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What I really love about Hayley Kiyoko

Is that she isn’t coy about any of this. She isn’t flirting with implications in lyrics or subtle hints or anything.
She released “Girls Like Girls” and it wasn’t a secret gay anthem. It was open and obvious. Her music videos are obviously about wlw. She doesn’t shy away from it at all. And yes it’s becoming more accepting in society and in media for wlw, but there’s still this air of “we’re not gonna define it. It’s open to interpretation.” Especially in mainstream-type music, there’s not a lot of just very plain “this song is gay and that’s that.”
But Hayley does exactly that. I don’t know I just really love it. Young girls are searching for media that they can connect with and she is giving it to them. She’s giving them their romantic music videos, their sexy pop songs, their self-acceptance anthems for when they’ve had enough. And it’s amazing.


Bianca- Faith In These Brownskins 😍😍😍

Black Girl Self Love Anthem

I’m not a sports fan at all but I’d just like to say I’d pay money, right now, if I could see the England rugby team doing the Hokey Cokey in front of a line of bemused All Blacks.

Fresh Air rock critic Ken Tucker reviews Grace Potter’s new album, Midnight:

“I like Midnight much more than any Grace Potter and the Nocturnals album because this solo project truly sounds like the breakaway from formula that it is. For once, all the anthems of self-empowerment are rooted in something real: an artistic and business move that captures that feeling of escaping what you’re expected to be in favor of exploring what you could become.”

If you haven’t heard this song, listen to it now; if you don’t listen to Jazmine Sullivan, hopefully this’ll be a reason for you to start. This song is an important self-love anthem.

Jazmine Sullivan said of this song:

“I think I’ve always dealt with self-image issues, as well as a lot of people— especially women and young girls, and especially young Black girls. It’s me finally being able to accept and even love all the things about me and finding them beautiful.”