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Cover of my pokemon zine, which I’ll have available at AX this year, table C86 and hopefully online afterward as well!

The zine will have 24 pages, including 10 pokemon and over 90 crossbreeds! Plus a couple of pages full of fun sketches and mini comics! 

This is my first time making a zine so I’m very excited about it, and I hope you will enjoy it as well!

anonymous asked:

this is gonna sound dumb, but what paper do you guys print on? I've printed glossy poster print but that seems too expensive to keep doing..

Nattosoup:  That’s not dumb at all!  Artists may handle printing in a variety of ways.

For prints:  I print my mini prints through photo printing services like Shutterfly, Snapfish, or Amazon’s Photo Services.  Some artists use CatPrints, and you can request a sample paper booklet.

For stickers: I print on glossy photo sticker paper, I used to print on matte, but my customers like the glossy ones better.  I use a toner based printer (slightly more waterproof than using a dye based printer).

For mini comics: I print on regular copy paper for the interior using that toner based printer, and use cardstock covers.

Kiriska: I use Catprint’s 80lb uncoated cover stock. 

If you like the quality of the paper you’re using though and just find it expensive, you may try to find a different supplier for the same or similar paper, or you can just charge more for the print?

Also see: #paper for printing 

Okay but think about this

It’s pushing a bit but imagine if Harry was your typical 11 year old when he and Draco met. Kids who always speak their mind, can’t exactly filter, and when boy meets boy, want to best each other. So there they are in Madam Malkins and imagine if the conversation between him and Draco held out for just a bit longer. Draco at this point knows for absolute Harry isn’t from his pureblood circles and is now just showing off. ‘I’ve got this, i’ve got that’ and Harry’s frustrated because 1) he doesn’t understand any of the wizard concepts and 2) even if he doesn’t know what 2 crups and a Nimbus 460 Jr edition are, he’s jealous. Then it gets to housing and Draco just whips out that he’s got his own mansion and it’s even got its name called Malfoy Manor, then Harry (who understands that much) throws out “Yeah, well i live in a cupboard” because even if it’s sad, it’s still different than Malfoy’s four-poster bed and sure enough, it illicites a horrified gasp, big eyes, and sudden change in demeanor. Draco goes instant 'you can NOT live in a cupboard’ and after fittings, drags him straight to his parents in order to get this poor kid at least SOME sort of decent living quarters. And then they become friends because Draco Malfoy might be a dick but he’s not a merciless asshole who believes little kids should sleep in stuffy cupboards.

lancemclaen  asked:

Hi! Do you have any resources on zine printing? Like best places to print/what format the file should be like pdf or something? Thank you!

Well, a zine is basically any sort of independently published communications piece, often in a book-like format, but that’s not a given. The format can vary wildly - a handmade folded sheet of paper and a glossy professionally printed magazine can both be considered zines. The main thing is that they’re self-published - that it’s something as true to the voice and vision of its creator(s) as possible.

There is no such thing as “best” place to print. It all depends on what you are trying to do with it. For a lot of zinesters (people who make zines), the answer to your question would be a photocopier, with cut and paste. 

But I’m guessing you’re referring to more specifically something that takes the form of a printed book - like a comic, an artbook, a collection of sketches/drawings, something like that - and has a degree of professional polish to it in its production.

If you want to print a book at a printing company of some sort, yes, PDF is the industry standard and is the ideal file format. 

Check out this question we answered on planning a book project:

This question was about planning an artbook, but has info relevant for any sort of book. It also covers the question of where to print (see our resources page), self-publishing and file preparation.

All the best with your zine!


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