apartment you’ve shared for five long years, fighting back tears because you are not that weak, you are an adult and this is what being an adult means, all these various, horrific endings. It means walking out of the apartment you’ve shared for five years, leaving nothing but boxes waiting to be picked up behind you, and walking into the arms of that brilliant person waiting to help. It means walking into arms that offer comfort on the worst day of your life until now and breaking down, because there is only so much strength in you, and sometimes you need to be weak, sometimes crying isn’t weakness, sometimes crying is okay.

It means crying and not crying and a jumble of tears both shed and not. It means knowing the things that limit you and hold you back, and saying that’s okay, because you’ll make it through them and you’ll rule the world before you’re through. It means knowing how to smile through tears and cry through smiles, and knowing what that knot of feeling pressing against your throat means and it means letting it out when it needs to be let out.

It means smiling a razor sharp smile whenever someone tries to tear you down while you continue to drip your own brand of poison, because honey, you’re a hurricane that can’t be stopped.

That’s what crying like a girl means.

—  I Don’t Mind My Tears / Let Me Tell You What Means to Cry Like a Girl / Rishika Aggarwal (via rishwrites)

Kristen Pfaff in Hole’s ‘Miss World’ music video, this is the only music video she took part in before her death on June 16, 1994 at the age of 27.
Kristen was a classically trained pianist and cello player, and self-taught bassist. While in college she majored in Women’s Studies, worked as a counsellor for rape victims and taught self defence classes. In 1991, Kristen formed the band Janitor Joe, for which she played bass and sang back-up vocals. In 1993, she joined Hole and recorded the critically acclaimed album Live Through This. 
Kristen was not only a talented musician, she was a beautiful woman inside and out. She wasn’t here for long but her impact was huge, she’ll never be forgotten.

Happy Birthday Kristen Marie Pfaff (May 26, 1967 - June 16, 1994)

Save Yourself


Summary: Cas goes to a self defence class and realizes that the instructor, Dean, is hotter than expected.

A/N: I haven’t written spn in 500 years whoops so here have an AU.

Words: 1 786

It had been Gabriel’s idea, and for once they were all certain that it wouldn’t result in havoc, suspension, or broken bones, though Castiel wasn’t too sure about the last part.

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Find a Way

One-Shot request: You’re being held in a headlock by Draco and you fight your way out of it by fist fighting and you win (Referring to the scene in OOTP where Harry’s found in Umbridge’s fire) ty 💕

Warnings: Fighting

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

Masterlist Here

Think of a way out. You need to think of a way out you thought to yourself. You never believed you’d be this close to Draco, let alone have Draco put his arms around you but there you were, locked in his tight embrace. The part of your brain that wasn’t barfing every time you smelled Draco’s overpowering cologne was running through every plan of escape. Though your parents signed you up for self-defence classes, none of those methods worked against magic. The moment you fought back Draco would sic his oaf followers on you. You needed to catch him off guard, inspire him to make the mistake. You needed to play off his weaknesses. You needed to distract him.  

“Guys, I’m sure we won’t get punished for this!” you blurted out. Ron shot you a strange look, but you ignored it. It was all part of a well thought out plan.

“No way are you sneaking out of this one. Dumbledore isn’t going to save you this time,” Draco huffed.

“Well, Umbridge didn’t seem very concerned about us. Why else would she leave us here with you idiots,” you taunted. Ginny gave you a warning glare but you continued. “ I mean, what is a wittle Malfoy going to do, call his daddy?”

You felt a wand tip pressed against your throat just as you predicted.

“I don’t need my father to do horrible things to you Y/N. In fact, how about we try something now.” Holding back your reflex to freeze up, you took note of the small gap he provided by raising his arm. The gap provided you with enough room for you to elbow him in the stomach. The pain from your elbow was just enough for Draco to loosen his arms which allowed you to escape. The whole room erupted in chaos then; the shock of Draco on the floor gave your friends the diversion they needed to break away from their captors. You started searching for your wand when you felt an arm close around your neck.

“Not so fast Y/N. I’m not letting you get away that easy,” Draco grunted as he tightened his hold on you. You needed to get away from him before you wouldn’t be able to breathe. In one swift motion, you kicked him in the shins and pushed him against the wall multiple times until his grip loosened. You shoved him to the ground and asked,

“Where’s my wand Draco?” Draco shook his head.

“I’m not sure Y/N. How on Earth did you escape so easily?”

“Beginner’s luck,” you shrugged and turned around to scan the room for your wand. You spotted your wand in Ron’s hand. He must’ve grabbed it when he escaped.

“You’ll have to teach us what you just did, but right now let’s go find Harry and Hermione.” You nodded in agreement and turned back to face Draco.

“You shouldn’t have messed with me.” you smirked before running out of the room.


A women’s self defence class from 1947. The fact that the lady in question does all this in little heels just completes the perfection.

Agent Carter, anyone?

allison argent seeing the way jordan and lydia look at each other (✿◠‿◠) 

allison argent smiling to herself whenever lydia tells her she’s helping jordan figuring out what he is \ (•◡•) /

allison argent teasing lydia about her bringing jordan coffee  ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

allison argent teaming up with jordan and giving lydia self-defence classes  (✿◠‿◠)

allison argent helping lydia choose a dress for the first date with jordan, because for the first time lydia is actually nervous before a date  (◡‿◡✿)

allison argent listening to lydia talk about jordan  =^.^=

allison argent standing up for lydia and jordan in front of the group  ≧◉◡◉≦

allison argent being alive and witnessing and approving the lydia/jordan relationship  (っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

i hear you p.o.n.y. gurl

i had the ‘bike on the sidewalk and catcall’ thing happen to me last week.  this dude slowed down just to ride along beside me for longer while moaning and groaning and telling me how 'fine’ i am 'girlie’.  it was all i could do not to kick his tire out, he is lucky there were other people close enough to get injured that stopped me from doing it.

and is it just me being reactionary, or is this a thing happening more and more recently?

i say we go on a magical girl renegade gang mob hit on creepy sketchy jerks thru the city.

barefoot on a summer night (5/?)

also on ao3

Bellamy is going to kill her.

Clarke is accepting her fate, even if she disapproves of her roommate’s overbearing, suffocating big brother behaviour. But her demise seems obvious now because Octavia – proud, stubborn, takes-self-defence-classes-for-kicks-and-giggles Octavia – is giggling like a schoolgirl and Clarke can only watching in horror as the brunette puts a hand on Lincoln’s forearm as she laughs, her head thrown back to show the expense of her gracious neck.

It occurs to Clarke that it is the first time she’s seen Lincoln smiling since she met him a couple of years ago – a full, bright smile, not just the tight-lipped one he offers her most of the time. Two hundred pounds of muscles and black inks, smiling like the cat who ate the canary, and completely smitten with the girl in front of him.

The eight-year-younger-than-him girl.

Clarke wonders which song will be the best choice for her funeral.

She’s so dead.

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