self care gpoy

Happy Friday the 13th!!

I don’t post (or take) too many selfies. But today felt a little different. I felt confident in my own skin and ready to hit the gym.

I got my hair did (I take speech lessons from missy Elliot) a few weeks ago, and bought a few new things for the gym. My new Capri leggings are very cute and flattering. And my new bra from Victoria secret is amazing! If you’ve got a C cup or bigger I’d recommend one of their bras.

I see my belly showing through and some days I feel like it’s gigantic. We all have our insecurities but I think it’s important to remember just this - you are not alone. We all are fighting our own insecurities.

Whelp - have a fabulous Friday everyone! Can’t wait to fill you in on Sunday where I’m sitting at for my fitness goals. Don’t be a stranger - I welcome new friends! Always down for a good conversation. :)

Today has been quite a day.
Tired and itchy. Ready for a bath and some sleep.
My heart is raw from my therapy session.
My wallet is light as a cloud from all the errands.
My mind is overthinking about my man not feeling well.
But I know the next couple of days will be filled with fruits,veggies, long walks and hopefully good news.
That’s the feeling I’m holding on to tonight: hopeful.