-you deserve what you want
-you are capable of achieving your goals
-your worth does not rest in the reckless hands of others
- your presence is a gift
-your contributions to conversations are valuable
-your experience is valuable
-your time is too fragile and too important to waste on those who don’t bother to ask you questions
- your friends and partners should care how you are feeling and what you are thinking about


its weird, all the negative time spent thinking about being thinner but then i truly see myself and im like woahhhhhh so thick so full so plump and soft and those hips are crazy like damn this is everything i ever wanted or will ever need to be.

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How to deal with rejection

-remind yourself that you don’t need anyone’s validation; your worth doesn’t change based on someone’s validation
-in this very moment, you are enough and always will be enough
-remind yourself that even though right now you may feel rejected, and may feel you don’t deserve to be loved, you will always be worthy of love
-remember, you don’t need anyone’s permission to love yourself, except your own. You don’t need someone to love you first before you can love yourself. Give yourself permission to love yourself
-remember, all feelings are temporary and this feeling of rejection will pass


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SPF 30 always. Stop tanning. Your pale skin is just right. Read books in the shade and everywhere else. Keep that precious brain healthy and active. Keep that side of yourself that needs to listen to ‘perhaps lame’ music. Remember the good feelings. And all the feelings for that matter. You are lovely, smart and charming. Your older self realizes this more. Know it now. -   Ashley Brooke Toussant-Bigler

Updated measurements! The left is current as of today and the right is the difference since the first measurements I took on Day 1.

I’m so happy to see that I’ve lost an inch in my bust and my waist and an inch and a half on my hips! I’m almost a perfect hourglass shape 😊😍😍

Need to work on losing fat on my arms though. That’s the only place I’m still feeling pretty self conscious about.

Other than that I’ve been feeling great about my body and my progress the last two weeks! My boyfriend kept saying I looked more slim and then last night his mom asked if I’ve lost any weight so that felt amazing!!

Keep going no matter what! I have had countless slip ups and gorged myself on multiple occasions because I’m an emotional eater and life has been pretty chaotic this year. I went a whole 6 weeks without working out and just picked it up again these past few weeks. Life gets in the way but don’t let it block you from moving forward, deal with it and continue on your journey. Be patient with yourself and for Gods sake LOVE YOURSELF AT EVERY STAGE. Please. I am begging you. It will make your journey so much more pleasant and you will create a healthy relationship with yourself.

I still have a ways to go but I love myself. It’s not vain or selfish to love yourself, it’s necessary and healthy. ❤️