self centered society

I encourage you, in 2017, to find a community. Find a space where you can communicate with others, in person, for real substantial social interaction. In this increasingly individualistic society, more and more studies are connecting how self centered our society is with people feeling more depressed and having lives that feel less fulfilling. So if possible, I encourage you to step out, and find a community. I know it’s easier said than done. But commit to trying. Isolation is a dangerous thing.

The biggest problem with this boy
is that he doesn’t seem to believe
that he’s beautiful.
This is a problem, of course,
because he knocks the wind out of you
every time he so much as looks at you
and you can’t help but think
that if he understood his own radiance
he would never touch you

Weiss: Do you think I really care about this self-centered society? Because I don’t. It’s never done me any good. And what good has it ever done for you Sky? Seriously, what have you gotten out of following all of these ridiculous rules? Sure, you’re pure, but you married a man who loved another woman, and you have a son who hates your guts. If staying in this stupid thing means that I’ll end up like you, then I am excited to leave.

anonymous asked:

Isnt "you dont have to look" kinda maybe extremely self centered too? Basically saying "society should change their behaviour to accomodate a choice i made that only benefits me."

Definitely that. It’s also intentionally vapid. THere’s another phrase that’s been going around as a white response to racial injustice and I cannot for the life of me remember what it is, so I can’t say the thing I want to, yet, when it comes to this lol.

But like it’s basically an empty throwaway phrase they toss out so they don’t have to actually apply critical thought, and because of that it actually makes 0 sense at all, logically speaking.