self conscious baby

[Log Entry #16] in bed. bts are at isacs as of now. vmin is fucking on live television. jungkook left bts and bts doesn’t care. namjoon is participating in the relay. jin is sleeping at a social sports event most likely due to the fact he’s self-conscious about his new baby bangs. yoonseok keeps disappearing together. I am still alive. but barely breathing.

my poor self-conscious baby

the way fenris keeps mentioning feeling inconspicuous around kirkwall breaks my heart

in hightown

“I do love the way the merchants glare at me as if I’m going to steal something”

’I don’t wander around Hightown much. I sort of stick out.’ 

at the chantry:

“They will not want me in this place. Let us not linger.”

someone please tell him I want him around always