self combust

everyone’s expectations about the possible damian wayne video game: finally! a new take on batman! we’ll get to see what it’s like to have damian grown up and in the cowl! this could be a major turning point for the batman franchise!!

reality: here are 7 side quests, all of them are about backtalking to each family member. main campaign includes collecting every stray in a 1000 mile radius. you finish the game when you turn 17 and tim drake self-combusts as a direct aftermath of the curse DC imposed on him at the beginning of time with the Adult Not Even Once spell. congratulations. you outaged him. credits

“Ginny’s told me all about her, apparently she’ll only believe in things as long as there’s no proof at all. ” -Hermione Granger about Luna Lovegood

That’s an actual quote from OotP and can we just talk about what that means???

Imagine 14 year old Ginny babbling endlessly to Hermione about her new friend Luna who liked the most amazing things and Hermione would just grow more and more frustrated because NO of course there was no such thing as a crumple horned snorcack but Ginny wouldn’t hear it because Luna had the most fascinating eyes and she had to tell someone about them or she would simply self combust

I headcanon that Yugi is on both ends of the smooth spectrum when it comes to start a relationship.

If he is the one making the first move or had known something was coming, he’ll be obviously a little nervous but not too much. He’ll smile and say clearly what he wants and would like. He’ll try to make the other relax if they are nervous, but he will also throw in some flirting and winking if he sees things are going well.

But take him by surprise and he’ll become a stuttering, shocked, squeaking mess about to start self-combusting
tipping the velvet - unrequitedexistence - Holby City [Archive of Our Own]
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They toast their undeniable sexual chemistry back into the closet, but it all comes crashing down…

The toast still rang in her ears, the ripples of sound from two glasses, both half full and half empty, meeting halfway and becoming, for a brief moment, whole, one.


The ashes still thick on her tongue, on her throat, from words that had missed their calling, spreading seeds of self-combusting doubt… where there had been none.

She had kissed Serena because she wanted to. She had kissed Serena because Serena had made it impossible, unbearable, not to. Desire had been given no role, overpowering devotion having claimed the monologue as if the purpose of its birth.

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i bought my peach ver pt.2 today and i literally got my hoseok pc in between yoongi's this is too yoonseok for me even my album ships them

/mind whispers/ This is your chance…turn the fandom into YoonSeok shippers…here comes the YoonSeok feels fam..It’s now or never…I was born for this moment.

When being straight was a phase.

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When Yoongi couldn’t hold back the lovesick thirst.

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Look at this skinship FAM ARE YOU GETTING THIS

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When he back hug was all it took for me to self combust.

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When Hoseok and Yoongi bought couple sweaters.

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And this gif that looks like it came straight out of a goddamn fanfiction.

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When even YoonSeok decided the origins of ‘Sobi’.

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And though Yoongi is dead inside, he can’t stop finding Hoseok cute like?

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When the freaking prologue sold my feels to the YoonSeok side.

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And finally this precious gif that should seal the deal for anyone who isn’t shipping YoonSeok yet.

If yall don’t feel this, you don’t have a heart. I certify this with my YoonSeok heart.

I had this really vivid dream last night that all Transformers names became literal, and they did literally what their name is, so Sunstreaker was always streaking ‘naked’ and Sideswipe was always stealing shit and swiping stuff, Prowl literally prowled around on top of shit on all fours and sneaked around on all fours, Jazz wouldn’t stop doing jazz hands and Inferno kept self combusting and lighting everything on fire, Ratchet was trying to actually be a ratchet tool thing , and when he was fixing mechs he’d try and use his head because ‘I am the ratchet, I am the tool’.
Soundwave wouldn’t stop waving at people and Shockwave kept electrocuting people.
Trailbreaker wouldn’t stop stomping on and destroying roads and trials and shit and kept getting arrested. Bumblebee acted like a fucking bee and said the word 'buzz’ over and over, like this dream was a fucking wildcard what the actual hell.

the signs superpowers

♈️ARIES♈️- super strength, heat vision, self-combustion, super speed, firebending.

♉️TAURUS♉️- super strength, super endurance, eating certain foods makes them more powerful in one aspect, for example maybe eating carrots would give them superhuman vision, earthbending.

♊️GEMINI♊️- soundbending, full power and control over vocals, sonic scream, mimicry, doppelgangers, airbending.

♋️CANCER♋️- empathy, forcefields, night vision, invisibility, telepathy, powers are based on what the moon is going through, waterbending.

♌️LEO♌️- energy manipulation, super strength, light manipulation, faunal communication, powers are based on what the sun is going through, firebending.

♍️VIRGO♍️- faunal communication, flight, knowledge replication, floral communication/manipulation, earthbending.

♎️LIBRA♎️- photographic memory, flight, enhanced senses/reflexes/dexterity, avian communication/manipulation, airbending.

♏️SCORPIO♏️- x-ray vision, regeneration, telekinesis, shadow manipulation, genjutsu, waterbending.

♐️SAGITTARIUS♐️- faunal communication, enhanced jumping and bones that can take it, omnilingualism, firebending.

♑️CAPRICORN♑️- bone protrusion at will, knowledge enhancement, density control, shadow manipulation, earthbending.

♒️AQUARIUS♒️- flight, telekinesis, electric manipulation, weather manipulation, time travel, airbending.

♓️PISCES♓️- telekinesis, telepathy, empathy, psychic shields, shape shifting, waterbending.

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So I'm pretty sure that Newt is the master of the Elder Wand at the end of FBaWtFT. My headcanon, though: When they try BDSM for the first time, and Tina is a dom and Newt is a sub, the wand's allegiance changes to Tina. When they switch and Newt is a dom, the allegiance switches again. This continues; the wand switches whenever they do. Of course, they have no idea bc they have no idea the wand exists, but the concept amuses me.

Eventually, the wand self-combusts because it keeps switching back and forth so much! ;) But yeah I love this idea!