self burial

Ipswich, MA | October 2016

Last week I went to Massachusetts and found the grave for my great uncle 12 generations back, Philip Fowler.  His father Joseph and grand father Philip arrived in and helped found Ipswich, MA in 1633.

Marissa Fittes: Finds a giant underground cavern in the middle of London, builds her own mausoleum on top of it.  Hires real life stonemasons to construct a staircase straight through said secret underground cavern.  No handrails because handrails are for weaklings.  (No concern at all for what a hassle hauling her coffin down the treacherous steps would be for those poor coffinbearers. Geez) Plans for her coffin to be laid to rest at the bottom of said cavern, in a fancy room. (More stonemasons!)  Fakes death. Kills guy who was treating her, installs bones inside wax model of her own freaking self.  Seriously?? Organizes a burial fit for royalty.  Possesses own granddaughter. Installs actual dead body in closet of personal apartments.  Probably kills those poor hardworking stonemasons who know she’s got a secret underground staircase-intensive cavern tomb instead of a normal hole-in-ground. Probably also visits her own grave, leaves lavender on it or something, maybe even sheds a tear. You gotta hand it to her. Marissa Fittes is next level.

Love Alert!

Pairing: Levi x Eren

Under the cut: light fluff au, gift for lokikingofjotunheiny who requested a mistletoe/gift-giving fic for ereri secret santa!

Summary: Levi’s coworkers throw him a surprise Christmas-themed birthday party! Levi spends most of the night avoiding the intern he’s not-so-secretly crushing on, only to end up under the mistletoe with- you guessed it- Eren the intern.

Edited by the wonderful mowglisowner.

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To know what a person has done and to know who a person is, are very different things // Hannah Kent.