self concious

Basically the era where being thicker than a midget was a crime just because Africans happen to be thick. Sarah (Saartije) Baartman was a Khoisan (South African) woman who performed under the name “Hottentot Venus” in 19th century England and France. She is the original video vixen: discovered at home in South Africa during her late teens, she was offered money and fame in Europe as a singer and dancer. Little did she know that she would be exploited and put on display for everyone to gaze at her large butt, long clitoris/labia, small waist, big breast and kinky hair– all traits that are very common amongst Khoisan women. As her shows attracted more fans, she was forced against her will to have sex with men AND WOMEN who gave enough money to her exploiters. Sarah got none of the money, as she was once promised. After her act got old, she was forced into prostitution, where she died of std’s and alcoholism. The obsession with Saartije lasted after her death as well. For more than 100 years, visitors and “scientist” were able to examine her dissected body parts in Paris museums. The 19th century shapewear, the “bustle” was inspired by her in order to give european women her unique physique. Yes, an old school booty pop. On behalf of Nelson Mandela’s request, Paris returned Saartije’s remains to South Africa in 2002. Black men, it’s time that you start respecting the black woman’s body, because this act of objectifying it was taught to you. #sarahbaartman

Am I Okay?

Too many people ask me the same questions. What they don’t know is that these questions already buzz in my mind. I don’t talk about the answers, because I haven’t figured them out yet. Well, really I haven’t figured out how to explain them. So, I don’t talk about it. The not talking about it has become louder and louder. Soon enough it will be deafening. I can hardly breathe at times. I don’t always feel like crying. Actually, I’m okay most of the time. I’m happy. That is until the not talking comes back, the loneliness sinks in, and I’m left with my mind. My one and only enemy. I promise you that there is nothing more capable of destroying me than that little voice of doubt in the back of my mind. That voice is drowned out in the moments of happiness and merit, but it never disappears. It’s always there, and it always seeks to break me when the not talking happens.

And eventually, that little voice isn’t so little anymore.

PJO headcanon #7

Are’s children were known for being tough and brutish. In  fact,  it was expected of them. This made some of the Are’s campers self conscious, especially if they where more strategist’s then fighters, or more lithe and less athletic then their siblings. Eventually some of the head counselors found out and they threw an underground party for outcast demigods who felt like they didn’t fit in. The turnout was amazing, and every year afterwards they held a party on July 16th just for any demigods who had any problems with themselves.

My Secret

Hi, my name is Priscilla and i’m an upcoming Senior in high school. I can not believe i am posting this, but i hope it will help people who have the same problem as me. This is no way the things i post on my blog but it had to be said eventually. As you can tell from the pictures above, i have a skin problem. I know this is really gross and i will probably lose followers because of it & Yeah yeah, i know i’m not the skinniest but that’s not why i’m writing this. No one really knows what’s wrong with my skin and i also have no idea what it is. I started having these inflamed red bumps on my shoulders around 8th grade. It then grew all over my back and spread to my chest. No, you can’t actually get it if you touch it. None of my friends actually know about this and i am very insecure with my skin. Whenever i’m at the beach or swimming with my friends, i always go with a shirt on. They assume it’s because i’m self concious about my weight, which i am, but it’s more of my skin. When i had p.e. during school i would either change in a corner or do it really fast when no one was looking. My sophomore year a few girls did notice my skin problems and then told many people. Luckily, i didn’t get teased as bad as i thought. But knowing that they knew made me even more insecure. I cover up about 80% of the time, the other 20% i’m at home and i finally stopped caring if my family sees my skin. When i’m out in public, that’s a different story. You will most likely see me wearing a t shirt or button up just incase anyone can see my skin problem. I wear cardigans when i wear dresses and cover my chest with my hair. It’s really difficult to always stay covered but i’d rather be burning hot than let anyone see my disgusting skin. Do not tell me to go see a skin doctor because i can’t. My family can’t. We just can’t afford it. Anyways, over the years i’ve been nothing but insecure but that all changed this year. I do still cover up but i cover up a little less. It’s not the biggest change, but it’s a step. I learned to just accept the fact that i don’t have perfect skin. My skin makes me who i am and although i can’t wear clothes normally, i still wear whatever makes me happy because I’M the person in MY body so why should I care if OTHER people are talking crap. I learned to let people talk and ignore them because i shouldn’t focus on the negative things people say. It’s never okay to put yourself down. You are you and you have to learn how to love your body, even if it’s a slow process. Yeah, i wish i was thinner and i do wish i had clear skin but i was made the way i was suppose to and now, i’m actually thankful for that because in some way, it made me have more class than i did. I’m not saying if you have back acne you should cover up, what i’m saying is fuck what other people think and wear that strapless dress! Who cares if people’s gonna see your acne! You’re flawless and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you different. My skin problem made me grow as a person and it might not be gone today, tomorrow or even the day after that but who cares! I love my body even if i have some sort of acne problem i don’t know. You have to learn to stop judging yourself for your flaws and start looking at the things you do like about yourself and work from there! You are you and that’s all you should ever be.