self created drama

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Isaac is so lucky to have Jo and Vee. Compared to them Kail is not stable in anyway at all. Vee has been a constant in the majority of his life and seems to only want the best for him. She loves him because jo loves him and she loves jo its all just beautiful and positive

Isaac is lucky. Kail can be a great mother but she gets so caught up in her self-created drama.


Feel free to choose from the list or make up your own! Just send me the number and a plot idea. The more details the better!

1. “Make me.”

2. “Are you about done yet?”

3. “Try that again, I dare you.”

4. “You’re mine.”

5. “If you mess this up, you’re pretty much killing both of us. No pressure, though.”

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bring-i-t-back  asked:

What do you dislike the most in people

Cowardly compromise, falsehood, the concept of “morality” as the essence of the world, goodness grounded upon a notion of universal validity, not knowing how to care, doing stuff just for the sake of doing stuff, needing too much yet never desiring enough, preconceptions leading to misconceptions, their sheer inability to just occasionally shut the fuck up and actually mind their own business and leave things be and come to terms with the bloody fact that not all codes of understanding and experiencing and feeling in humans are the same, lack of perspective and individuality and critical ability, actual fucking apathy, assuming assuming assuming, thirst for inflicting pain on others, not quite tolerating their own hearts, too much objectivity leading to loss of interest in their very selves, practicing a false goodness and pretending they’re well-adjusted when in reality they’re just too much afraid to grow self-aware enough when it comes to locating what matters to them and what doesn’t, incessant self-pity and self-created drama, some kind of existential agony of no substance whatsoever, fighting solitude, confusing it with loneliness and never trusting it enough, ugh - they’re idiots but sometimes they can be nice idiots so you can’t be like “you’re an idiot”