self created drama

I’m going to sound rude. But imma say it…

I’m so sick and tired of seeing needy ’ Christian’ girls venting about their problems on here and putting out “ self pity”…ESPECIALLY USING ’ ‘CHRISTIAN’ GUYS ON HERE FOR THAT OR ANY GUY FOR THAT MATTER.

Stop playing the whole victimization card and fix your own problems instead of adding drama.

Empower yourself without the help of men.


Feel free to choose from the list or make up your own! Just send me the number and a plot idea. The more details the better!

1. “Make me.”

2. “Are you about done yet?”

3. “Try that again, I dare you.”

4. “You’re mine.”

5. “If you mess this up, you’re pretty much killing both of us. No pressure, though.”

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