self care week

When you have a lot of intensely bad days in a short period - 

  • turn off the news
  • stay off of Facebook/any other social media with content that might upset you 
  • focus on right now
  • clean up your living space 
  • make sure you’re taking your meds
  • drink water
  • don’t drink alcohol
  • if you need a nap, let yourself nap
  • make yourself at least start your laundry
  • take a long shower/bath and do things that focus on making you feel good and clean (floss, brush your teeth, wash your hair, exfoliate, shave, etc.) 
  • pick up a project you put down a while ago, do some art therapy, exercise, or meditate if that’s your thing
  • APH Egypt: Once a year, mother and I spend a day treating ourselves. What do we treat ourselves to?
  • APH Ancient Egypt: Clothes.
  • APH Egypt: Treat yoself.
  • APH Ancient Egypt: Fragrances.
  • APH Egypt: Treat yoself.
  • APH Ancient Egypt: Massages.
  • APH Egypt: Treat yoself.
  • APH Ancient Egypt: Mimosas.
  • APH Egypt: Treat yoself.
  • APH Ancient Egypt: Fine leather goods.
  • APH Egypt: Treat yoself!
  • APH Ancient Egypt: It's the best day of the year.
  • APH Egypt and Ancient Egypt: The best day of the year!

Guest comic by @minibritti-draws
♥︎ one week of self care ♥︎

Sometimes I find myself in need of some me time, some self care, and I have no idea what I should do. So I made this little chart of self care suggestions for the good of myself, and anyone else who might have this little problem.

Sky the blue bird would like to share their self care routine for the week with you!

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♥︎ Media Monday
Watch your favorite tv show or movie, play your favorite video game, or listen to your favorite albums.

♥︎ Tuesday Treat
Treat yourself to something sweet, or your favorite comfort food.

♥︎ Work-on Wednesday
Creative outlets are a wonderful way to release pent up emotions. Take some time to write, draw, sew, or do some sort of craft.

♥︎ Thankful Thursday
Think back over the past week, and write down (or mentally list) all the things that happened that you are thankful for. Even if it seems insignificant, write it down! If it’s important to you, it’s important.

♥︎ Friday Favorite
The weekend is here! Take some time to partake in your favorite positive activity.

♥︎ Saturday Stroll
Take some time to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Exercise and vitamin D are important to your emotional and physical happiness.

♥︎ Sunday Soak
The weekend is almost over, so relax to the max! Have a relaxing soak in a bubble bath, or toss in your favorite bath bomb.

Self-Care Sunday 3-19-17

It’s going to be a busy day, but it’s going to be a day all about getting myself ready for the week. Which, as exhausted as I sometimes am by the end of it; it’s always that cathartic deep sigh of an exhaustion because I’m all ready!

So, today we’re gonna–

  • wash all the linens and straighten up the bedroom
  • clean the living room
  • vacuum the rugs
  • meal prepping gets finished today
  • deep condition hair
  • remove toe-nail polish and clip ‘em
  • soak feet and scrub the dead bits
  • new polish!
  • glycolic face treatment

What’s everyone doing to treat themselves today?


Pastel Band-Aid Tattoos with self-love affirmations: Believe in Yourself ♥ Love Yourself ♥ Treat Yourself ♥ You Are Cute ♥ Your are Worth it ~ from here

anonymous asked:

how do you get over a breakup?

Honestly my best advice is to take time for yourself. It sounds cliché but as the days go by, it’ll start to hurt less and less. Practice a lot of self-care in the following weeks. Read poetry about heartbreak and and cry and find yourself within those words for a little while, but then read poetry about self-love and empowerment. Find yourself in those words too. Take long showers and let the water start to wash away the bad memories and the negative emotions weighing you down. Try to reframe the situation in your mind: Don’t focus on the end of the relationship, but rather, focus on what it taught you. Take the good memories and embrace them. Let this experience guide you throughout future relationships and use what you learned for good. And above all else, if everything above fails, make art. Art is one of the most healing and therapeutic things you can do, whether it’s painting or writing or even going outside and drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. Release your emotions to make something beautiful.
I wish you the best. 💙

Self-Care for Finals Week

Dun. Dun. Dun. The most dreaded week of the year is upon us! Therefore, I wanted to make a post to highlight some great self-care options for taking care of yourself this finals season!

1) Paint your nails

This is one of my personal favorite because it makes me concentrate on one task and helps my brain stop spiraling due to stress.

2) Get artistic!

Whether its playing an instrument, drawing, painting, writing, whatever! Just let yourself be creative and get out of your head for a little while!

3) Go outside

Fresh air really does work wonders! Even if its just going to the park to study, being outside will help alleviate stress and help you stay grounded!

4) Play with a pet

Self explanatory, animals = happiness. 

5) Hang out with friends!

Don’t let finals week cut you off from everyone! Try studying together at a coffee shop or quizzing each other in your dorm room, anything to get you some socialization.

6) Stretch!

Have you been sitting at your desk all day? If so, then you need to do a few simple stretches to help keep your muscles from locking up. “Do You Yoga with Erin Motz” is a great yoga course on youtube and each lesson is only 10-20 minutes long.


I cannot stress these two enough! All nighters are terrible for your body and wretch havoc on your immune system and memory. Try to sleep whenever possible and drink water (yes I know my own body is about 70 per cent caffeine during finals week but you need to stay hydrated too!). 

Stay healthy this finals season! I’m so proud of you all! You got this, I believe in you!


The first week of school is over - Self care tips

You probably have tons of work to do and things to read already, but all you want to do is sleep. The best way to actually get something done is take some time to relax and rest, otherwise you won’t be able to focus. So here are some tips to make the most out of your weekend:

1. Sleep in

Let’s be honest, you’re tired. Even if you’ve managed to ease yourself into a normal sleep schedule, going back to school is exausting and your body and mind need to rest. Sleep as much as you want to and wake up late Saturday morning and stay in bed,. Watch tv, read a book for pleasure, anthing you want. Nothing bad is going to happen, you deserve it.

2. Food and water

Eat those meals you love but alays say no to. It doesn’t matter if they’re not healthy, you can indulge for a day (always with moderation). Eat some ice cream, some dark chocolate, have pancakes, some fries, anything you want. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water, it’ll make you feel better, I promise.

3. Shower

It can be in the morning, in the afternoon or right before bed, just do it. Use your favorite soap, body scrub, face wash, shampoo and conditioner. Take the time to make your skin and hair feel clean and soft. Sing. Make a playlist with your favorite songs and blast it whie you’re in there, dance and sing every song and take as long as you want to. When you get out moisturize before putting on clothes.

4. Clothes

Wear comfy underwear. If you like to/have to wear a bra, put on an old one or a sports bra. Same goes for your clothes, wear sweatpants, yoga pants, a sweatshirt, or even put on some pijamas, the only thing is WEAR CLEAN CLOTHES/UNDERWEAR.

5. Others

If you have glasses clean them. Use cotton and a bit of alcohol and clean the whole thing, not just the lenses. If you want to, paint your nails. Brush your hair and make a really pretty hairdo. Watch your favorite movie.

6. When you’re done

Go to bed early and wake up early on Sunday. Hopefully you’ll feel rested and ready to work. Get up, shower, put on some clothes, make your bed, and start studying. Start with what you find more interesting and once you’ve started keep going! Try to go to bed early and good luck on your second week of school!

I have seen a lot of negative posts surrounding productivity and the need to “ALWAYS BE PRODUCTIVE”, as if success is directly correlated to hard work and there are no other factors or no other, more important things. I’ve seen so many people drive themselves further into turmoil by working themselves raw and not finding success (myself included). So this is a gentle reminder:

~Get some sleep. You are not in any way special for pulling an all-nighter every day of the week

~Self-care is not selfish.

~You need to look after yourself before you can look after other people

~There is more than one way to be successful

~If you’re unhappy, having daily panic attacks and can’t concentrate because you’ve been working so hard, your hard work will be in vain so take a break.  

~Being kind, loving people and spending time with them and doing the things you love are what makes a life.

~If you feel like you’re at a breaking point, take a step back, re-evaluate everything and find peace again. 

~For the love of everything that is good and holy, stop comparing yourself to others!!!!!!

So this week is  for a Healing spell. Requirements of the activity  were no materials or tools used. You can do the whole thing without either although I have thrown in a few notes where you could get a “deluxe” version of this spell with the use of some add ins but those are not necessary.  This is in three portions. First step is a mental meditation/visualization.  Second step is a self massage. Third step finishes it off with a rest period. Also I got a lot, like a lot a lot, wordy with my instructions. Apologies.

• Specific Ailments
○ Bruises, Aches, Sprains, Internal discomforts, colds, any minor ailment where you’ve done what you can to heal and now you just need to sit and wait it out.
• General health
○ If you are just feeling a bit under the weather
○ You fell fine but would like to stay that way
• Mental Health
○ Help ground you in your body  if you are feeling a bit disconnected
○ Calm your mind as you calm your Body

Not Good for
• Skin conditions such as acne or sunburn
• Open wounds
• Wounds that should not be touched or manipulated in any way

As  always this is not meant to replace professional medical advice. You should always first consult your physician regarding any problems physical or mental and follow their advice.  I am in no way a health care professional and any claims of efficiency are from personal experience only.  Please do not do this if it causes you any pain or discomfort. If at any time it contradicts your own logic regarding what is safe for you, stop the activity, if it contradicts what a medical professional has told you, please stop the activity. Physical and Mental health are both very real and important issues that should be taken seriously  this is for an added boost only once you have already followed official avenues of healthcare. This is for self care purposes and your mileage may vary. /end disclaimer

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take care; a self-care playlist for when you need to relax, unwind, and just take some time to love yourself

- Rooney

young volcanoes (fall out boy) | summer skin (death cab for cutie) | the mother we share (chvrches) | the city (the 1975) | beta love (ra ra riot) | house of gold (twenty one pilots) | in and out of sight extended (the horrors) | step (vampire weekend) | let’s go surfing (the drums) | kids alt. version (mgmt) | the end of all things instrumental (panic! at the disco)

listen here

Per this work-life balance CLE I’m doing “any idiot can face a crisis; it’s the day to day that wears you out.”

Ah, yes. I’d forgotten how ableist and exhausting people in my chosen profession can be.

Also. Dealing with crises is a skill. It’s one I’ve spent a lot of time building. And sure, there are other skills I might need to work on. But, lady, just let me be proud of my crisis management skills for a sec.

I am tired.

Admittedly there is some good stuff in here - like, the fact that positive self talk is important and the fact that it’s helpful to schedule some self care into your week.

But geesh. Like, don’t make me feel bad for the fact that positive self-talk has taken me a while to cultivate or that self-care is not a thing I was taught to value. Just. Learning to find balance takes time.