self combust

I love those headcanons where Lance has absolutely no immunity to Keith flirting and just…dissolves when he does.

Keith would definitely take advantage of that fact and use it at every opportunity. He’ll start casually like “Hey Lance you’ve got something on your face.” And Lance being Lance will be all “Really!? What is it?!” and Keith grabs his shirt and yanks him down for a kiss, pulling away to seductively whisper “me” then promptly struts away like the heathen he is, meanwhile:

Lance.exe has stopped working.

I have 2 hopes for Dunkirk:

1. That Harry Styles is killed within the first 10 minutes, leaving the One Direction fans sitting there having to endure a 3 hr Nolan epic


2. That Harry Styles gives an amazing, iconic performance that earns him an Oscar that is given to him to by Viola Davis, as filme tumblr self combusts

This is all I want, and I will not be denied

“Ginny’s told me all about her, apparently she’ll only believe in things as long as there’s no proof at all. ” -Hermione Granger about Luna Lovegood

That’s an actual quote from OotP and can we just talk about what that means???

Imagine 14 year old Ginny babbling endlessly to Hermione about her new friend Luna who liked the most amazing things and Hermione would just grow more and more frustrated because NO of course there was no such thing as a crumple horned snorcack but Ginny wouldn’t hear it because Luna had the most fascinating eyes and she had to tell someone about them or she would simply self combust

Ok but like when I was watching the episode and I saw them start walking down the hotel hallway to their rooms, I seriously got major season 8 vibes and I’m like NO WAY in hell can we….CAN WE?!?!!?!?And then he gave her that look and oh my god fam, I was self combusting….it was just all like…

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- late night city walks
- shy smiles when you compliment him
- he writes cute little poems for you that eventually end up becoming songs
- him constantly sending you links to songs because they remind him of you
- lots of hand holding
- visiting music stores
- “you are my muse”
- always taking pictures of you without you knowing and making them his phone background
- face to face cuddling
- falling asleep while holding hands
- leaving kisses all over your face until you wake up and when you do he kisses your lips and whispers “good morning”
- forehead kisses
- he looks at you with so much love and admiration when you’re on a date
- and he smiles wide when you both make eye contact after you notice him looking at you
- chuckling with his deep voice when you shyly look away while blushing
- convinces you to get a couple tattoo
- and holds you’re hand while you get it because it’s your first one
- the other members teasing you guys a lot but low key think your relationship is the cutest thing ever
- borrowing his clothes when you sleep over at his place
- and taking one of his sweaters before you leave
- you giving him back hugs and snuggling your face into his back
- deep conversations in bed about anything and everything before going to sleep
- whispered “I love you’s”
- goodnight and good morning text messages when he’s away
- playing with his hair when he’s tired with his head on your lap
- giving him small kisses with your hands behind his neck and his hands on your hips while straddling him on the couch
- it started off as innocent and playful
- but it quickly turned heated and very intimate
- he carries you to the bed and sets you down
- he puts on some music and lets you know how much he loves you that night
- you wake up the next morning to see he got breakfast for the both of you
- after you’re done eating he would put in a movie to watch
- he’d put you on his lap and softly caress your thigh
- and snuggle his head in your neck, leaving occasional soft kisses
- “you’re my everything”
- both of you would remember everything about each other
- and I’m going to stop here before I self combust I love yongguk so much my heart hurts
- overall you both would be #relationshipgoals
- there’s a lot more I want to add but my heart can’t handle this

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Hi! Well I'm a different anon who sent you the Prince Jinyoung request. But if you're okay with this, can I request the sequel of the Cahsmere and Silk? Like the smutty part? I love the way you came up the idea of Goryeo era or smth Prince!Jinyoung. It's kinda rare! Thank you and I love you. Keep up the good work! ♡

Hello there, doll! I am so happy you enjoyed reading my story, it literally lifted my spirits up because I have been kinda insecure about my writing recently i guess.. But anyway! I will gladly fulfill your request, sweets ♥ Thank you for your support, love you too~ ♥

- Admin Dream

Cashmere and Silk

Act II

Paring: JinyoungxYou

Genre: Smut/Fluffish

“Tonight, and from the moment the sun will rise tomorrow onward I won’t be just your majesty to you”, he proclaimed as he lifted your naked form on the big ebony table opening your legs for him to step in between them.

“What will you be then?”

A breath away from your lips, he looked into your eyes with burning intensity, and he spoke one word that held a world of promises:


Before you could even react, he captured your lips in a heated kiss, his hands roaming on every inch of bare skin they could reach. Little by little, you left yourself become less poised and uncomfortable, the thoughts of being physically and possibly romantically involved with the prince himself making you feel nervous and thrilled at once.

You couldn’t deny it. You had thought of him in many ways, some of them not being suitable for them to even be whispered withing the prestigious walls of the palace. Your feelings for Jinyoung kept growing as time went by and the more time you spent working at his side. You loved how educated, polite, and courteous he was. He looked beyond the surface of things and people, which you admired, and his mind was as fascinating as he was on the outside. But you had stayed professional this whole time, work and love being two very distinct things for you, so you couldn’t get your feelings in the way of your duty. Plus, you had never imagined he would feel the same about you, considering that the tradition wanted for royals to only wed members of another royal family.

His lips were now assaulting the tender flesh of your neck, his teeth occasionally grazing and nipping causing soft moans to escape your parted lips in small breathy sounds. 

On his side, Jinyoung felt like he couldn’t contain himself anymore. Having you so close to him, being able to feel all of you under his touch was driving him nuts. With a very remote part of his mind he couldn’t help but notice the contrast in both of your attitudes at this very moment: him, usually so calm and contained was now restless and with no inhibitions; you, generally confident and assertive were now shy and careful. He mostly surprised with his behavior, surely not very princely of him to be thinking about all the impure things he wanted to do to and with you. An amused chuckle resonated from him and you looked at him curiously.

“What?”, you asked him wondering what funny thing did you miss.

“Nothing”, he dismissed, a playful smirk still present on his lips as he wrapped your legs around his waist, his prominent erection firmly pressed where you needed him most.

He exposed more of your chest, the emerald green fabric of your hanbok now pooled around your waist as he took one of your perked up buds in his mouth, his tongue playing with and rolling it in his mouth humming gently to increase the sensation.

Your head fell back in pleasure and through the haze of lust that was clouding your mind, you found enough focus to tentatively slide a hand in between your bodies and reach for his length, his member twitching in response at the touch of your gentle fingers.

A small yet appreciative groan escaped Jinyoung’s lips, his hips automatically moving forward searching for more friction to relieve some of the pent up pressure.
His positive reaction gave you a bit more determination, so you gripped him more firmly and started stroking him, your fingers now completely wrapped around him.

“Ah~ ____” he let out your name in a breathy moan, his forehead pressed on your chest as he started rocking his hips back and forth to thrust in your palm as he savored the delicious friction that was providing both relief and tension.

You could feel your wetness coat your inner thighs and the table beneath you, the awareness of being able to give him pleasure vicariously providing satisfying you as well.
The more he showed you how he liked what you were doing, the bolder you grew, so you took his earlobe between your lips gently suckling and occasionally grazing it with your teeth as your warm breath hit the outer shell of his ear sensually.

“Mmmh.. ____. Please… s-stop”, he struggled to say as he got a hold of your wrist for you to stop stroking him.

Suddenly, you felt your cheeks fire up. You felt silly and embarrassed, he probably made you stop because you did something wrong or something he didn’t like without realizing.

“S-sorry.. did I do something wrong?”, you looked away, unable to look at him.

All you could hear was his slightly ragged breath as his forehead was still resting on your chest. However, when he raised his gaze to make eye contact with you, the lust you saw in them made your mouth go dry.

“Something wrong?”, he repeated almost incredulously. “____, you are literally sending me straight to the brink of sanity with just your hand. I just don’t want to finish like this.”, he admitted and it if it were possible you would have self-combusted.
“And I am not about to do it here on this desk. I want to make love to you, ____. I want to take my time worshiping your body just like a devotee would towards its favorite deity. You deserve this much and much more”, he spoke solemnly, a promise as his eyes never left yours, the intensity of his words reaching the deeper layers of your being, you heart beating against the confines of your chest as if it were about to break free.

“Then please, Jinyoung. Make me yours”

That was all he needed. He helped you off the table and walked with you to his canopy bed in the dimly lit room as he took possession of your lips once more. In a matter of a couple of minutes you were laying completely naked on the dark blue and silver sheets of his huge bed, the pale blue see-through curtains falling around the bed as light as a whisper. 
Gentle kisses were deposited from your lips, to your neck, your chest,all the way down to your inner thigh, inching dangerously closer to your core. Your hips moved upwards involuntarily, your body speaking its intentions for itself, its wish soon fulfilled as you felt the prince’s tongue lapping at your core, tracing agonizingly slow yet pleasurable patterns. 

“Jinyoung…ah~”, you moaned half lustfully, half impatiently. You loved how he was making you feel, but you needed more. You wanted him.

“Patience, my dear”, he cooed before his lips latched onto your sensitive pearl, your back arching towards the ceiling at sudden intensified sensation, as you soon felt a long finger entering you.

He let his tongue and finger explore you, relentlessly tasting you as if you were the most exquisite elixir until you reached your first climax.

He licked the the glossy layer of your juices off his lips as he looked at you, climbing back up your body hovering over you to grind his length against your wet womanhood to coat it with your essence.

He had to admit that as much as he wanted to take your time appreciating you, he was growing more impatient himself, the thought of being fully united with you consuming him. He looked at you, his eyes searching yours for any sign of rejection, but all he saw in them was the mirrored desire he knew appeared in his. You gave him a reassuring nod as you smiled softly and with that, he slid inside you, a satisfied groan released by the two of you that had now become one.

That night, he definitely did keep his promise. He made love to you, every part of you, his thrusts slow and deep at first as if to savor the feeling of your warmth wrapped around him, as if to will the pleasure to last longer. Then, they progressively got faster as the sensations got too much to bear, the atmosphere filled with the rustling of bodies in the sheets, with skin slapping against skin, his name falling from your lips like a prayer as you let him push you little by little closer to the edge and then off of it, your mind and body falling into pure and simple bliss and ecstasy.
He loved the way you made his name sound, the way your body glowed with its light layer of sweat in the candle lit room. 

“Oh God, Y/N.. I am so close”, he panted as he kept on the relentless assault, the defined muscles of his body flexing and relaxing at a fast rate as he chased his own release.

“Let me feel you, Jinyoung”, you encouraged him, his thrusts gradually becoming sloppier signaling his imminent orgasm.

“Y/N… Y/N..”, he moaned, his eyes screwed shut as he had his face in the crook of your neck, his hot breath fanning over your skin as his deep voice resonated in your ears. The whole combination made your third climax build up despite the sensitivity you felt in between your legs.

“I’m here with you. Give it to me”, you plead, your nails and fingertips digging in his back, wanting to hold on to him as if he were your only lifeline.

With a final thrust and a grunt he quickly pulled out, spilling his warm seed on your tummy in quick spurts as he stroked himself until the last drop.
You were both heaving, him on his knees in between your legs with his hair sticking to his forehead; you laying on your back, your chest rising and falling rapidly. He helped you clean you up, before he tucked you both in his bed sheets as his arms engulfed you warmly, a comfortable silence settling between the two of you as your breath went back to normal and exhaustion taking over you both.

A few weeks later, as you entered your chambers, you found something neatly folded on your bed. You walked over to examine the unexpected object, only to recognize it to be a light purple silk robe with floral prints and butterflies, along with a matching darker purple cashmere shawl. He knew it was your favorite color. You picked up the to pieces of clothing recognizing the materials you brought back from India and China the night you and Jinyoung shared your first night together.

A little note fell on your bed when you raised the gift you had received, alright knowing who the kind sender was. You looked at the elegant hand writing on the thick and expensive paper

“I hope the end result is to your liking. A wise person suggested it would be good to have for the warmer months of the year.
May you collect many more souvenirs, and may there be many more dawns and many more seasons you will spend by my side, not as a prince and his royal counselor, but as a man with his princess.”

You brought the note to your chest, cherishing every single word inked on it as if you could press them onto your heart, a feeling of love and warmth filling you.

Many more, Jinyoung.

I headcanon that Yugi is on both ends of the smooth spectrum when it comes to start a relationship.

If he is the one making the first move or had known something was coming, he’ll be obviously a little nervous but not too much. He’ll smile and say clearly what he wants and would like. He’ll try to make the other relax if they are nervous, but he will also throw in some flirting and winking if he sees things are going well.

But take him by surprise and he’ll become a stuttering, shocked, squeaking mess about to start self-combusting