self chibi portrait


I have plenty of high heeled shoes, but these ones are the highest EVER. They are also surprisingly comfy for being skyscraper high. But after I successfully survived the whole day in them, I managed to trip during the last steps to my home, lol. XD

Platforms: Current Mood (via Dolls Kill)
Blouse: H&M
Skirt: Primark
Belt: Tally Weijl


I got tagged by @soundstrike12
My lock and home screen are shown, plus the last song I listened to (I was working in a preschool class). My “selfie” is more of a chibi self portrait since I’m not comfortable showing my face (it’s so stressed because it was doodled on the day of a really hard exam that I somehow managed to pass).

I’m tagging @awesome-possum20 and @queenscarlet17